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 Dylan's Diversion Files Transcribed

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PostSubject: Dylan's Diversion Files Transcribed   Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:07 pm

NAME: Dylan Klebold

DOB: 9/11/81

COUNSELOR: Sanchez (Andrea Sanchez leaves in June 1998)


INTAKE DATE: 3/19/98


CR#: 98-2218


COURT DATE: 3/25/98



1st Degree Criminal Trespass (F5), Theft (F4), and Criminal Mischief (M2).

On 1/30/98, Dylan Klebold and his codefendant Eric Harris were driving around their neighborhood when they decided to park near the intersection of Deer Creek Canyon Road and Wadsworth Blvd. to "mess around". They noticed a van parked on the other side of the lot, and went to look inside. They saw a lot of electronic equipment. They broke the van's window, and took the items that were inside. They left the scene, and went and parked at the Jefferson County open space nearby. Eric and Dylan were looking at the electronic equipment they took when a Jefferson County Sheriff knocked on the window, and began questioning them about the equipment. Dylan and Eric admitted guilt. They were arrested, booked, and released to their parents.




Dylan and his parents went to family counseling after his brother was kicked out of the house.



Light. Dylan has drank alcohol 5 or 6 times, and has been drunk the same amount. The first time he tried alcohol was at age 15, the last time was two months ago. He doesn't like the taste or effects of alcohol, and said he decided to stop because it ”wasn't worth it”. Dylan thinks that drinking alcohol is okay as long as it is in moderation.


Light/none. Dylan has tried Marijuana twice, the last time was 9 months ago. He feels that Marijuana is a “waste of time and money”. He makes a big distinction between Marijuana and other ”harder” drugs, he said that other drugs can be “devastating”. Dylan has never been offered or used other illegal drugs. Dylan's brother has a substance abuse problem, and was kicked out of the house for continued drug use. Dylan said that he has seen firsthand how drugs can ruin your life, and that is why he decided to stop.


Dylan is a junior at Columbine High School. His grades range from A's to D's. He mostly takes honors classes, and said that even though he has trouble with some of them, regular classes don't challenge him enough. Dylan said he makes a good effort towards school, but admits he could try harder. Dylan was suspended October 1997 for three days for possessing student locker combinations. No attendance problems. Dylan gets along well with teachers and administrators, and has many friends. He is currently looking for a job for the summer. Dylan plans to graduate from High School, go to College, and major in computer science.


Dylan describes his relationship with his parents as “better than most kids”, and says they are supportive, loving, dependable and trustworthy. His parents said that Dylan has a difficult time communicating with them, but he is getting better. Mr. and Mrs. Klebold are very proud of Dylan's past accomplishments, and can't understand why he committed this offense. Dylan has a 19 year old brother Byron, he doesn't see him much because he was kicked out of the house for drug use. He said that he loves his brother, but cannot condone his behavior. His punishments usually consist of being grounded, and not being able to use the computer. Mr. and Mrs. Klebold feel involved in Dylan’s life, and said they know where he is and who he is with most of the time. After this incident occurred he was grounded for a month, and was not allowed to spend time with Eric (codefendant). Mr. and Mrs. Klebold are happy that Dylan got caught, and were bothered that his actions were so “unethical”. They believe that Diversion is a good program and feel it will be beneficial. They are “thankful” that Dylan has the opportunity to complete this program. No criminal history in the family.


Dylan enjoys spending time with friends, listening to music, working on the computer, reading, and playing pool. His parents know the majority of his friends, and he feels comfortable having friends over. A few of his friends drink alcohol on occasion, none of them use drugs. Eric Harris (codefendant) is his only friend with a criminal history. Dylan said that gangs are “pointless”, and he has no interest in them. He does not currently have a girlfriend, and has never been sexually active. He is well educated on sexually transmitted diseases, and birth control.


Dylan was cooperative and open during his intake. He said that Diversion is an appropriate consequence for his actions, and that his contract items are fair. His parents were surprised at his past usage of drugs and alcohol. It is my belief that even though Dylan knows what he did was wrong, he still lessens the seriousness of his offense. Dylan is a 12 mo CA, his contract includes; 45 hrs of community service, drug and alcohol evaluation, the CJ class, an ethics class, bimonthly progress reports, and an apology letter to his victim.

