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 Coverage from day of

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PostSubject: Coverage from day of   Coverage from day of Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2018 11:51 am

I found a few clips on youtube from the CNN coverage of Columbine from the day of. There was a lot of misinformation and they said 3 people were arrested and were suspects, then said they were wrong. I know one was Chris I cannot remember who the other 2 were. Also the reporter mentioned a girl shot 9 times in the hospital whose parents weren't notified at that time, I'm pretty sure that was Val? Sad

Does anyone have links or where to find the news coverage of when they released Eric and Dylan's names? Also when they released the names of who died?
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PostSubject: Re: Coverage from day of   Coverage from day of Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2018 1:51 pm

Well I know Chris was arrested but I think the three people they were talking about were the ones that were interviewed on Sally.  I can’t remeber their names but they were wearing the black coats with white T-shirt’s.  They went to the park I believe because they heard about it on the radio and wanted to get closer to the school so they could see for themselves what was going on.  The cops mistook them for suspects.
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PostSubject: Re: Coverage from day of   Coverage from day of Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2018 2:02 pm

So nothing has changed, they also arrested someone who did nothing after the Texas shooting. But what were these guys doing to look suspect while there is a school shooting? I don't understand, when there is a danger you just leave, you do not go and see by yourself
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PostSubject: Re: Coverage from day of   Coverage from day of Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2018 6:08 pm

Neah wrote:
So nothing has changed, they also arrested someone who did nothing after the Texas shooting. 

It's odd, cause most of the time the shooters act alone.

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PostSubject: Re: Coverage from day of   Coverage from day of Icon_minitimeTue Jun 19, 2018 7:01 pm

Eyewitness mentioned Robert perry being in the school cafeteria or library when the shooting started tons of confusion...
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PostSubject: Re: Coverage from day of   Coverage from day of Icon_minitimeTue Jun 19, 2018 8:37 pm

The 3 people that were arrested were the Splatter Punks:

Matt Nalty(7543), Matt Akard, and Jim Brunetti(7434).

Splatter Punks interview from the Sally show. It's called "An American Tragedy - The Littleton Masacre".

The splatter punks were wearing dark pants, white t-shirts and black waist length jackets at the time of their arrests. One of them was wearing black suspenders. In the interview they had an assortment of clothing items on nothing like what they were wearing the day of the shooting. This is all on the above mentioned tape. The splatter punks are: Matt Nalty, Jim Brunetti and Matt Ackert. Here is the interview:

Splatter Punks interview/Sally Jesse Raphael

Sally: And the people ask who else is responsible besides Dylan and Eric. Minutes after the shooting the police along with the swat team thought they had an answer didnt they, And what was the answer? The answer might have been Matt Nalte, Jim and Matt Ackert. They were detained, searched and questioned. Tell me about it.Tell me what happened.

Matt N: Well we started going down to, er we heard on the radio and

Sally: You were in a car?

Matt N: Yea we were driving around and decided to go down there and see what was going on. Kinda got us a bit curious. And we got down there and we started walking around a path that was going around the lake. There were people you know with baby strollers and kids you know roller blading and what not and so we thought we were fine. And we take about 10 steps off the path to go talk to a cop at the top of the hill to find out if we can get any more information and all of a sudden we hear sirens and theres 3 cop cars behind us with their guns pointed at us telling us to put our hands behind out head. We start doing everything they tell us to do then and get down on our knees and

Sally: Whats going through your head?

Matt N: Scary. Pure fear.

Sally: Allright so you do everything they tell you to do.

Matt N: As we were getting down on our knees we see a golf cart coming up from the other side of the hill with about 7 swat team members all of em carrying M-16s and assault shot guns and they come up and they have all those pointed at our heads and theyre still telling us what to do. They laid us flat down on the ground and started searching us and emptied our pockets and scattered it all over the field.

Sally: And you dont know what this is all about. Put yourself in that position. You dont know what this is all about. Now its retrospect. It was your own clothing that made them think you might be involved. Why?

Jim: inaudible.

Sally: Because you looked different?

Jim: Yea and they hand cuffed us.

Sally: They handcuffed you? For how long?

Jim: Yea they were dragging us around by the chains on our necks and stuff like that. They detained us for about an hour and questioned us on like if we knew the trench coat mafia and stuff like that. I mean we had never heard of them before that day.

Sally: What an experience. Now lets talk about the aftermath of that experience. Youve had death threats?

Matt A: I have.

Jim: So have I.

Matt A: People seem to think we had something to do with it just because they saw us on TV. Um

Sally: In other words its just like in the newspaper. If somebody accuses you of something and then they retract it, the retractions on page 31 but the headline was on page 1.

Jim: Then it must be true what the press says and the press screwed up a lot with ours.

Sally: How did the press screw up?

Jim: um

Matt A: They said we were friends with these people that we hung out a lot that we talked over the Internet with them.

Sally: Were you friends? Did you talk.. Were you friends?

Matt A: No

Sally: Did you know them?

Matt A: No.

Sally: Did you know how they dressed?

All three in unison: No.

Matt A: We had no clue who they were. I mean we would not know anything about them.

Sally: So whats it like to have the nation watching you?

Matt A: Ah kinda scared. Kinda scary. I mean everywhere I go Im like looking around cause Ive..

Sally: Do you think that in anyway youre like Eric and Dylan?

Matt and Jim: No

Sally: Is that things that..Do you think about those things?

Matt A and Jim: No

Matt N: We dont go out and think about shooting people we dont condone violence at all. Its not at all a way of life.

Sally: Let me talk to Jim. Jim when we were interviewing you, you said some really interesting things to our producer. You have been pushed around and made fun of.

Jim: Oh yea. All throughout high school, um, even before then, because I was into this kind of stuff. I went through my gothic phase and I was a punk before that and went back to punk. And, um. I got pushed around in school by a lot of like, I dont know if they were athletic or not but they werent like real nice kids. They would just like start pushing you around, push you into pop machines and try to throw you in trash cans. Like a big group of them.

Matt A: Jim and I went to school together and the only way we could keep from getting beat up or getting in a lot of trouble or anything was to stick together.

Sally: I have to ask this question. Why do you dress this way?

Matt A: Um, Its comfortable and the fact that..

Sally: Now wait. Its comfortable to have a chain around your neck and your hair out to here like that..

Matt A: These chains actually weigh less than a pound and
they probably weigh a few ozs.

Sally: Now I dont take that you dress this way cause its comfortable.

Matt A: Actually the jeans you wear those pants you wear. Its like its those pants when you get off work and you go home and you want to change into something comfortable you know that you dont have to worry about anything Thats what we want to wear. Something that we dont have to like worry about.

Jim: That and its also about expression.

Sally: Ah Ha! Im not buying the its comfortable. Im buying its a quote by you (Jim) Its a free country. We can dress how we want. Im buying that. Why are you here today? What do you want to say?

Matt N: I want to say first off that we had no part in this at all.

Sally: Somebody lost their job over this right?

Matt N: I did

Sally: Say what your going to say. I didnt mean to interrupt.

Matt N: We had no part in this at all. We want society to know just because we look different, we act different, we think a bit different than what normal society does. Not all of us are like what Eric and Dylan are. We dont want to go out and do what they did. We dont believe anything like that.

Sally:Well be right back
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PostSubject: Re: Coverage from day of   Coverage from day of Icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2018 4:22 am

Poor boys, it must have been awful.
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PostSubject: Re: Coverage from day of   Coverage from day of Icon_minitimeTue Jul 10, 2018 5:04 pm

They were all wearing jackets with Bad Religion symbols on them. The police assumed they were involved.
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Coverage from day of
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