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 Sharing information/photos from social networks

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Sharing information/photos from social networks Empty
PostSubject: Sharing information/photos from social networks   Sharing information/photos from social networks Icon_minitimeThu Jun 18, 2015 10:23 am

Sharing a direct link to any personal social network profile on this forum is and always has been strictly forbidden.

The networks being referenced here are Facebook, tumblr, Google+, Twitter, the ever waning but still-in-existence Myspace, along with other social networking platforms such as,, and still standing MindSpring profiles, etc.

It is obvious that many people choose to make their profiles and content entirely public, however, it is still against the rules of this forum to post direct links to anyone's profile, including your own.

If you would like to share any of these profiles with anyone here, do so through private messaging. You will be doing this at your own risk, so please use discretion.

Youtube channels and youtube video links ARE allowed to be publicly shared on the forum.

However, PLEASE use discretion if you happen to come into possession of an unlisted youtube link or playlist.

Youtube itself will display a message when you attempt to share an unlisted video or playlist, advising/requesting you to "Be considerate and think twice before sharing" the unlisted link. So please do so.

Be certain to utilize your better judgment about which public youtube channels and playlists you decide to share here. Any video or channel that deals with content that is in conflict with the rules of this forum will be removed.

To clarify as a whole, Youtube links ARE allowed to be posted on the forum.

If there is something you would like to share directly on the forum that you have found on a personal networking account, please either:

-Create a screenshot that obscures any user names/personal photos/personal information/etc.

-Copy and paste text.

****(NOTE: when you copy and paste text from personal social networking profiles, DO NOT INCLUDE the personal name(s) or urls, EVEN IN TEXT. This information must be omitted or somehow blurred/hidden/concealed.)****

-If it is a photo you would like to share from a personal social networking account, you need to acquire the image link. And please post it through the "Host an image" or "Insert an image" options available on this forum, or directly paste ONLY the image link in your post.

You can also use image hosting services such as Photobucket, TinyPic, Flickr, and so on. Make an account on services such as Flickr and Photobucket that is as ANONYMOUS as possible, if that is the route you choose.

Personal photo sharing accounts cannot be shared publicly, either.

If you're worried about plagiarism, or being accused of such, simply make a note in your post that goes along the lines of "I'm sharing this post from facebook/tumblr/etc. If you would like to know the author/source, please PM me."

Once again, if anyone wants this information or these sources, whether it is yours or someone else's, IT MUST BE EXCHANGED THROUGH PRIVATE MESSAGES.

PLEASE USE DISCRETION, and bear in mind that in deciding to do this, it IS ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

To find an image link on Google Chrome:

RIGHT click on the image.

Select the NINTH option "Open image in new tab".

Load it in a new window/tab.

Copy the URL, and paste THAT link here.

To find an image link on Firefox:

RIGHT click on the image.

Choose either of the following:

A. Select the FIRST option "View image".

This will immediately open the image's direct link.

Copy that and paste it here.


B. Select the SEVENTH option "View image info".

A box will pop up.

Be certain to select "Media" from the second "button" at the top.

Find your image's link (you will see it as a preview at the bottom of the box).

Copy it, and paste it here.

To find an image link on Opera:

RIGHT click on the image.

Select the FOURTH option "Open image in new tab".

Copy that link and paste it here.

To find an image link on Internet Explorer:

RIGHT click on the image.

Select the LAST (the NINETEENTH) option "Properties".

A dialog box will pop up titled "Properties".

Look for what should be the third option, "Address: (URL)".

LEFT click at the START of the url to copy the image link.

Load it in a new window/tab.

Copy the link and paste it here.

Any posts that contain direct links to personal accounts---even screenshots, hosted images, or image links that have not properly obscured personal information--- will be edited, and the removed material(s) will be replaced with some kind of an acceptable facsimile of the information that was originally shared.

BE CERTAIN that ANY photo shared here is NOT of a personal nature.

If you're going to share photos of Columbine High School alumni, it must be from yearbooks, or from publicly broadcasted news reports, television programs, documentaries, and the like. Screenshots and .gifs from the home videos/school-produced videos released to the public by JeffCo are allowed, as the identities of everyone aside from Dylan and Eric have been obscured to some degree.

PERSONAL family photos (RECENT OR OTHERWISE) of the Harris and Klebold families, any of the victims' families, survivors and their families, anyone associated with Dylan and Eric (including friends, co-workers, AND females they liked, dated, worked with), AND the POST-MORTEM (death) photos of Dylan and Eric, are and always have been ENTIRELY forbidden on this forum.

On behalf of the forum administrators and fellow moderators,

Thank you.

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Sharing information/photos from social networks
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