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 Eric in Columbine Transcript

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PostSubject: Eric in Columbine Transcript   Sun Jun 30, 2013 11:34 pm

Throughout the Eric in Columbine video it can be difficult to hear what was being said. Here is part of the transcript for anyone who wants to know what they were saying.
(Mike and Eric walking in the hallway)
Mike: Yes!
Eric: Yes!
Mike: So did I deserve ~~~
Eric: No
Mike: Yeah a little bit
Eric: Well yeah, a little bit...but still
*wall of "jocks" walk through Eric, Mike and camera guy)
Mike: I think you guys should uh, be doin some video production stuff
Guys: Heading to the studio tech
- Mike continues his story-
Mike: I brought it on myself
Eric: But still...still
Mike: So, he pushes me against the locker with one hand and puts it up to my throat, I turned him around and put him in a headlock dude! -like that- he was all *choking sound*
-They all stop at Brandi's locker-
Mike: Here film
Eric: Oh jeez...
Camera guy: The hell...?
Brandi: I need bruce willis in there (her locker)
Camera guy: Im filming..
Brandi: *giggle* hes so cute!
Camera guy: Who?
Brandi: Ben Afflick
Camera guy: He is?
Brandi: Yeahhh
Camera guy: ummm..alright. *films their asses*
Eric: Were going downstairs...Come downstairs.
Brandi: I will hold on
Eric: Alright
-they walk downstairs to their regular table-
Mike: *waves creepily at somebody*
Somebody: Hi???
Mike: Aint nothin' but a ~~~boon? boony?
Mike: We have to wait because Eric's girl is coming down
Random guy: Yeah? Your new girl?
Eric: Sure.
Mike: What? What do you mean sure? You know you wanna tap that. You know you wanna..
Eric: Well of course, but who wouldn't? lets be for really
Random guy: I would. ~~~~~ little munchkin with the phone (talking about eric)
Mike: im getting a new one...hey Eric! (camera guy) I think you should sit here and film right about there preferably under these tables
Camera guy: *moves, films girls ass, then eric playing with his phone*
( the guys talk about time change and cars for a while without eric)
Eric: *spins phone* WEEE!
Random guy: (talking about Mike's engine) Is it all in Japanese and stuff?
Eric: Fucking gook.
Mike: What dee hell is dis button *Asian accent*
Mike: I really hate that guy there too
Eric: I hate most people
Mike: Chris- (last name blurred out)
Eric: Ahhh yes, I wanna rip his head off and eat it.
Mike: Thank you I do too.. Member that once you were with me and we were cuttin' in line and he was like aye faggots get back to the end of line you member that?
Eric: *makes a weird face and shakes his head "no"*
Mike: It was like sophomore year or something
Random guy: Well he had the right since you guys were only sophomores
Mike: He was only a freshman!
Eric: Oooooh nevermind
Random guy: I guess we'll kill him now
-Camera goes off then comes back on still in cafeteria eric flipping off camera-
Eric: I'm like this suuuucks~~~meanwhile my alarm is going off...I cant turn it offffff *sad face*
-Tiffany walks up-
Whole group: CHOWDAAAA! Its the wild child! Aye!
Tiffany: What are you doing?
Mike: Were filming will you smile for the camera please?
Tiffany: No why?
Mike: Please! come onnn
Tiffany: With my teeth all blue? Ill be like hey guys....
Whole group: Yeah that works! just leave it in your mouth!
Mike: See, this is, were filming about rejects to the school
Tiffany: Will it be on TV?
Eric: Probably real TV, but not the morning announcements
Tiffany: Oh, okay then *laughs* that's fine
-more babble about the sucker-
Random guy: Now you're sucking on a blue...sucker
Eric: Sucker...
Random guy: Show us how you use it!
Tiffany: Oh My Goddd!
-Tiffany leaves the whole table laughing-
Mike: She brings it on herself!
Random guy: Byeee Tiffany. I love you. See you in German. Just kidding
Random guy: *says to the whole table* I still haven't let that go...
Eric: *Makes a "oh god" face*
Mike: Okay that wasn't funny, Pregnant women shouldn't be teased especially their single mothers...and in high school!
Eric: Aye mother, want another?
Random guy: *copies Eric*
Mike: Cuz she doesn't know how to keep it in her pants
Random guy: Hey, Tiffany's weird, okay?
(Guys talk about how Richard is too important at columbine and how they are surprised the marquee doesn't still say welcome back or when they are graduating they call them class of 98')
Mike: I got the hook up (talking about Eric's phone) I didn't even know I had one
Random guy: You're like I didn't know I had a phone...
Eric: *makes retard face and sounds for mike*
Mike: Check this out! I got...a job offer!
Random guy: No kiddin?
Eric: Mcdonalds doesn't count.
-mike brags about job offer-
Mike: There's uh, what's her name *whistles* go get her over here! just go Eric!
Eric: Oh yeah, she looks this way and *air quotations* casually doesn't see us..
Random guy: Go get her, fool!
Random guy: Member the girl knockin on the door Friday in German?
Eric: Yeah?
Random guy: Is that her?
Mike: Dude she's over there and your- *eric cuts him off with the "hold on" finger gesture*
Mike: Go get her...Anyways...-brags about job offer again-
Mike: (talking about Eric) He's like fuck your company cell phone HEEHEE
Random guy: Its like a C.B.
Eric: Where are the buttons?
- Guys talk about hearing about sex on a C.B. radio-
Mike: I was like damn, a girl can do that?
Random guy: Breaker, breaker, 1-9 you got your ears on? Over.
Eric: Breaker, breaker are you shittin' me?
Mike: *sees brandi* Okay there she goes Eric, want me to get her for you?
Eric: No.
Random guy: Na Na Na Na Na Na
Mike: Just yell, go "HEYYY!!!"
Mike: Oooooh Eric's getting jacked! Eric just got jacked up the ass!!!
Random guy: Do you like that?
Eric: I don't know about that, dude.
Random guy: I'll stay away from that, thanks appreciate it.
Eric: Me too, yes, yes
Mike: Ya still got jacked
Eric: Ya stink.
Random guy: Your that specialty
Mike: Special teen!
Mike: Goin with the punt return
-Eric's mood has obviously changed-
Mike: Okay lets just turn off that little light ya little jack off *hits camera*
Random guy: Haha jack off!
Eric: Jack off
Camera guy: Now its stuck, now ya broke it
Eric: Oh great now its never goin off now man ~~~~
Mike: Conspiracy, Dun Dun Dun
Random guy: I hate this school.
Mike: Better than a lot of other schools
Eric: Best suckiest school ever
Mike: (to camera guy) Eric, film! *Camera guy films girls ass*
Mike: Are you filming?
Camera guy: Yeah.
Mike: Ooooh you da man! You do man baby! Oh yeuh!
Random guy: HEADS UP! HEADS UP!
- Random person grabs mike by the neck and shakes him-
Mike: *screams* RAPE!!!!!
Camera guy: That was supposed to go on the announcements....
Mike: That was mature, Clint.
Camera guy: I got it on tape.
Clint: Fuck you.
Eric: Lets go over there *gets up*
Mike: You just wanna go over ther cuz that one chicks over there
Random guy: Yeah!
Eric: Its 8:16 for starters...
-Everyone gets up, Eric talks to Clint briefly-
Tiffany: What are you guys doing that for really for?
Camera guy: A music videoooo *weird accent*
- talks with mike briefly, tape cuts to Eric and Brandi-
Brandi: Jeremy...Jeremy...Call me after...Jeremy!
Jeremy: Ill call you.
Brandi: Jeremy!
-Eric gets up, clearly unhappy-
Eric: Bye...See you tomorrow...*leaves*
Brandi: Jeremy...Jeremy come here...Jeremy come here!

