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 Emsdetten, Germany 2006 Bastian Bosse

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PostSubject: Emsdetten, Germany 2006 Bastian Bosse   Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:25 am

This seems always like the perfect copycat to me. Thank god, the police was very quick that day and he only killed himself. Instead of making "basement tapes" he made "living room tapes" Very Happy 

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He mentioned Eric Harris in his diary:

Der wohl vernüftigste Junge den eine beschissene Highschool bieten kann … pff … ERIC HARRIS IST GOTT! Da gibt es keinen Zweifel. Es ist erschreckend, wie ähnlich Eric mir war. Manchmal kommt es mir vor als würde ich sein Leben noch mal leben, als wenn sich alles das noch mal wiederholen würde. Ich bin keine Kopie von REB, VoDKA, Steini, Gill, Kinkel, Weise oder sonst wem! Ich bin die Weiterentwicklung von REB ! Aus seinen Fehlern habe ich gelernt, die Bomben. Aus seinem ganzen Leben habe ich gelernt.."

My translation:

Probably the most sensible boy a crappy high school can offer... pff ... ERIC HARRIS IS GOD! There is no doubt. It's scary how similar Eric was to me. Sometimes it seems to me as if I was living his life again, as if everything would repeat again. I'm not a copy of REB, voDKA, Steini, Gill, Kinkel way or who else! I am the development of REB! From his mistakes, I've learned the bombs. From his whole life, I've learned..."

You can read the whole diary here:
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I hope it works
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PostSubject: Re: Emsdetten, Germany 2006 Bastian Bosse   Thu Jul 18, 2013 7:29 am

Sebastian is also talking about being an outcast and he wanted to see things change (compare to: kickstart an evolution). He made a nice comparison between him and Eric and the local priest and the pope (denying being a copycat).
He prepared it well, even writing things down in english to reach a larger audience, but to understand all knowing german is preferred.
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Emsdetten, Germany 2006 Bastian Bosse
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