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 The intellect only serves to justify the emotions.

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The intellect only serves to justify the emotions. Empty
PostSubject: The intellect only serves to justify the emotions.   The intellect only serves to justify the emotions. Icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2022 2:10 am

The choice to attack Sandy Hook and also carry out everything that happened does not necessarily derive from an "existentialist heterodox intellectualism", but from a series of emotions, including Lanza's suicidal tendency, which was already showing signs even from the justification based on his ideas, as shown in the description of one of his videos seen here in the image:
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In all human beings, intellectualism in essence is nothing more than a transmission of emotions from one individual to another, through the formation of a perception identical to that of the precursor. to this formation and means of development, we give the name of ideas. It is very interesting to know that most people are mistaken in thinking that school shooters are truly intelligent people. what they actually all are, including Lanza, are violent, suicidal and above all: vengeful. some might associate Lanza's case with pure intellect, but no. the intellect in the end for all human beings as mentioned is just a form of acceptance of a human essence. probably Lanza felt that attacking children, who are naturally defenseless, would be at the height of power. another thing that may have motivated his attack in this way is the total dissociation of age-related development from the issue of life. Lanza probably understood that in the end, regardless of age, they were humans who in his eyes "deserved to be killed" and that age was nothing more than a disposable physical trait, as were all values ​​related to it. this not only applies to the attack issue, but also to Lanza's sexuality. Some, in a last attempt to save their "unorthodox warrior", may associate his attack with others supposedly linked directly to politics and revolt against the modern world, such as the case of Pekka Eric Auvinen. however, doing something like that is again a mistake, because Pekka also shared, like all common snipers and assassins in human history, this same characteristic already mentioned in relation to knowledge. in the end, everything that is done within a social aspect, is done with the intention of accepting, even if it is a minority, of that.

"In the end, even chaos wants to be accepted."
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The intellect only serves to justify the emotions.
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