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 Narcissistic PD - what it is, what it is not

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PostSubject: Narcissistic PD - what it is, what it is not   Wed Jul 08, 2015 6:43 am

"Narcissism" itself can be a vague term itself.

Psychopaths and people with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) are both narcissistic to a degree (self-centered, little empathy, interpersonally exploitative, grandiose), but in a very different way.

Main difference is that NPD Narcissists are obsessed with admiration and "external validation". They need an audience, always. They are extraverts per se, they experience narcissistic injury, narcissistic rage, narcissistic supply are not prone to boredom. Other than little empathy, they don;t usually have any issues with flact affect etc.

Breivik is likley suffering from NPD, a clearly negative person example. Lech Wałęsa is a good example of a positive hero who regadless likley also has NPD.

NPD narcissism is in some way living a life in denile (you always present yourself and believe yourself to be someone who you ultimately are not), addiction to others and their rections (narcissistic supply) and of course unmitigated drama. Said NPD specific life-choices and dilemmas are alien to a psychopath. Regardless how grandiose, superficial and eviod of empathy said psychopath may.

Also, kudos to me myself and I for starting the first thread in the personality section of the forums.

"Bullet Time" - a school shooting film from Poland
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Narcissistic PD - what it is, what it is not
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