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A place to discuss the Columbine High School Massacre along with other school shootings and crimes.
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 Alexandra Marsh

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PostSubject: Alexandra Marsh   Alexandra Marsh Icon_minitimeTue Nov 12, 2013 7:29 pm

"Eric & Dylan were capable of doing what they did. They wanted this to be the bloodiest & goriest that it could possibly be"

I was quite surprised about Alex and what she "knew " about the massacre. Check this sh*t out:

Alexandria (Alex ) Marsh stated that she was a past member of the TCM. Last year (98) she was involved with the " gang " and she still socializes with several of the kids involved in the " gang ". She characterized the gang as wearing trench coats , using drugs and having short tempers that lead them into getting into fights. They were brought in and questioned when something happened.

Alex related that members of the " gang " had talked about " blowing up the school " in the past ,however ,she was under the impression that none of them were serious about the threat.

When asked what was said about blowing up the school, she related that it was mentioned that some " would get guns and meet and blow up the school." When asked who else was involved in the gang beside Eric & Dylan ,she gave the names of: Chris Morris / Nicole Markam / Christine Theibalt / Joe Stair / Krista Hanley / Eric Jackson. Hanley & Stair were dating.

Alex further stated that Eric & Dylan had access to guns. She knew that the two had made bombs and had blown things up in a field. Alex stated that Eric & Dylan were capable of doing what they did. They were very smart and felt very alienated. They would listen to hard rock & acid rock.

She felt the gang was forced " into a little box "by the rest of the school and labeled. They wanted this to be the bloodiest and the goriest that it could possibly be. They wanted to kill as many as they could. They might spare someone that they liked or recognized. They were aware that the " cops " used profiling and the gang would use motion sensitive devices to blow up the cops. Alex didn't hang out with E or D. She saw them at school. She would doubt if Dylan knew her first name. They were not close and yet Alex knows about their plans and firmly stated that " THEY WERE CAPABLE OF DOING WHAT THEY DID!"

Checkout her statement in the 11K section of Harris/Klebold Associates.
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Alexandra Marsh
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