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PostSubject: Re: Dylan's Diversion Files Transcribed   Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:09 pm


CLIENT: Dylan Klebold




COUNSELOR: Andrea Sanchez


Verify  juvenile’s address: Jeffco

Ascertain culpability for the referring charge: Guilty

Does the juvenile have any prior or pending charges? None

Has the juvenile ever been part of a gang or involved in gang activities? No

If possible, determine if there is a possible safety issue: None
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PostSubject: Re: Dylan's Diversion Files Transcribed   Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:12 pm


This form contains two sections. The first section is completed during part two of the intake group or during individual intakes. This induces the yes/no check list forms and notes. The assessment section is completed five weeks after the cheat is accepted onto Diversion.

CLIENT: Dylan Klebold

COUNSELOR: Andrea Sanchez

DATE: 3/19/98

Intake Group – For Part Two

Admits Responsibility: Yes

Prior Police Contacts/Runaways: No

Suicidal Feelings or Actions: No

Homicidal/Assaultive Feelings or Actions: No

Alcohol/Other Drug Use (including medications being taken): Yes

Physical/Sexual Abuse: No

School Problems (disciplinary/truancy/success): No

Gang Activity: No

Carry Weapon: No

Working: No (looking)

Parent Involvement: Yes

Parent Wants Intervention: Yes

Accepted: Yes


Suspensions – computer hacking Oct. 1997

Grades C’s & B’s – could try harder

No attendance issues
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PostSubject: Re: Dylan's Diversion Files Transcribed   Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:14 pm


Child Lives With: Parents

Adopted: No

Primarily Raised in Single Parent Home: No

Marital Status of Biological Parents: Married    How Long: 27 years

Mother’s Name: Sue    Age: 49    Employer: Community College System   How Long: 18 years

Father’s Name: Tom    Age: 51    Employer: Self    How Long: 3 years

Siblings Total #: 1

Name: Byron   Gender: Male    Age: 19    Lives with: Friend in an apartment

Total Number of People Living in Household: 3

Relationship to Client: 2 Parents & Dylan


Insurance: Entera (this may change after July 1 because state system is changing)

Date of last physical: 2 years ago   Age: 14   Physician/Facility: Dr. Rauzi – Family Care Southwest

Any physical limitations: No

Emergency Room Care: Yes    When: Fall 97 at Porter – Littleton for stomach pain – thought to be appendicitis but wasn’t.

Tested for ADD/ADHD: No

Please describe your version of your child’s offense: Dylan & his friend, Eric Harris, found a company electronics van parked on Deer Creek Canyon Road. The van allegedly had a parking ticket on it which made the boys think it was abandoned. They hung around it setting off firecrackers. Then decided to see if they could get some free electronic equipment out of it by helping themselves to some “of the contents”. The van was locked. They tried windows & doors. They then tried banging on the glass but it didn’t break. At some point, Eric got into his car and started the motor. Dylan picked up a rock and broke a window. He grabbed some things from the front seat & jumped in the car. The boys drove down the road to the Deer Creek Canyon green space to look over their newly acquired stuff and were immediately overheard & apprehended by Officer Walsh.

What is your attitude toward Diversion: grateful!

Does your child have any other charges pending? Yes, 2 traffic offenses: one for speeding (about a month ago?) & one from 3/14/98 for stopping at a red light but proceeding through it when he thought no one was around (court date set for 4/29/98).


Client Education: Public

Currently Attending School: Yes Where: Columbine High School Grade: 11

Start: 8/95 Finish: 6/99

Contact Person: Brad Butts   Position: Counselor

Previous School: Ken Caryl Junior High  

Start: 8/93   Finish: 6/95

Academic Achievement – Grades Earned During Last Year: C’s

Suspensions: Fall 1998 – He and two friends who had access to school’s computer figured out how to find old locker combinations. Dylan downloaded this onto a disk and opened a locker or two to test to see if list was current. He was suspended for 5 days. He recently (within last month) received a one day on-school suspension for scratching a locker belonging to a student he was mad at. He had to pay $70 to repair locker.

Attendance: Good

Classroom Behavior: Mostly okay from what we can tell but teachers report that he doesn’t listen, doesn’t take correction well.

