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 UK gun laws and the reality (Dunblane and Hungerford)

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PostSubject: UK gun laws and the reality (Dunblane and Hungerford)   Mon Aug 22, 2016 6:45 am

Today i will talk about my view on UK gun laws and why they are extremely backward.

After the Hungerford massacre in 1988 where Michael Ryan wandered his country village armed with a Semi automatic type 57 rifle (Chinese AK 47),a M1 carbine and a Berreta handgun shooting down residents, semi automatic weapons were banned with the only semi autos nowdays being .22 rimfires.

Then forwarding on to 1996 when a scout leader and Paedophile Thomas hamilton entered Dunblane primary school with 2 9mm hanguns and 2 .357 revolvers opened fire in a gymnasium of kids killing 16 kids and a teacher, after this handguns were then banned completely in the UK.

But heres the problem they were two one off incidents that pretty muched ruined UK gun laws and many Former SAS and British soldiers have been arrested and prosecuted for keeping their service pistols and rifles which they served the country with and its not fair even some of them are WW2 veterans and are gonna die in the prison system and not with their families which is backward. Another thing people will say if we loosen gun laws criminals will be able to easily get them but heres the truth, criminals are illegal which means most times they will get their weapons illegaly anyway, In the UK their is tons of gun crime mainly in london and over 95% of the guns are obtained illegaly so at the end of the day guns and our freedom are being taken away from the law abiding citizens which limits our defense from crime and for the criminals it doesn't matter cause they get them illegaly.

I am all for Guns and the right to bare Arms and i 100% support the British and American NRA

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UK gun laws and the reality (Dunblane and Hungerford)
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