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 HS student choked,punched,stomped during lunch break. 3 classmates charged.

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PostSubject: HS student choked,punched,stomped during lunch break. 3 classmates charged.   Thu Apr 05, 2018 7:40 am

An Albert Einstein High School student was choked, flung, punched and stomped on by three classmates, resulting in hospitalization for a broken eye socket, Montgomery County Police said.

According to a criminal charging affidavit obtained by ABC7, the teenage victim was walking down a hallway during lunch break on Jan. 19, when fellow student Keampa Thompson-Smith, 17, of Rockville, Maryland, hugged him. Thompson-Smith brought the victim to two other male classmates. Together, the group of three began to remove the victim's jacket and backpack.

Thompson-Smith, who is 5-foot-8 and 135 pounds, allegedly dropped into the "fighter's stance" while the second student placed the victim in a chokehold. The two hoisted the victim off the ground, later flinging his body onto the hard floor. The second student proceeded to stand over the victim and choke him. The third student reportedly watched the violence unfold without notifying school staff.

At one point, the victim got back on his feet in an attempt to defend himself when the second student tossed him into a row of lockers before punching and stomping on his face, causing a "serious physical injury." All three attackers ran away.
A classmate helped lift the "dazed" and "unconscious" victim, carrying him to the health room so a nurse could provide medical care. The victim's injuries included a fractured orbital bone, a body part which holds and protects the eyeball.

An ambulance took the victim to Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, for treatment. Investigators visited the teen at his home two days later. He told police he remembered being approached by Thompson-Smith, but everything else was a complete blur. A witness told authorities he heard the victim say "no" to the three suspects moments before the assault started.

This is a slightly older story back in the news due to one of the suspects apparently going to trial. But DAMN! how f*cking low do you have to be to attack some kid three on one?  Shocked  Evil or Very Mad  Mad
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HS student choked,punched,stomped during lunch break. 3 classmates charged.
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