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 Sue Klebold's Canadian Interview

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PostSubject: Sue Klebold's Canadian Interview    Sun Feb 14, 2016 7:57 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Sue Klebold's Canadian Interview    Sun Feb 14, 2016 8:32 pm

She's making the rounds, isn't she?

Why does anyone do anything?
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PostSubject: Re: Sue Klebold's Canadian Interview    Sun Feb 14, 2016 9:42 pm

Some notes from the article:

Sue: Dylan volunteered at a Day Care Centre.

Reporter: Do you blame the police?

Sue: I don’t blame anyone for anything. I keep going back to the fact that Columbine hadn’t happened yet and we were a different people 17 years ago than we are now. I think that’s true for the police too, and for schools. There was a lot of naïveté in those days.

Sue: I believe in my heart very strongly that Dylan and Eric were also victims of the tragedy they helped create, victims because of their own malfunctioning thinking.

Reporter: From financial ruin to being perceived as “the worst mother in the world,” as you put it, you’ve lost a great deal more than your son. Have you come to terms with the loss of your previous identity?

Sue: I think so. Before Columbine happened, I very often defined myself by what other people thought of me. I think a lot of women tend to do that. Afterwards some people vilified me and hated me, and there were some people who perceived me as superhuman because I survived this. My therapist pointed out to me that both of those perceptions are equally false. You can’t get upset by what people say about you if it’s bad, any more than you can be elated by someone else’s overestimation of you as a human being. She said, “You are just a blank movie screen and people are projecting onto you what they want to believe, and the important thing is to try to be who you are, love yourself, understand yourself, accept yourself.”

Reporter: What’s one of your favourite memories of him?

Sue: His whole childhood to me was this golden blur of cuddliness, and precociousness, and giggliness. Oh my gosh, I remember one time we were traveling and we stopped at a hotel after being in the car all day, so he was very rambunctious. In the hotel room there were two beds, and he started jumping on them like a frog. He jumped on one and went “Ribbit, ribbit” then jumped to the next, “Ribbit, ribbit”—he was so adorable, so funny. I could keep you here all day telling you things I remember.

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Sue Klebold's Canadian Interview
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