Special Education Placement: Yes, in CHIPS program for gifted kids Grades 3-6

Extracurricular Activities: Did sound for 2 school plays, assisted with computers at school

CHILD’S MENTAL HEALTH (Evaluations or Treatment/Counseling)

Describe Your Attitude Toward Mental Health: I support it but need more info

Problems Your Child Had or Is Currently Having: Anger, Authority Figures, Jobs, Loneliness
• Dylan is introverted and he’s grown up isolated from those who are different in age, culture, or other factors. He is often angry or sullen and behaviorally seems disrespectful and intolerant of others.


Are you aware of any alcohol or drug use by your child? Was not aware of it at all until Andrea Sanchez asked the question a few moments ago

Have you seen any sudden behavior changes in your child? No

Family history of alcohol or drug addictions: No

Describe your attitude towards alcohol and drug use: Vehemently opposed to drugs use. Dylan’s father is more tolerant to limited/reasonable alcohol use than Dylan’s mother is.

Overall Rating of Your Child’s Use

Alcohol: Past – None    Present – Light

Drugs: Past- None    Present – Light


Child often away from home? No, but stays in his room constantly

Do you feel safe in your neighborhood? Yes

Number of moves in three years? None

Has your child ever been placed out of the home? No

Have any of your children lived in a group home? No

History of terminal illness? No

Significant Loss: Yes, father recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis

Do you the names, ages, addresses, ph #’s, parents of your child’s friends? Yes

Do you feel your child’s friends are mostly positive or mostly negative or both? Both

How often does your child check in with you each day? Every 3 hours

Which behaviors get your child punished? Disrespect, failure to do what’s been asked

Type of punishment: Grounding (time - depends), Loss of privileges, Additional chores, Yelled at

What happens when you have a conflict with your children or spouse? Loud but controlled discussion

When do you know a conflict is over? People communicate, spend time together

Do you receive any financial assistance? No

Describe any financial difficulties: Had episodic financial difficulties over last 10 years
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PostSubject: Re: Dylan's Diversion Files Transcribed   Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:16 pm


INTERVIEWER: Andrea Sanchez

RETURN DATE: 3/25/98


Name: Dylan Klebold

DOB: 9/11/81

Age: 16


Length of time at this address: 8 (9) years

Home Phone:

Work Phone: N/A

Soc. Sec. #: 524 45 5481

Sex: Male

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 160 (?)

Ethnicity: White

Tattoos/Scars: Scar on stomach

Please describe your version of the offense: Broke into a van, stole some stuff from it, drove away (friend’s car). Cops discovered us a ways up, we admitted to the crime.

What impact has this had on your family? A bad one. My parents were devastated as well as I.

Describe your relationship (past and current) with codefendant: Friends for about 4 years. Very good friends.

What is your attitude toward Diversion: I’m hoping I can get the best I can out of it & am optimistic about it.

Any Other Court Involvement

Do you have any other charges pending against you at the present time? Yes, traffic tickets – one for speeding, one for running a red light when nobody else was around.


Driver’s License #: 97-189-0026

State: Colorado

Current Status: Valid

Expiration Date: 10/1/99

Auto Insurance Company: Farmer’s

Other Transportation Options: Parents

List of all traffic violations: speeding – 2 points deducted, running red light – to appear in court


Client Education: Public

Currently Attending School: Yes Where: Columbine High School Grade: 11

Start: 8/95 Finish: 5/99

Contact Person: ? Position: Network Administrator

Previous School: Ken Caryl Middle School

Start: 8/93 Finish: 5/95

Academic Achievement – Grades earned last year: B’s, C’s

Suspensions: Hacking and possessing important documents

Attendance: Good

Classroom Behavior: Good

Extracurricular Activities: Had a job, was in a school play

Educational/Career Goals: Computer Technician


Past Employment

Employer: Albertson’s

City: Littleton

Dates of Employment: ?

Hours worked per week: 20

Salary: 5.45/hour

Job Title: Courtesy Clerk

Reason for Leaving: Didn’t want to join the union

Employer: Blackjack Pizza

City: Littleton

Dates of Employment: ?

Hours worked per week: around 10

Salary: 5.15/hour

Job Title: Cook

Reason for Leaving: Looking for a better job

Have you ever been fired? No

What is the longest period of time you ever worked for one job? Around 3 months

What financial obligations do you have monthly?
• Gas money $40
• Insurance $?
• Savings 50% of left paycheck


Describe Your Attitude toward Mental Health Treatment: Not necessary, but I will do it if Diversion deems it necessary or desirable.

