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A place to discuss the Columbine High School Massacre along with other school shootings and crimes.
Anyone interested in researching, learning, discussing and debating with us, please come join our community!
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 Right in the feels.

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Right in the feels. Empty
PostSubject: Right in the feels.   Right in the feels. Icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 9:08 pm

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Page 197.

Wow what a way to learn a lesson. I agree that night was enough punishment for you. Still, I am proud of you and the way you have reacted to this situation. We all make mistakes, how we respond to them is what makes us who we are. You have really learned a lot from this and it has changed the way you think. This may be the best lesson you ever learn. I also think you should know that it's not one action that makes a person who they are. I would trust you in a heartbeat. Thanks for letting me read this and for being in my class.



I think that most people have that one teacher that they can talk to if need be about anything. This teacher, at least on paper, seems to be that for Eric.
Reading what what man wrote made me very sad for him, I wonder how he took the news of what happened that day and who was responsible.
Was he shocked? Surprised? Were they still close when NBK happened? Did he remember the young teenager that he had taught in class? The one that he said that he could trust.

I really need to stop reading records, they make they whole thing so much more sad.

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Right in the feels. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Right in the feels.   Right in the feels. Icon_minitimeMon Apr 22, 2013 11:12 pm

Based on what he wrote I think he was really shocked, suprised, very sad and dissapointed in Eric. I would assume they had a close relationship since Eric would call him T-dog and I know what you mean. I was also really sad when I saw Mr. Tonelli's response. Sad
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Right in the feels.
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