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 Pearl, MS, High School shooting

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PostSubject: Pearl, MS, High School shooting   Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:09 pm

Is anybody interested in it? It happened in October of '97 and has some similarities to Columbine, though obviously not related. The shooter's name is Luke Woodham.

This is what the shooter wrote:
"I am not insane, I am angry. I killed because people like me are mistreated every day. I did this to show society, push us and we will push back. ... All throughout my life, I was ridiculed, always beaten, always hated. Can you, society, truly blame me for what I do? Yes, you will. ... It was not a cry for attention, it was not a cry for help. It was a scream in sheer agony saying that if you can't pry your eyes open, if I can't do it through pacifism, if I can't show you through the displaying of intelligence, then I will do it with a bullet."

Some clips from news articles:
"In the aftermath of the killings and arrests, there is dark talk of a satanic cult, of a clique of misfit teens who dressed in black and called themselves 'The Group.' Prosecutors and civic leaders seem to think there may be something to it."
"Last Friday, police found a sheet of scorched paper, it edges burned to form a jagged edge, taped to the school wall next to the main entrance. On it, someone has drawn a skull and crossbones and an Iron Cross, and written the words: 'Luke is God. From your friends at Pearl High School.'"
"Within a day of the killings, stories began to circulate in town of a 'hit list' of kids from prominent families whom Woodham had allegedly targeted. Police denied that there was any formal list, and it appears that Lydia Dew, who came from a modest background, was herself the object of teasing from students. But Mayor Foster confirms that his son Kyle, who had gotten into a shoving match with Woodham recently, had been singled out for killing. 'I wasn't really picking on him,' says Kyle, a tight end on the Pearl football team. 'He would pick with me, and I'd pick back at him.'"

Luke also wore a trench coat and used it to hide his weapon on the day of the shooting. He also worked at a pizza place. He also like Hitler and Nietzsche. He also was born in 1981. It was definitely more of a "spur of the moment" attack and was a revenge attack on his ex-gf. Interestingly enough, he was part of a Satanic cult prior to the shooting. The town is very Southern Baptist, and I can see how the shooter felt annoyed by the religious atmosphere, much like Eric and Dylan did in Littleton. Anyway, I've been to Pearl High School several time (was never a student), and it's yep...pretty normal. I don't think there's a crazy amount of bullying or anything. Kind of trashy compared to other schools in the area. idk it would be interesting if anybody looked into it but it doesn't seem all that "popular"
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Pearl, MS, High School shooting
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