Problems You Have Had or Are Currently Having: Finances, Jobs
• Kind of difficult to find a technician job when I am only 16 years.

Do you feel in control of your life? Yes

Do you get along better with men or women? Both the same.

What have been the most traumatic experiences in your life? The night I committed this crime.


Were you under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the offense? No

If you have broken the law in the past, were you ever under the influence of alcohol or drugs? No

Have you ever drank or used drugs by yourself? Yes, alcohol a couple times

Have you ever experienced withdrawal symptoms? No

How do your parent feel about your alcohol or drugs use? ?

Have you ever drank or used drugs with a member of your family? No

Family history of alcohol or drug addictions: None that I know of.

Alcohol Use

Describe your present use of alcohol: None for about 2 months. Before that, none for about 3 months … (on & off)

When was your first use of alcohol (age, with whom, what, where and why): 15, brother, my house, was curious to see what it was like

When was the last time you used alcohol (kind of alcohol, where and when)? About a month or 2 ago, my house, vodka

Describe your attitude toward drinking: I am careful with it

Drug Use

Describe your present use of drugs: X

When was your first use of drugs (age, with whom, what, where and when)? Last year – brother, same situation as alcohol (curious)

When was the last time you use drugs? Last year, marijuana

Describe your attitude toward drug use: It is a waste of everything, definitely not worth it.

Have you ever overdosed? No

Have you ever encouraged others to take drugs against their will? No

Overall Rating of Use

Alcohol: Past – Light Present – Light

Drugs: Past – Light Present – None


Are you often away from home? No

Do you feel safe on your neighborhood? Yes

Number of moves in past three years? None

Have you ever been placed out of the home? No

Have any of your siblings lived in a group home? No

History of terminal illness? No

Significant Loss: No

Family member most supportive: Both parents (encourage me to succeed)

Family member least supportive: Brother (is not involved in my life – not a problem)

When you have problems, who do you talk to? Parents

What issues? School (grades)

Do your parents know the names, ages, addresses, ph #’s, parents of your friends? Yes

How often do you check in with your parents each day? Every 3 hours

Which behaviors get you punished? Something that they don’t approve of

Type of punishment: Grounding (time – depends on what I did), Loss of privileges

What happens when you have a conflict with your parents and siblings? Just yelling, possible consequences if I broke a rule

When do you know a conflict is over? When we are aware of each other’s arguments & understand them.


Describe how you spend your spare time: Computers & networks, shooting pool, electronics, reading, going to start working on a car soon.

How many close friends do you have and how old are they? 3 – 16, 16, 17.

Do your friends use drugs and alcohol? Yes

Do your friends attend school regularly? Yes

Have your friends ever been in trouble with the law? Yes

Have you or your friends ever been part of a gang or involved in gang activities? No

Do you currently have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No

Have you ever been sexually active? No
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PostSubject: Re: Dylan's Diversion Files Transcribed   Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:18 pm

Authorization to Release Information

[BLANK] from 3/12/98 to 3/25/99
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PostSubject: Re: Dylan's Diversion Files Transcribed   Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:20 pm


NAME: Dylan Klebold



STATUS: 12 month CA



DIVERSION OFFICER: Robert Kriegshauser

STATUS: Successful Early Termination

TERMINATION REASON: Complete Compliance with Diversion

PROGRAM PARTICIPATION: Dylan accepted Diversion on the presenting charges of 1st Deg. Criminal Trespass (F5), Theft (F4), and Criminal Mischief (M2). Dylan's Diversion contract included a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation, Ethics Class, CJ Class, Progress reports, Apology Letter, Community Service, Fees, Adult Legal Issues and Daytimer.

Dylan did a very nice job on Diversion. He quickly completed the drug evaluation and no further tx. was recommended. He was able to attend the Discovery Class at ISAE although he did not feel that it was of much use to him. Dylan's attitude while on Diversion was solid and he remained motivated even when I added the Adult Legal Issues Packet to the contract. As a result of the responsibility he displayed I removed the CJ Class from the contract in August. 45 hours of CSW were complete at various locations in the community and Dylan felt like this was the most effective piece of Diversion. He learned a lot from having to give up free time to work for no money. All fees and the two negative UA’s provided while on Diversion were paid in a timely manner. Dylan had a tendency to struggle with motivation around school work so we focused on this area for some time. He was able to maintain a good grade point average after some confrontation and is set to graduate in the Spring 1999.

