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 Columbine Related Dreams

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PostSubject: Re: Columbine Related Dreams   Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:15 pm

DooMRebel wrote:
I've had a dream where I was in the library at the time when Eric and Dylan entered. I was just hiding under the table listening those kids being shot and then they came to my table. They said Who's there?
and then I said It's me. Then I asked them if I could join them. They were like You wanna join us? Sure!
Eric gave me his semi-auto rifle and then we went on killing a lot of more people and at the end killing ourselves.
Look I know you are going to think that I'm some kind of a psychopath but its just a dream
I had a dream where I shot up a mall. I was running around with a glock shooting people before taking a senator hostage. Shot her in the head on live TV.

That is why you go to a pone [pawn] shop and buy an AK-15 because you are going to execute every last mother fucking one of you.

I plan to live in a big, black hole. My firearms will be the only things to fight my isolation.
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PostSubject: Re: Columbine Related Dreams   Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:30 am

In my next installment of "Screaming Ophelia randomly talks to Eric Harris" I bring you last nights dream. Again I dream a LOT about many different people and my dreams are always vivid so since I've been researching the case again (and writing my short film on a shooting) it's not that odd that I have been dreaming about this.

So I'm in my families old house in my home town. There is a bunch of chat logs printed out and Eric is in my living room with me and we are looking over the old AOL chat logs. It isn't the screen name I used but it was me. Eric says "you were so cold at first but I won you over and we became friends!" I laughed and told him I spent some time in Denver but couldn't look him up, I went to Cherry Creek HS not Columbine, my mom wouldn't let me since I was a true crime buff. He said "yea we don't like it when people go to Columbine for anything other than school" I said I imagine. I told him I had gotten my BFA and a Masters degree. So we're chatting like old friends, looking at our old yearbooks and I grabbed some drinks and said "so we never did talk about that whole thing" He smiled and said "what?" I said well, you're a murderer. He said "I am" I said "you did a huge massacre, it was terrifying and awful and people asked me about being your friend. I told him you were totally normal with me, but you just stopped talking to me" He said "thanks for that!" I told him it was no problem and it was good to see him again. He said it was nice to see me, he said he was staunchly anti massacre now and that one day he was having small talk with people and they mentioned Columbine and he had to tell them "I'm the one who did it" We talked a little more and I woke up.

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PostSubject: He was happy   Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:42 pm

I had a dream I was sitting in the cafeteria with Eric ( I was sitting towards him) we talked& I said something to him that made him smile wish I could remember the hell I said Sad well at least I saw him smiling [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Columbine Related Dreams
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