Life moves pretty fast and if you don't stop to look around in awhile, you could miss it- Ferris Bueller
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PostSubject: Re: Eric in Columbine Transcript   Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:57 pm

Thank you so much for the transcripts! It's indeed hard to understand what they're saying at times
and I already thought about asking for a transcript on the board.
when English is not your mother
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PostSubject: Re: Eric in Columbine Transcript   Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:58 pm

What I wanted to add in the end: especially hard to understand at times when english is
not your mother tongue.
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PostSubject: Re: Eric in Columbine Transcript   Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:13 pm

I made transcripts for Radioactive Clothing and Hitmen before and posted them on RPG. What a waste of time that was, now that they are all gone.Sad

Good job on this one though.

"Oh well, whatever, nevermind".
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PostSubject: Re: Eric in Columbine Transcript   Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:53 pm

@Jenn wrote:
I made transcripts for Radioactive Clothing and Hitmen before and posted them on RPG. What a waste of time that was, now that they are all gone.Sad

Good job on this one though.

And credit should go to the actual transcriber of this video:   columbinethesehoes

Takes a lot of work transcribing these. I've listen to this video before countless times and it's damn hard to either all the actual dialog.  So, they did a good job at taking the time to fill in the blanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Eric in Columbine Transcript   Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:35 am

Eric in Columbine Transcript:

00:04 Mike: Yes.
00:06 Eric: Yes!
Mike: So did everybody
(unintelligible)…no, because
Eric: Well yeah, a little bit. But still.

00:22 Camera man: Aahhh!
00:25 Mike: You guys need to be doing some, uh, video production

01:03 Mike: …put (unintelligible) in a head-lock, dude, like that…

01:15 Eric: What the hell?
Blonde Girl: I need Bruce Willis in there though.

01:29 Blonde Girl: He’s so cute!
Eric: Who?
Blonde Girl: Ben Affleck!
Eric: He is?
Blonde Girl: Yeah...
Eric: Um…alright.

