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 Vehicular Massacres

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PostSubject: Vehicular Massacres   Mon Aug 22, 2016 7:08 am

A very uncommon and interesting aspect of mass murder is vehicular attacks.

They prove how a person does not need guns,knives or explosives but a vehicle to obtain tremendous kill counts for example this year at Niece during a fireworks display a lone terrorist drove a 6 wheel cargo lorry at full speed into a crowd of spectators, he zig zagged to run over as many people as he could whilst shooting out the window. The chaos was devestating people were being mangled under the lorry bumper and being squashed by the wheels, he went 100s of yards plowing through the crowd before being shot down through the windscreen. He killed 86 and injured hundreds the attack was only minutes aswell proving the devestation.

Another was the Akihabara massacre where in Akihabara Japan a lunatic drove a cargo van into a crowd at a city crossing he killed 3 by running them over and 4 by stabbing the injured on the floor, he could of easily killed more with the knife due to them being incapacitated by the truck collision but chose to surrender to police his attack was again minutes long.

Also it happened twice in Isla Vista Saint Barbara, The first attack was in 2001 where a insane man drove a saab 50 mph into a crowd of pedestrians on the campus killing 4 and gravely injuring others and the second attack which all of you probaly know by now is the 2014 Elliot Rodgers massacre where he drove his BMW around the campus whilst shooting and running people over, he killed 7.

So whats your view on vehicular massacres? leave a message below.

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Vehicular Massacres
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