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 Updated forum rules.

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PostSubject: Updated forum rules.   Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:15 am

Updated forum rules as of June 10, 2017

All members (old and new) should read this thread for updated rules and other forum information.

Registration and account information

To register, you must use a valid email address. Once you register, an activation link will be sent to your email address. You will have 48 hours to activate your account and log into the forum. Failure to do so and your account will be deleted from the database and you will have to re-register. Keep usernames clean. Any offensive or derogatory usernames will be deleted without warning. If you re-register with an offensive or derogatory username, you will be permanently banned from the forum.

To cut back on the amount of inactive accounts on the forum - if you have not made any posts on the board and you haven't logged into your account within the past 4 weeks (28 days), your account will be permanently deleted from the forum. If you wish to access the forum after your account has been deleted, you will have to start the registration process over. To avoid having your account deleted, log into your account frequently so you don't go over 28 days or you can post on the forum.

Starting November 29, 2017 - if you have not logged into your account within the past 2 years (730 days) and you have a post count of 5 or less, your account will be permanently deleted from the database.

Changing username or account email address

If you would like to request a username change or would like to change the email address linked to your forum account, please contact me through private message. Members are permitted 1 username change per year.

Personal Information

Please do not give out any personal information about yourself or others on the public board. This includes links to any social media accounts or messengers such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Skype, Instagram or any other similar websites/messengers. Also, no personal photos of yourself or others are permitted on the forum. Personal information and/or photos should be exchanged through private messages only. We DO allow links to YouTube channels and videos.

Private messaging  

Private messaging will be enabled once you have 10 posts on the board. We have it set up this way to prevent spamming through the private message system. Once you have created 10 posts, your private messaging will automatically become available to you.  The forum rules apply to private messages as well. Private messaging is not meant to be used to harass, threaten or intimidate other members. At any time, without warning, the forum staff can ban your private messaging privileges if we feel you are misusing your private messaging. Use caution when sharing any kind of private information about yourself with other members. If you ever feel threatened in any kind of way by a private message you've received, please contact a staff member right away and it will be taken care of immediately. We want everyone to feel safe, not just on the board, but when speaking to others in private as well.

Special Ranks

Special ranks are given out to the top contributors of the forum. There are 2 ranks that forum members could receive. Those ranks are "Top Contributor" or "Top 10 Contributor". To be considered a Top Contributor, you must be an active member on the forum for at least 30 days and you must contribute a minimum of 250 posts. Of your 250 posts, the majority of your posts must be made in the Columbine sections on the forum or any of the shooting/other crimes forums. If the majority of your posts come from the Miscellaneous section, you won't qualify to be a Top Contributor.

A Top 10 Contributor is the highest rank that you can receive here on the forum and this goes to the Top 10 members with the highest participation. These members have been here for a long time and have spent many hours researching and sharing facts, thoughts and opinions.

To keep your spot on the Top 10 Contributor list or the Top Contributor list, you must remain active on the forum and continue to contribute. If you go inactive - meaning if you stop logging into the forum or you continue to log in but stop posting or make very few posts for more than 60 days, you will fall off the list. To get back onto the list, you must once again become active and contribute to the forum. Once you've contributed a fair amount of new posts, you will be re-added to the list.

At any time your can be thrown from your rank by another member who has contributed more than you have.

If at any time you are temporarily banned from this forum, for any reason whatsoever, you will automatically lose your rank as Top 10 Contributor or Top Contributor. You will not be reconsidered for the title until 6 months after your ban has been lifted. If you receive a 2nd temporary ban, you will be permanently removed from the list.


Avatars are permitted on this forum. Nothing offensive though. Columbine related pictures (aside from the suicide photos or any other death photos) can be used as avatars. Personal photos are not permitted. However, we DO allow photos of pets to be used as avatars. So if you'd like to use a picture of your cat or dog or any other pet you have, that would be fine. We don't allow personal facial photos because I do not want anyone being bullied or harassed over their appearance. I've seen it happen way too many times and to avoid anything like that happening here, I'm sorry but we do not allow any personal/facial photos.


Signatures are available for all active members. Photos and videos are not allowed to be used as signatures. Text only and the font size must not be any larger than a 12.

Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris suicide photos

The suicide photos of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are NOT permitted on the forum. This includes using them as avatars or posting them in the threads. If you are looking for the suicide photos, you can request them by sending me a private message.

Victim death photos and other death photos

Death photos of the victims and/or any other death photos are not to be used as avatars. For research and discussion purposes ONLY, victim death photos are permitted in the threads. However, they must be hidden and labeled with a "graphic warning" that way users have the option to view the photo. If you need help figuring out to hide a photo, please ask one of the staff members.

Other prohibited material/posts not allowed on the public board

Making posts on how to create and/or acquire bombs, explosives, guns or any other kind of weapons is strictly forbidden. General discussion about bombs/guns used during the Columbine Massacre is allowed but giving instructions on how to make/acquire these weapons will be deleted immediately and you will receive a warning. If you break this rule a second time, you will be permanently banned. No exceptions. I absolutely will not tolerate anyone giving instructions on how to make any kind of explosives or how to acquire explosives, material to make explosives or weapons. And this includes all weapons, not just firearms and explosives.

Posting on the forum (discussions and debates)

Please keep the discussions and debates on the forum civil. I realize that not everyone is going to agree and that's fine. Personal insults towards other forum members is not allowed. Insults towards the victims of the Massacre is not allowed. Threats towards other forum members or threats towards anyone in general will be reported. Anyone making posts threatening to commit an attack of their own will be reported. I take these things very seriously and I will report anyone who is making these sort of posts. If anyone should receive private messages where a forum member is threatening you, threatening someone else or making any kind of threats whatsoever, please report it to me immediately.

Other information

If you should have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to use the "Help" section on the forum. The "Help" section is for questions pertaining to your forum account and other general questions about the forum. If you have questions about the Columbine Massacre, please use the "Thoughts on the Shooting" section of the forum.  If you have any questions you don't feel comfortable leaving on the board, you can contact me @Jenn or the forum moderator @tfsa47090 through private messaging and we will gladly help you. If you should have any questions about this thread/forum rules, you can post them in this thread or you can contact one of us through private messaging.

Email me at:

Join me on Columbine High School Massacre Facebook page at:

Thank you,

"Oh well, whatever, nevermind".
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Updated forum rules.
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