01:45 Eric: We’re going downstairs. Come downstairs.
Blonde Girl: No, go along.
Eric: Alright.

Now they are going down to the cafeteria. It is very loud in the cafeteria and there is a lot of background noise so it is hard to hear what they are saying sometimes.

02:50 Mike: Hey, Eric’s girl is coming down.
(Unknown Voice): Ah yeah.
Other Boy: The new girl?
Mike: You know you wanna tap that, you know you wanna.
(Unknown Voice): Well of course. Who wouldn’t? Most people would.
Mike: I would.

At 03:08 the camera goes to Eric looking at the cell phone.

03:16 Camera man: Um, Eric. Eric.
Eric: Yeah?
Camera man: I think I’m going to sit…right about there.

The boy behind the camera then moves to the other side of the table and focuses on Eric spinning the cell phone. The other boys are having a conversation about their cars. Eric is not even paying attention.

03:34 Camera man: Your car is not fixed yet? (unintelligible) Try a chain. It is a chain.
Mike: It’s a chain?
Camera man: Yes.
Mike: Okay. It broke.
Camera man: Okay.
Mike: Because it was tied to too much…
03:46 Eric: Wheee!
Mike: …(unintelligible) gear. It tore up the gear. You know the
gear it runs on?
Camera man: Right.
Mike: So it tore all that up, and it might have jacked up the
engine valves.
03:57 Camera man: Which means that you have to rebuild the engine.
Mike: He’ll do it for me for about a thousand dollars…eight
hundred to a thousand dollars.
Camera man: Well, that’s the normal price for a Ford.
Mike: It’s a Mazda.
Camera man: What the (beep) is a Mazda engine doing in a Ford?
Mike: I dunno…
Camera man: Is it all written in Japanese and stuff?
Mike: What?
Camera man: Is it all written in Japanese ands stuff?
04:24 Eric: (Beep) (unintelligible. You? Luke?)

(unintelligible conversation)

04:32 Mike: I really hate that guy there, too.
Camera man: God, I know.
04:38 Eric: I hate most people.

The sound on the camera turns off because they mention somebody’s name.

04:41 Eric: Ah, yes. I want to rip his skull out and eat it (?).
Mike: I do too. Remember at lunch with me, when we were
cutting in line, and they were like “you’re supposed
to be at the end of the line”? Don’t you remember that?
Camera man: When was this?
Other Kid: Well he had a right too, see, you were only a sophomore.
Mike: He was only a freshman!
Other Kid: Oh, then I’d kick his ass then.
05:00 Eric: Oooh, never mind.

At 05:11 Eric “flips off” Mike when he puts up his middle finger. I am not sure if this means the same thing in France as it does in America, but here it is a gesture that means “Fuck you”. Eric was just joking though.

05:16 Eric: This sucks.
05:23 Eric: When my alarm’s going off, I can’t turn it off…

At 05:28 Eric notices the girl in the orange shirt coming over to his table. This is believed to be Tiffany Typher – the girl Eric took to the Homecoming dance in his freshman year at Columbine.

Mike: Oh god.
Camera man: Wow.
Tiffany: What are you doing?
Camera man: We’re filming.
Mike: Will you smile and wave for the camera?
Tiffany: No, why?
Mike: Please.
Camera man: Oh, come on.
Tiffany: Yeah with my teeth all blue? I’ll be like ‘hey guys’.
Camera man: Yeah that works.
Mike: See, we are filming the rejects of the school.
Other guy: Come on!
Tiffany: Will it be on TV?
Camera man: Probably, yeah.
Mike: It will be on a TV, but probably not the morning news.
Tiffany: Okay well, that’s fine.
Camera man: Okay, ready?
Tiffany: No!
Camera man: Oh my god.
Mike: Just start recording right now. Just record it anyway.
Tiffany: Just record me eating?
Camera man: Yep.
Mike: Right now you’re sucking on a blue sucker.
Camera man: You suck.

Mike: Is that good?
Camera man: Show us how to use it.
Tiffany: Oh my god.

At 06:02 Tiffany turns around and walks away.

06:04 Camera man: She brings it on herself, I swear.
Mike: Bye Tiffany! I love you! Just kidding.
Camera man: I’ll see you in German.

06:35 Camera man: I still haven’t let that go yet.
Mike: Okay that wasn’t funny. Pregnant women should not be
teased, especially if they are single parents.
Other Kid: And in high school.
Mike: And in high school!

At 06:50 Eric says something that I do not understand. Then it sounds like he says “Fuck” but I am not sure.

06:55 Mike: Because she doesn’t know how to keep it in her pants.

For the rest of this conversation, they speak so softly I cannot understand what they are saying. But they continue to talk about Tiffany.

