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 Port Arthur Massacre 1996

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PostSubject: Re: Port Arthur Massacre 1996   Thu Jul 21, 2016 1:22 am

A few things I picked up in my research that has me leaning towards not guilty. I'll list them quickly as I'm too lazy to type out all of it haha.

-The kill to wound ratio doesn't add up like cypressdustwitch previously brought up. Going by the amount of head shots and the time frame he would have had to have a lot of experience with guns. I remember ready an interview with one of the best target shooters in Australia who served as a sniper I think in the army. Anyway he basically said that he wouldn't even be able to pull of a shooting of that accuracy. I read this information years ago so my memory on the specifics is a little fuzzy but you get the point that it's pretty impossible that Martin could have pulled this off let alone by himself.I will try and find the link to the interview and post it if I find it.

-From what I can find there is no physical evidence whatsoever to place Martin at the scene on that day. Even though according to witness reports he went into the cafe and sat down and ate. The lady who's name escapes me right now who was sitting at the table right beside him and saw him before he stood up and began shooting specifically said he took a sip out of a can of sprite off his tray... however there is no record of this can in the police report and therefore no DNA lifted off it to prove who it was. Where did this can go? Where did his food tray with finger prints go?

-The lady who I mentioned (I will find you a name i promise) above who was sitting at the table next to the shooter has always said the shooter was not Martin Bryant. In fact she fought so hard to make sure everyone knew it wasn't him that when it came to witness testimonies in court she received a letter saying they would not be needing her testimony in court and that she was not allowed to speak to an media about what she saw. Why would they stop a key witness who sat next to the shooter and saw exactly who they were from speaking in court? Apparently she actually toured around Australia to speak publicly about how Martin is innocent.

-the witness statements that they took only brought in for questioning about the shooting months after it had occurred. Why? Wouldn't it make more sense to question them straight after the incident when their memories would he the best, not after months of watching media reports on what happened at the shooting and Martin's face plastered everywhere. One witness actually stated when they were showing her pictures of different people to identify the shooter that she thinks it was Martin Bryant but it could just be because she has seen his picture plastered everywhere and she can't be sure. Why would they wait that long to question witnesses?

- that video you talked about. The person only came out with that video again months after the shooting I'm pretty sure he was a veteran too and he coincidentally forgot about the video he took of Australias worst mass shooting and only remembered months after. .. what?

Anyway like I said Im going purely off my memory from when I researched the shooting so I can't remember some specifics or names but I will see if I can find them for you and post it here so you can read through it.

I have heard a theory that when Martin first pleaded not guilty there was panic because he only had one more court date to plead guilty and if he didn't it would go to trial. If it went to trial it's believed they would have had nothing on bryant if he pleaded guilty due to lack of physical evidence including DNA placing him at the scene. So they had to keep the case from goung to trial by any means necessary. That's why his first lawyer was fired and he was given a new lawyer (John Avery). All of a sudden with his new lawyer and solitary confinement he pleads guilty? That's way too much coincidence...
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PostSubject: Re: Port Arthur Massacre 1996   Sat Jul 23, 2016 4:07 am

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] all of your points are super valid, thank you for bringing them up!

Could the female witness you're speaking of be Wendy Scurr (Schurr)? I've seen it spelled both ways. Anyway, I could be thinking of a different witness but I figured I'd throw it out there. Even if it's not her you're talking about, her testimony is quiiiiiiiite interesting.
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Port Arthur Massacre 1996
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