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 Red Lake - Jeff's father and the police standoff

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PostSubject: Red Lake - Jeff's father and the police standoff   Mon Jul 20, 2015 1:11 pm

Ok... does anyone know what exactly happened to Jeff's dad in 1997? I know there was a polcie standoff and that his dad killed himself.

What was the cause of the standoff? Was it a crime that he did? What role did Jeff's grandfather (a police officer at the reservation) have in the standoff?

I'm asking as in one of Jeff's creative writing there's a story about a man who seeks revenge on a police officer for killing his father. I wonder if there's any paralel here, or if its just Jeff's fiction.

"Bullet Time" - a school shooting film from Poland
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William Atchison
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PostSubject: Re: Red Lake - Jeff's father and the police standoff   Mon Apr 11, 2016 4:44 pm

Bump for interest. I've become obsessed with learning anything and everything relating to the RL event.

I did it for the lulz.
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PostSubject: Re: Red Lake - Jeff's father and the police standoff   Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:34 pm

Daryl "Baby Dash" Allen Lussier, Jr. (Father) (born 22nd Nov 1965 died 21st Jul 1997)

Daryl "Dash" Allen Lussier, Sr (Paternal Grandfather, Daryl "Baby Dash" Allen Lussier, Jr Father) (born 3rd Sept 1946 died 21st March 2005)

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"Jeffrey’s father killed himself by shooting himself in the chest during armed standoff with
tribal police on Red Lake reservation. The standoff with police occurred at the father’s
home and lasted for “days.”"

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"His father (Daryl Lussier Jr., "Baby Dash") committed suicide in July, 1997 following a police standoff. Jeff's grandfather was a reservation officer at the time and was there when it happened."

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"The FBI says Wiese used a .22 caliber gun to shoot his grandfather Daryl Lussier and Lussier's companion. Lussier was a longtime Red Lake tribal police officer.

Wiese then took his grandfather's police squad car, his bulletproof vest and guns. He drove to the high school, where he entered through a set of metal detectors. Wiese shot an unarmed security guard, a teacher and several students. He exchanged fire with a Red Lake police officer before ducking into a classroom. There, Jeff Wiese shot himself."

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"Among those remembered on Saturday: Sergeant Lussier, a 30-year veteran of the reservation police department known for his habit of waving to every car he passed and for his nickname, Dash; his companion, Michelle Sigana, 31, a quiet woman who friends said fell in love with Sergeant Lussier when she was 14; and a student, Chase Lussier, a 15-year-old who played basketball on the high school team and himself had a young child at home.

It was Sergeant Lussier's 16-year-old grandson, Jeff Weise, who shot his grandfather and Ms. Sigana, then took his grandfather's police-issued weapons to the high school, where he killed a security guard, a teacher and five students before killing himself. Mr. Weise drove to the school, the police say, in Sergeant Lussier's squad car. On Saturday, the squad car was parked outside Sergeant Lussier's memorial service, a bouquet of flowers tucked in the windshield.

Sergeant Lussier, 58, whom residents described as a kind-hearted officer, the type who might let someone off with just a warning, had experienced violence in his family before. Eight years ago, friends said, he was among the police officers gathered at the Red Lake home of his son, Daryl Jr., during a days-long standoff with the police. Sergeant Lussier tried to talk his son into giving up his weapon, recalled Lorene Gurneau, a family friend. In the end, the younger Mr. Lussier, Mr. Weise's father, committed suicide."

Daryl Lussier, 58
Lussier, Jeff Weise’s grandfather, was a lifelong tribal police officer known around the reservation by his nickname Dash.

Lussier had four adult children and two younger than 10. Ed Naranjo, a retired Bureau of Indian Affairs officer who worked with Lussier, described him as a man who helped maintain order during periods of turmoil and unrest on the reservation.

"He was that kind of individual who could calm a very hot situation," Naranjo said. "He just projected that feeling."

Lorene Gurneau, related to Jeff Weise's paternal grandmother, said she and other family thought the youth had never got over his father's suicide. He suffered from his mother's alcohol abuse and her absence after severe injuries in her car accident, another kind of parental loss.

Louis Jourdain was best friends and cousins with 16-year-old Jeff Weise.

The son of Red Lake Tribal Chairman Floyd "Buck" Jourdain pleaded guilty to one charge related to the shooting. Jourdain admitted to a charge of "threatening interstate communications." The court document says both sides agreed that between January 2003 and March 2005, some of Jourdain's e-mails and text messages could be considered "threatening" by an objective observer.

Louis Jourdain, the son of the Tribal Chairman Buck Jourdain, was arrested in connection with the shootings on March 28, 2005 and charged with conspiracy to commit murder. He was charged based on several email messages which he exchanged with Weise related to plans for the Red Lake High School shooting. The government dropped the conspiracy charge; Jordain pled guilty to transmitting threatening messages through the Internet.

Louis Jourdain was sentenced Friday to spend up to a year at a private juvenile rehabilitation and treatment facility, according to sources familiar with the case. The 17-year-old Jourdain, arrested shortly after the March 21 shootings on the Red Lake Indian Reservation, pleaded guilty in November to sending threatening messages. Two other charges, including conspiracy to commit murder, were dropped. The length of time he spends at the facility will depend on his progress toward rehabilitation, a source said.

After that, Jourdain will be on probation until he's 21, the source said. During his probation, U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank will have wide discretion to decide whether Jourdain will be sent to any other kind of facilities as a condition of his probation.

Just like the Marysville Pilchuck shooting and the La Loche shooting everyone's related to everyone either by blood or marriage, only about a dozen surnames on the reservation. It's normal for girls to get pregnant at 14/15 years old. Drugs and murders everywhere.
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Red Lake - Jeff's father and the police standoff
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