07:12 Other Kid: Okay, I’m already tired of seeing this (silent here – they
he mentions somebody’s name) thing going on. I say we
just turn that thing off. Who cares about him? What’s his
name? George, Richard (silent again as they say his
surname). Who cares? That was like, last week.
Eric: Two years ago.
Mike: Last year.

Again, I cannot understand exactly what they say for the rest of the conversation. They continue to talk about Richard and some other things that I do not follow. I do not think Eric says anything during this – as you can see, it is mostly Mike, the boy behind the camera, and the other kid in the black shirt who are talking. At 08:02 Eric makes a weird face and sound when he looks at the camera. I do not know what he means by this. Maybe he was just acting goofy.

08:03 Other kid: I am surprised that thing still doesn’t say “Welcome Back”
Mike: Welcome back to school. Do have a nice time.
Other kid: Class of ’98! Woo!
08:14 Mike: I got…check this out. I got a job offer!
Other kid: Where?
Camera man: McDonald’s doesn’t count.
Mike: No I am serious. My dad was talking to somebody that
needs an air conditioning and a new furnace installed in
their house. Alright? He offers me a job when I graduate. The starting rate is sixteen dollars an hour. And he goes “and there is plenty of room for advancement”. And I go “what other…is there”
08:45 Mike: There’s uh…there’s uh…
Other kid: What’s her name?
(Somebody whistles – I think Eric. They are looking and pointing at the blonde girl.)
Other kid: Go get her over here. Just go, Eric. Go get her.
Eric: Aw yeah, she looks this way and casually doesn’t see us.
Other kid: Oh yeah, is she the one who was knocking on that door
Friday in German class?
Mike: Yeah, was that her?
Eric: No.

09:12 Mike: Anyway, and he goes “and I’ll give you your own company
truck.” And I go “damn straight”! (Laughter.) And I go
“My own company truck?” and he goes “Yeah, your own
company truck. I’ll give you the address and you go there,
do the job. Sometimes it gets pretty busy, but there will be
a few days when you will have nothing to do.” And I go,
“what will I do then?” and he goes “you take the truck,
drive around, do whatever the hell you want.” And I was
like “Fuck yeah”.
Other kid: Sweet.
Camera man: I want my own truck. Do I get my own cards too?
Mike: And then he goes “if you get your own truck, dude, you get
your own company cell phone too. And it’s one of those
cool ones with the little walkie-talkie button. That’s the
shit I’m talking about.
Camera man: A two-way radio.
Mike: Yeah, your new company cell phone…it’s just a CB.
Eric: Why does it have no numbers on it?
Mike: I need to make a phone call, but it only has one button on it.
Camera man: Ah yes.
Other Kid: Breaker-Breaker 1-9
Mike: Breaker-Breaker 1-9. We got a call.

10:12 Other Kid: I’ve done that. I like that.
Mike: The truckers and stuff? Yeah.
Eric: I want to get a CB radio, just to (unintelligible).
Mike: There was this guy and this trucker chick talking about sex
on the airwaves. I was like, channel channel…woah! I was
like, dude, do I get to do that?
Other Kid: Breaker-Breaker 1-9, do you have your ears on, over?
Eric: Breaker-Breaker 1-9, will you (Screw me? Shoot me?)
Camera man: You better not be kidding me, right?

10:54 Mike: Okay, there she goes Eric! Do you want me to go get her
for you?
Eric: No.
(They are talking about the blonde girl again).
Mike: Just yell. Just go like “Hey (silent – he says her name)”
Other Kid: Oh! Eric’s getting jacked!
Mike: Eric just got jacked…up the ass! You like that.
Eric: I don’t know about that, dude.
Other Kid: I’ll stay away from that, thanks. I’d appreciate it.
Eric: Me too.
Other Kid: Yeah.
Mike: You still got jacked.
Eric: You stink.
Camera man: You’re the ‘Special T’
Mike: Special T! (unintelligible).

At 11:40 Eric begins making a strange, angry face at the camera. I wonder what this is about?

11:48 Mike: Okay, let’s just turn off that little light, you little jack-off.
Other Kid: Jack-off.
Eric: Jack-off.
Other Kid: Ah, my eyes!
Camera man: Well now it’s stuck. Now you broke it. [the camera light]
Eric: Jesus Christ, it’s never going off now!
Other Kid: Conspiracy! Dun dun dun dun…

12:11 Other Kid: I hate this school.
12:17 Mike: That’s the suckiest school in the world.
Mike: Film. [when he sees the girl in the skirt standing up.]
12:26 Other Kid: Are you filming?
Camera man: Yeah.
Other Kid: Ah, you’re the man.
Mike: You’re the man, baby! Oh yeah!
Camera man: Heads up, head’s up!

At 12:33 somebody comes up from behind Mike and pretends to choke him.

Mike: Ah, rape!
Camera man: That is going on the announcements.
Mike: That was mature.
Camera man: I got it on tape.

