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 Gun Laws in the 1990s

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PostSubject: Gun Laws in the 1990s   Sun May 28, 2017 12:55 pm

I was wondering if anybody knew any relevant information on gun laws in Colorado and in America in general in the 1990s? I'm doing quite a lot of research on current gun laws so it made me wonder. What were the background checks like then? Were there any kind of guns you could buy then which you can't buy now? What were gun shows like back then?

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PostSubject: Re: Gun Laws in the 1990s   Tue Jul 04, 2017 9:33 am

I was born in 1994 so I only have a partial, vague, personal recollection of life in the 90s as a young child. I have read extensively about American history though and can tell you as much as I know about 1990s America and the guns laws/culture of that era. When it came to carrying guns in public, whether concealed or not, was far less common to be allowed by law in most states. As the 90s went on more and more states starting relaxing their gun laws in relation to open and conceal carry permits being issued. The vast majority of states in the 90s only had either no issue at all or "may issue" permits for open and or concealed carry of guns. Shall issue permits were not common back then. Background checks prior to the Brady law were spotty at best and were usually done at the discretion of the person selling the gun. Some states may have already had background checks though under certain circumstances.

Colorado was a "may issue" state for open/conceal carry of guns, meaning they could issue gun permits for public carry but the requests for one could be denied for pretty much any reasons under the sun and it was up to the discretion of the local sheriff usually. So if they did not like how you "looked" it would be perfectly legal for them to deny you simply for that. So gun laws were overall more strict in the 90s compared to now. By the early 2000s Colorado became a shall issue state. While some states have enacted ammunition clip limits and assault weapons bans since then, a lot of those laws got struck down by various courts as unconstitutional. The overwhelming theme though of the 1990s much like the 1980s was the overbearing tones of social conservatism that reverberated throughout American life. From 1994-2004, the Federal Assault Weapons ban made certain full auto guns and high ammo guns illegal to be made or imported anymore. By 2004 this law expired due it not being renewed by congress. So if anything relative to the 1990s, more guns are legally allowed today under Federal law now than back then.

I can not say to much about guns shows back then as I had never been at any back in the 1990s but from what I read they were often a gathering place for more extreme right wing groups.
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Gun Laws in the 1990s
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