PROGNOSIS: Good. Dylan is a bright young man who has a great deal of potential. If he is able to tap his potential and become self motivated he should do well in life.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Successful Termination

Dylan has earned the right for an early termination. He needs to strive to self motivate himself so he can remain on a positive path. He is intelligent enough to make any dream a reality but he needs to understand hard work is part of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Dylan's Diversion Files Transcribed   Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:22 pm


4/14/98: Met with Dylan for the first time. Went over general plan of action. I gave him apology letter outline, a rough draft is due next appt. Asked him to bring me a progress report, he reports his grades are 1 A, 2 B's, and 2 D's. His  D’s are in French and honors Chemistry. He said that he likes difficult classes because they challenge him more, even if he could get a higher grade in another class. Took a UA, said it would be clean. Next appt 4/30 because the week prior I had intake and orientation group and I had no appt left for that week. After that I will resume to every week.

4/30/98: Met with Dylan. Brought in apology letter, made changes, he will rewrite it and bring it next appt. Established CS deadlines 10 hrs by 6/1, 15 hrs by 6/29, and 20 hrs by 8/3. Did SUss Medium risk, will send for evaluation. Report card B's, C's and D's. He assures me that he has already raised three of his grades. He is hoping to pass all of his classes, he is worried about Chemistry. Things going well. Next appt 5/14 @ 3:45.

6/3/93: Met with Dylan. He had only completed 7 hr of CS, he must now write me a paper on time management, 2 pages, typed. It is due next appt. He was happy with his grades, he raised most of them with his finals. Dylan plans on completing all of his CS hrs in the next few weeks, then getting a job. I went over a payment schedule, first payment due next appt. He went and got a d/a eval with Diane, she doesn’t recommend any treatment at this time. I told him that Bob would be his new counselor. Next appt 6/24 @ 10:45

6/24/98: Met with Dylan. He has completed 33 hrs of CS, he is way ahead of schedule. He is working part-time in his neighbor’s yard doing maintenance. He brought in a $36.25 money order, next payment due in June. Brought in his paper on time management, very creative and well written. Introduced him to Bob, and he made his next appt with him.

7/10/98: On time for first appt. with me after transfer from Andrea Sanchez. He turned in his CSW completed. Placed a call to supervisor to verify. Left message asking for return call. Introduced myself and my method of case mgmt. Talked about Ethics and CJ class and told Dylan that we will discuss further next appt. Next appt. 7/27/98

7/27/98: Message from Dylan dated 7/26/98. He states that he has a dentist’s appt. at 10:30 a.m. and therefore will not be able to attend this morning’s meeting. However, the meeting today is at 2:30 p.m. I spoke with Eric Harris Dylan's best friend and codefendant and he explained that he told Dylan that the meeting was at 2:30 p.m. and that Dylan would be attending to best of his knowledge. I spoke to Eric because he called to reschedule his afternoon appointment for a different reason. I will not call Dylan back since he has an appointment card with the correct time on it.

7/27/98: Client FTA appointment in SWP.

7/28/98: Spoke to Dylan. He stated that he messed up the time to Dentist and it was later than he stated on the phone. This is why he missed appt. Told him that he needs to stay in contact about all those pieces. Moved appt. to 8/5/98.

8/5/98: Officer sick. Resched. For 8/14/98.

8/14/98: On time. Dylan paid $36.25 for UA’s. He states that he completed an assessment at Passage Ways but it was found that no need existed. I can’t find paperwork in file so I put a call into Diane to verify. Dylan reports that he is working now at Computer Renaissance. He is making $5+ per hour but hopes to get a raise soon. I encouraged him to overpay so he can pay off amt. sooner. I will hold on the referral to Ethics until late Sept. so D y la n can get a more comfortable routine with work. I removed CJ class from contract but told Dylan that I will refer to something. CJ does not meet Dylan’s needs. School will start next week and Dylan thinks he will be getting out at 1:40 p.m. Next appt. 8/24/98 in SWP. Dylan said he would remember so I did not write on card.