At around 12:50 I guess they notice it is time to leave the cafeteria.

12:53 Mike: I’ll miss you guys.
Other Kid: Yeah right, don’t even.
Eric: [Looks at his watch.] Let’s go over there.
Mike: You just want to go over there because that one chick’s
over there [the blonde girl].
Eric: Well it’s 8:16 for starters.

They get up and walk over to the other side of the cafeteria. Eric goes and sits with the blonde girl. Mike sits down with Tiffany at 13:41.

13:51 Mike: Are you enjoying this little film time you’ve got going
over here?
Camera man: Ah, there’s nothing else we got.

At 14:04 it cuts to Eric sitting down at the table with the blonde girl. It seems like he is trying to talk to her but she is trying not to look at him. She notices the boy “Jeremy” walk past her and reaches out to him. Eric gets upset, stands up and walks away.

14:18 Eric: Bye. I’ll see you tomorrow.

The blonde girl continues to talk to Jeremy and does not say goodbye to Eric. Eric walks to the stairs and meets back up with Mike.

14:47 Mike: Come on, Eric. I like Eric.

15:01 Mike: You wanna quit filming me? Bitch!

15:09 Mike: What’s up guys?
15:09 Eric: Whee!

Starting at 16:14 in the Eric In Columbine video (I'm going to assume the girl is indeed, Brandi, I guess):

Brandi: "Never be like hey what's up, be like... (laughing) Why are you recording this!?"

Eric H: (big laugh; looks at Eric V)

Mike: (???)

Brandi: (sarcastically, as the girls are waving) "How cute."

Brandi: "Seven layer burrito, shut up! She had a seven layer burrito (Mike: "Uh huh."), and then she fell asleep on her break and she had this seven layer burrito right before her break. She woke up 'cause her mouth was bleeding like right here, like inside you know? And she went to the doctor and the doctor said 'well you can't eat for like a few days because there's roach eggs hatching in your mouth."

Mike: "Are you... awww that's gross."

Brandi: "Yeah, I know."

Mike: "No way (???)"

Brandi: "Sure I even saw her when it was like, happening. Her mouth was bleeding and she was like 'oh my god, do I go to a dentist or a doctor?' and I was like ummm I would just go to one of them, it doesn't matter. So she went to the doctor."

Eric H: (sarcastically/bored) "That's great."

Brandi: "Yup, that's pretty good."

Eric H: "Aweeesome."

Mike: "Did you tape that whole story?"

Eric V: "Yeah."

Mike: (???) (Eric H grins).

Brandi: "I know, because I'm so cool."

Mike: (???)

Brandi: "I am. Guys, I don't wanna go to math or English or... wait, or ceramics."

Mike: "I'll just go as you, then."

(Talking about "cupees"?)

Brandi: "Oh okay, good. You'll have to grow some boobs and some more hair and then hey!"

Mike and Brandi: ("cupee" thing again).

Mike: "There ya go. Eric's all 'yeah, I didn't wanna hear that'. You just call me saying I got cupee (???)"

(all laughing)

Brandi: "That's great. ... Huh? What? Yeah reveal the truth to us."

(all laughing some more)

Brandi: "That's okay, my best friend was gay (I guess Mike said something about being gay? Help me out here, guys.) like he went to California; I miss him. His name was Chris too, isn't that funny? Yeah."

Mike: "Why is that funny?"

Brandi: "Because a girl could be Chris!"

Mike: "So what does that have to do with anything?"

Brandi: "'Cause he's gay!"

Mike: "My brother's name is Chris (???) So all Chris' are gay. What do you think of Mike? Or what about Eric, huh? What kind of stereotypes do you have for them?"

Brandi: "Eric's are cool. ...Oh are you an Eric? I notice like a lot of Erics."

Mike: "Our cameraman here; and Mikes are awesome."

Brandi: "No I do, one of my really good friends is Mike. He gets high all the time but he's still really funny."

Eric H: "I bet so."

Brandi: "I love Mike."

someone: "Yeah, I'll help you out."

Brandi: "Ugh I have this big (???) in my backpack, anyways. I have to walk across the street from (??? Southwest plaza?) on the other side of Kohl's."

Brandi: "Yeah I have a membership at Bally's."


Eric V: "Hey, I got that address on tape now."

Brandi: "I go there, I think I'm looking good. But anyways."

Mike: "Wow, you're fat."

Brandi: "And you're blind. ... I was eating that (the yogurt cup Eric H has been spinning). Just joking. Does anyone have a brush oh god I need one."

Mike: "Yeah hold on, I carry one all the time!"

Brandi: "I swear to god I knew this guy who carried hairspray, gel, a brush."

Eric H: "Was his name Chris?"

Brandi: "No, his name was Andrew, actually. Are you an Andrew?"

Eric H: (sacastically) "An Eric and an Andrew."

Brandi: "Wait, I thought he was Eric? And you're a Mike."

