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 Thirty years since National Assembly shooting -CAN

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PostSubject: Thirty years since National Assembly shooting -CAN   Thu May 08, 2014 3:34 pm

On May 8th 1984, Denis Lortie entered the National Assembly (parliament) in Québec City (Canada). He was a military suffering from paranoid schzophrenia. He killed 3 people and injured 13 others. His aim was to kill Québec Premier René Lévesque (failed). Lortie came in early in the morning when there were few people, if he had come in at 2PM, there would have been over a 100 politicians present.

He was later convicted of 2nd degree murder (after a 1st degree murder conviction). He's been released since 1995 and now owns a corner store.

The most extraordinary thing about this shooting is that it was brought to a stop by René Jalbert, ex-military, sergeant-at-arms and director of security, who just speaks calmly with Lortie as the latter shoots randomly. Talk about building trust! At some point, Jalbert is even smoking a cigarette and offers a smoke to Lortie. His intervention has been recorded and it's surreal to watch as he's very close to Lortie, discussing. Later on, he shakes hands with him, grabs his jacket and invites Lortie to stop the shooting and come out.

The video embedded in this article shows Jalbert's intervention. Note that the translation in English is the audio you hear, not the original audio:

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You can see the video with original audio, English subtitles and some commentary here:

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Thirty years since National Assembly shooting -CAN
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