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 Did Eric and Dylan bully?

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PostSubject: Did Eric and Dylan bully?   Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:10 pm

I know they did during the shooting and kind of in the basement tapes, but did they at school?
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PostSubject: Re: Did Eric and Dylan bully?   Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:56 pm

Adam Kyler [247/8,677] DK (and three others) harassed and threatened to kill him; parents went to administration

Joshua Lapp [483] people didn’t dare talk to EH or DK; say “hi” and get bad response

Keith Parkison [1,069] DK picked on people, including Keith; almost had physical fights
Keith Parkison [1,070] EH picked on people

Amanda Paukune [1,074] DK was “mean and sarcastic” to her

Mr. Craig Place (CHS teacher/dean) [1,090] EH picked on freshmen

Evan McClaugherty [2,038/21,138] accidentally bumped EH who pushed him, said he should “watch his back”

Chris Walker [2,236] heard from someone that once DK was “very scary” — there was a fight and DK was going “crazy”

Seth Biggi [2,476] DK picked fight with jock

Ali Boukhalfa [2,522] a friend accidentally bumped DK, this led to pushing

Ms. Tommie Nykanen (CHS teacher) [5,179] scared of DK; he laughed at her inappropriately, defiantly

Megan Minger [5,528] EH stared at her — evil stare

Melissa Walker [5,995] KMFDM — thought it was a radio station; EH “got all defensive”
Melissa Walker [6,001–2] asked EH about KMFDM hat — “what station is that?” EH got upset, said “you just wait and see”

Michael Biggs [6,140] EH stared, intimidated him

Jennifer Harmon [6,548] everyone was scared of them

Gary Reininger [7,068] DK/EH yelled at jocks junior year

Dustin Thurmon [7,260] athlete who had problems with DK/EH; EH wanted to fight him

Tara Zobjeck [7,380] DK called her “bitch” after gym incident; harassed her
Tara Zobjeck [7,416] pushed people and cheated in gym

Chris Morris [8,897] EH started fights with jocks, expected Chris Morris to back him up

Michelle Hartsough [10,150] DK was rude/difficult; hit her once because she counseled him on infraction at work

(Redacted) [10,286] DK called girl a bitch during flag football; other boy intervened, told DK to back off

Devon Adams [10,616] EH/DK made fun of boy in theatre department

Chris Morris [10,838] recently, EH more aggressive; picking fights, expecting Chris to back him up

Michelle Hartsough [16,607] DK: scary person

Sasha Jacobs [17,411] dated EH 16–20 times (10/97 to 1/98); broke up, got email threats

Jerry Snow [17,957] in 8th grade his daughter got threatening letter from EH, DK and others

(Redacted) [19,326] EH picked fight last year

Carrie Preziosi [21,138] had confrontation with EH about 4 months ago (from 5/4/99)

Matthew Wills (boyfriend of Tara Zobjeck) [23,450] threatened to kick ass of DK for harassing Tara

Jason Kirk [24,351] had run-in with boy he thinks was EH on July 4, 1998

Jacquelyn Baker [25,053] DK scared her — the way he walked and looked at her

Ms. Catherine Dudley (mother of Colby Dudley) [25,366] Colby had confrontation with EH

Eric Harris [26,014] journal entry where he wrote, “I make fun of people who look like me”

Dylan Klebold [26,236] inscription in EH’s yearbook: “can’t wait to dub the new freshman”
Dylan Klebold [26,238] inscription in EH’s yearbook: “sitting in the commons dubbing & laughing at
Dylan Klebold [26,388] journal entry about trying not to ridicule/make fun of people at school
Dylan Klebold [26,396] journal entry: “I try not to pick on people”
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Did Eric and Dylan bully?
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