Mike: "What else do you want? So to recap..."

Brandi: "What's your last name?"

Brandi: "You might know me... no, you might not. Did any of you go to (edited out)."

Eric V: "'Sup."

Brandi: "You did?"

Eric V: "Mmm hmm."

Brandi: "Do you know (edited out)?"

Eric V: "Yep."

Brandi: "That's my mom."

Eric V: "That's your mom? Oh my god."

Mike: "What's your first name?"

(I think they might be making fun of her last name "Tinklenberg"?)

Brandi: "Don't make fun of me!"

Eric H: "Mike, it's easy to take your (???)"

Mike: "Oh I got Mr. (???)"

Brandi: "You do?"

Mike: "I get to use (???)."

Brandi: "You're gonna what?"

Eric H: "And the show (???)."

Brandi: "Oh I'll show you!"

Mike: "Well you gotta give me something with (???)."

Brandi: "Well I don't know where she is though. I know where her locker is; it's right next to mine."

Mike: "You're (???) having fun."

Brandi: "Shut up Mike."

Mike: "What's her locker number?"

Brandi: "What?"

Mike: "Hers!"

Brandi: "Oh her... Lauren something."

Eric V (??? mocking Brandi?): "You're not talking about ME!?"

Brandi: "She had my mom for sixth grade."

Mike: "You don't know."

Brandi: "No, we're not like best friends. We're good friends..."

Eric H: "We gotta go Mike."

Brandi: "We gotta go Mike."

Eric V: "We gotta go Mike."

Brandi: "She's a sophmore she has like a big forehead she wears like major eyeliner she's a cheerleader... don't record this oh my god bad!"

Mike: "Don't record it."

Hitmen for Hire Transcipt:

Erik V: People are always making fun of me. I don’t like it. I need some help. Ohhhhh

Eric: We can protect you.

Dylan: But for a cost.

Erik V: I’ll pay anything.

Eric: Very well.

Dylan: No, you god damn, little bitch ass piece of shit, do not, god damn it.

Dylan: No, you god damn, piece of bitch ass shit, do not even screw with that little kid, if you do, I’ll rip off your god damn head and shove it so far up your

Dylan: No, you god damn piece of punk ass shit, do not mess with that freakin kid, if you do, I’ll rip off your god damn head and shove it so far up your freakin ass, you’ll be coughing up dandruff for 4 freakin months.

Eric: Look, I don’t care what you say. If you ever touch him again, I will freakin kill you. I’m gonna pull out a god damn shotgun and blow your damn head off. Do you understand? You little worthless piece of crap.

Erik V: People are always making fun of me. I don’t like it. I really don’t. It makes me mad. Ohhhhh

Eric: We can protect you.

Dylan: But for a cost.

Erik V: I’ll pay anything.

Eric: Alright, it’s 20 dollars a day in school. You know we can’t have weapons on school grounds.

Erik V: That’s fine, I’ll, I’ll get him off the property.

Eric: Alright, we’ll protect on school then, we’ll take away any bullies that are picking on you, whatever, and off school grounds we can relocate this person, that’ll be a thousand dollars.

Erik V: Thank you so much.

Eric: So, uh, you want this guy taken care of?

Erik V: Yea, I want him out of my life.

Eric: Alright, well that’s cool, uh when we’re in school, we can, uh, protect you pretty much, uh, any time. And, we can’t have any weapons on school grounds, we’ll get suspended and expelled, you know, all that stuff, but, uh, off school grounds, we can use our computers, get his address and kind of find out his schedule a little bit and take care of him some time. Any time in particular you want this guy taken care of?

Erik V: As soon as possible.

Eric: Ok and uh, we need a weapon, you want this guy to be, uh, any kind of weapon you want us to use?

Erik V: I wanna see him blown up.

Eric: Blown up, huh? Well, I don’t know about that, that’s uh, awful, pretty messy, then you get guts all over the place, then somebody’s gonna have to clean it up and the janitors get mad. Uh, I think we’ll just use my A.E.B ten machine pistol on him, probably, maybe the rocket launcher.

Erik V: It does the job?

Eric: Yea, it’ll do the job.

Eric: So, you uh, want this person relocated?

Erik V: Yes, please, you gotta get him away.

Eric: Alright, it’s uh, it’s about a thousand to two thousand dollars for that, to lead him away from any witnesses and uh, if you want him just threatened, it’ll be a couple hundred dollars. You think you can, uh, pay that?

Erik V: Yea, I can get the money.

Eric: Okay, that’s cool, we’ll just, keep him away from you, keep an eye on him and we’ll get his phone number and address and any information we need from our computers at home and we’ll take care of him then.

Erik V: I really appreciate this.

Bully(have no idea who this kid is): Hey, can I use that computer?

Erik V: Thank you guys so much, you saved my life.

Eric: You know what, he’s kinda getting annoying.