8/17/98: Spoke to Diane Newland. She has no record of an evaluation with Dylan. I will run a few consecutive scans and of they are clean than I will not require he do it again. I found in the notes by Andrea that no recommendations were made by Andrea. No mention of how the contact with Diane occurred was present.

8/24/98: On time. Dylan did not make a payment today. I asked, instructed him to make payment next appt. I decided to give Dylan the Adult Legal Issues Packet to replace the CJ class. Will give next appt. We discussed rules in society and how they affect people’s actions. We will attempt to continue the discussion at next appt. if time allows. Need UA. Next appt. 9/17/98.

9/17/98: On time. Dylan paid $100.00 today. I told him the remaining amount owed. He will try to pay it next appt. Turned in a progress report which was below average. He is receiving a D in Math and Composition. The report mentioned that he was sleeping in math class. Dylan explained that he was sleeping because he was up the night before doing an Essay assignment which he had put off to the last minute. We talked about time mgmt. and the fact that these grades are unacceptable. Told him that if the next report does not show vastly improved grades he will be required to bring in a weekly homework log sheet and show up here daily to complete homework. Gave Dylan Green Statute book and Adult Legal Issues. Due next time if book is lost, 60 hrs CSW. He asked if there is a class that could replace the Ethics class since he is supposed to work on Wed. evenings. Told him yes and it would be on weekends. Will refer to ISAE next appt. Tried to complete UA today but Dylan could not provide. He will come back on Tuesday 9/22/98. Next appt. 10/15/98.

9/24/98: UA back negative.

10/15/98:  On time. Dylan turned in Adult Legal Issues and the book. No time to review. Dylan was not able to bring a payment today but he will bring one next appt. I approved this. We need to discuss the Ethics requirement next appt. and figure out what we will do to complete this piece. Everything is going ok. School shows much improvement in effort and he is getting grades up. Next appt. 11/3/98.

11/3/98: On time. Dylan turned in payment for $75.00 and I told him remaining amt. He also turned in his progress report which shows D in gym. He explained it is due to being late to class. I told him that he is to be on time which means not even 1 minute late. Told him to have this grade passing by next appt. Everything else doing well. Next appt. 12/1/98.

12/1/98: On time. Dylan turned in his progress report which shows a dropping grade in PE. How now has a F. I confronted him on his attendance etc. He states that the policy of how to make up tardies was changed and this affected his grade. I explained that the tardies never should have happened so the change of policy would not have mattered. I also confronted him on his Math grade since comments from the teacher state that he could use his class time more appropriately. Dylan explained that he was reading a book during class time. I told him that his effort needs to improve or he will face consequences here including possible termination. I also confronted him on his minimizing and excuse giving. I told him to listen to himself and think about what he is saying. It all sounds like he feels like the victim although he denies this. He reports that the discovery class is scheduled for 12/12/98. Everything else reported as going well. Next appt. 12/21/98 @ 3:30 p.m. I told him that I will see him in SWP appt. after 12/21/98

12/21/98: On time. Dylan had better effort this appt. His grades are improved and his discovery class was complete. He is back at Blackjack pizza and will make payment next appt. Things ok at home. Next appt. 1/19/99 @ 4:00 p.m.

1/19/99: On time. Dylan paid remaining fees which completes contract. Progress reports show solid progress with only D in Calculus. He has begun to improve this class. Work is reported as going well. Placed a call to parents to discuss early termination and they have no problems with my decision. They would like me to mention that he could get into trouble for high school pranks. Dylan will come in tomorrow to get termination paperwork.

1/20/99: Dylan on time. Gave termination info and expunge. info. Told him to be very careful about choices in the future especially since he is nearing graduation.



12 mo CA

Nice young man, kind of goofy, bizarre sense of humor, he makes me laugh

• d/a eval through Passageways, no treatment recommended
• 45 hrs of CS
• Apology letter
• Paper on time management (for a missed CS deadline)

• Ethics – CJ class (possible)

Dylan is working for his next door neighbor doing yard work and landscaping, he plans to get a job after that is finished.

Payment schedule in file, made 1st payment.

I sometimes see him and Eric together. I like to meet apart too so I can discuss Eric’s medications and his shrink meetings.

That is all I have to say, Bye Bye!
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PostSubject: Re: Dylan's Diversion Files Transcribed   

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Dylan's Diversion Files Transcribed
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