Dylan: Yea, he is. We should kill him.

Eric: I think he should die.

Dylan: Alright, lets go.

Chris Morris: (not sure what he says here)..and I’m gonna fuck you up.

Dylan: No, I don’t fuckin think so. If you don’t fuckin leave that fuckin fuck alone, I’m gonna rip your fuckin head off and shove it so far up your god damn fuckin ass, that he’s gonna freakin shit...(not sure what he says here) 3 fuckin weeks.

Chris Morris: I’m gonna kick you’re fuckin ass, you little fuckin pile of shit. I’m gonna fuckin screw you up..(not sure what he says here). I’m gonna fuck you up.

Radioactive Clothing Transcript:

Dylan: Yea, the government here, wants us to take out another one of those uh Radioactive clothes infested encampments.

Eric: Yep, we’ve been doing those for the past few months, they get harder and harder every time. I don’t know how we’re gonna keep doing this stuff. I think we might have to get some more weaponry.

Dylan: Yep, it seems, it’s almost like there’s, there’s a master behind it, after that blast, there’s no telling, no telling who’s behind em.

Eric: Yea, yep, a few years ago when that first atomic bomb went off, near here, they uh, for some reason, some of these clothes have been just getting pretty radioactive on us, so we gotta go take em out.

Dylan: Yea, it’s a good thing we uh, we ordered those radioactive..shit.

Eric: Welp, we got this new guy on our team now, name’s uh, what the fuck was your name?

Eric: Yep, we got this new guy on our team now, his name’s uh, Bowski. Apparently he comes in from uh, up north some where, I don’t know. He’s gonna be replacing Sanders and uh, Apone.

Dylan: Yea, Bowski will be taking this job, you saw what happened to them. Clothes jumped em from all sides. Couldn’t even watch.

Eric: Christ, man. They just got wasted, we didn’t even have a chance to save em. They were dead when we got there. God damn.

Dylan: It seems like these encampments are getting harder and harder as you go along, have to learn to adapt. I don’t know, we’ll have to see.

Eric: Yea, sometimes these clothes, they seem to, they ambush us for us in traps. I mean hell, you remember what happened to Jackson?

Dylan: Do I?

Eric: God damn. They just grabbed him right out of no where.

Dylan: You gotta be smart in this business.

Eric: Yep

Dylan: Fuckin smart.

Eric: Smart.

Dylan: Yea, it’s a good thing Bowski here has got some uh, some veterans here

Eric: Yea.

Dylan: We got Tex, we got, we got you, Tiger.

Eric: Of course, yea, christ, it seems like we’ve only been doing this for a day or two, it’s already been six months since that explosion. Well, experience helps out though.

Dylan: Yea.

Eric: It seems like almost every time a rookie gets killed.

Dylan: Still, if they’re smart, they learn on the job, they get to be good, what we need to be to survive.

Eric: Yep.

Dylan: Tex has been in it for about two months now.

Eric: Yea

Dylan: He’s learning the ways.

Eric: Yea, he’s been able to carry his own, hasn’t been a low, like that uh Pyle guy, god damn, just begging to be shot but yea, Tex is a good guy, he can handle his own.

Dylan: That’s all.

Eric: Here’s the place.

Dylan: Let’s do it.

Dylan: Yoo Hoo

Cameraman: Eric, get back here, hold that. Stop. Ok. Go.

Cameraman: Alright, stop

Dylan: TEX.

Cameraman: Go ahead.

Dylan: Okay, boys, here’s how it’s gonna go. Tex, you got point as usual.

Eric: Yep.

Dylan: Rewind, stop.

Dylan: Alright, boys, here’s the drill, this ain’t no fuckin joke, you should probably know that by now. Here’s how it’s gonna go. They ambush you, keep your eyes open, keep your fuckin fingers on the triggers, shoot anything that moves, that’s made of clothes. Tiger, you got point as usual.

Eric: Yep.

Dylan: Tex, you’re bringing up the rear. Bowski, you’ve got right in front of Tex, keep up, don’t get killed, I’ve got right behind him. Keep together, just watch what you’re doing.

Eric: Hi, Mom.

Cameraman: Okay. Stop. Okay. Dylan, you’re in the, you can leave it open. Okay

Dylan: Haha

Dylan and Eric: Screaming at clothes.

Dylan: ahahahaha

Eric: That’s it, alright let’s finish our sweep.

Dylan: Are these radio?

Eric: Hmm?

Dylan: What’s with these?

Eric: uh, they’re hanging there.

Eric: Anything left in there?

Dylan: Nah. Cover the door.

Eric: Let’s go check that corner over there.

Dylan: Alright.

Cameraman: Cut.

Eric: Dartboard.

Dylan: mmhmm

Dylan: Good idea (Takes off his sunglasses)

Dylan: Alright Tiger, go re-search that corner.

Eric: Alright.

Dylan: There might be something in there.

Dylan:(chuckles twice)

Cameraman: alright, cut.

Dylan: Ahhh, looks like I still got it, Tiger, ahahaha

Eric: Yep.

Dylan: How’s that corner coming, Tiger.

Eric: It’s alright, so far. We’ve got a victim over here.

Dylan: Shit. Is he dead?

Eric: Yea, I think so, he’s dying. I’ll put him out of his misery, I guess.

Dylan: Put him out of his misery.

Eric: Alright.

Dylan: Shit, lets go.

Eric: Alright. Alright, lets go see how uh Tex and Bowski are doing upstairs.

Dylan: Alright, I haven’t heard too much, here.

Eric: Alright, let’s set this stuff up here. Alright, is he gonna be alright dude?

Mike: Yea, he’s gonna be fine, I think, just a knockout.

Eric: Alright, cool, we’ll be ready to leave in just a minute, here.

Mike: Gotcha, chief.

Eric: Got it. Alright, let’s get goin, here. Let’s get our stuff and go.

Mike: He’s great to go in a minute. Oh, he just moved. Tex. Tex, Tex, you alright?

Erik V: Yea

Mike: Alright, come on, man, get up, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Here’s my gun.

Eric: Alright, let’s put this stuff away, here. Hey, weren’t you wearing a different shirt or something?

Dylan: Yea, this is different.

Eric: Ah.

Dylan: How about you? I noticed that same thing.

Eric: Yea, changed.

Dylan: Hmm that’s weird.

Eric: Yea.

Dylan: Well, that was a pretty good bust, you know?

Eric: Yea, it was, it’s time for a cigarette.

Dylan: Yep. Hey, uh, I don’t got a light, you got one?

Eric: Yea, hold on a sec, let me get mine first.

Dylan: Thank You. That sucks about the mom in there.

Eric: Yea, oh well.

Dylan: Bowski, what you’d think?

Cameraman: Cut.

Dylan: So what you’d think, Bowski?

Cameraman: It was definitely intense.

Dylan: Yep, one less to go through.

Cameraman: I like it.

Dylan: hmmhmm

Eric: We got a call, down on uh another place, different neighborhood, got to take care of that too.

Dylan: Further west.

Eric: Yea

Cameraman: Let’s do it then.

Dylan: Good job.

Eric: Let’s go.

Dylan: I was trying not to laugh when you were lighting your cigarette.
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PostSubject: Re: Eric in Columbine Transcript   Thu Jul 04, 2013 4:00 am

Wow. Thanks for all of that.  This will really fill in the blanks as there's a lot I can't make out even with earbuds.  

@sororityalpha wrote:
Dylan: Thank You. That sucks about the mom in there.


 I was never able to catch that line of his before.  Cute. Ties it all together with Eric's
"Hi Mom" which never fails to make me chuckle.
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PostSubject: Re: Eric in Columbine Transcript   Thu Jul 04, 2013 4:03 am

Where did you get those transcripts from cuz I wrote them and never even saved them and thought they were lost forever! Well, I mean I wrote the transcripts for "Radioactive" and "Hitmen". I didn't write the "Eric in Columbine" one. You must have saved them from the old RPG? That's great because I never even saved them myself.

"Oh well, whatever, nevermind".
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PostSubject: Re: Eric in Columbine Transcript   Wed Jul 10, 2013 6:24 am

Isn't Eric's character name in Radioactive Clothing actually "Taggart", after the main protagonist in the DOOM novels? That is what I've always thought and makes sense to me, no thanks to Dylan's thick accent though Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Eric in Columbine Transcript   Wed Jul 10, 2013 7:01 am

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] wrote:
Isn't Eric's character name in Radioactive Clothing actually "Taggart", after the main protagonist in the DOOM novels? That is what I've always thought and makes sense to me, no thanks to Dylan's thick accent though Smile

Yes, I found that out later, that his name was supposed to be "Taggart" and not "Tiger", but I didn't know anything about Doom, as I never researched that, so I thought he was saying "Tiger", but when I listen to it now, it does sound like and make sense that it would be "Taggart". So other than that, I think the transcripts turned out pretty well.

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PostSubject: Re: Eric in Columbine Transcript   Wed Jul 10, 2013 7:03 am

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful you did them Jenn. Just was pointing it out in case.

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PostSubject: Re: Eric in Columbine Transcript   Mon Dec 28, 2015 3:13 pm

*see my post above for:

Eric in Columbine & Hitmen for Hire & Radioactive Clothing Transcripts
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PostSubject: Re: Eric in Columbine Transcript   Sat Apr 01, 2017 10:05 pm

Does anyone know who "Mike" was?
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PostSubject: Re: Eric in Columbine Transcript   Sat Apr 01, 2017 11:10 pm

Michael Vendegnia

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PostSubject: Re: Eric in Columbine Transcript   

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Eric in Columbine Transcript
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