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 Adam Lanza and Gender

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PostSubject: Adam Lanza and Gender   Adam Lanza and Gender Icon_minitimeTue Apr 30, 2019 6:22 pm

We've known for a long time that Adam didn't provide a gender on his college documents.
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Is there any significance to this refusal? I've always assumed that because he refused to answer a number of their questions, it didn't mean much.

More recently, I have been rethinking this. In Adam's "me" document, Adam focuses on gender in various places.
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The most striking example, though, is that in a list of questions whose answers would prove that she "understood" him, Adam directly asks his love interest to identify his gender.
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Every other question would require more than a one word answer. Does this mean that Adam's self-described gender identity was not simply "male" as we had previously assumed? Was it more complex?

It may even be worth noting that Adam was both anorexic (old news) and as we learned in the same document, interested in techniques for remaining pale.
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Historically, maintaining paleness and physical frailty/slight build were associated with the "performance of femininity" so maybe there were gender issues associated with Adam's longtime struggle with anorexia and even his avoidance of the sun. Anorexia has occasionally been linked to issues with sexuality and the body changes that occur due to puberty in adolescence. Considering Adam's obsession with the military, his personal rejection of the appearance of a mature, muscular, healthy adult male body is curious. During his massacre, one witness (a victim) could not even identify his gender from the appearance of his body.
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With Adam's focus on chimp behavior as a model for "natural" human behavior if it were unsullied by culture and his distinction between male and female tendencies in his "selfish" document, I don't believe that Adam was a person who denied biological sex as a reality and a cause of many innate differences between men and women. I do believe, however, that he may have rejected gender identity as a construct of culture. I think he may have seen himself as a biological male but rejected any socially imposed expectations related to gender roles or gender performativity and possibly rejected the gender labels that accompany them. I don't think he identified as female because there is very little reason to believe that he did, but I do wonder if Adam saw himself as genderless or agender and if this may have been part of the reason for refusing to call himself either male or female and why he asked his love interest to name his gender.

Any thoughts?
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PostSubject: Re: Adam Lanza and Gender   Adam Lanza and Gender Icon_minitimeThu May 16, 2019 1:24 pm

The "me" document is available now? Oh boy, have I been living under a rock. I will need to set aside time to read all of this document in more detail later.

It is my belief that Adam did not have any gender identity and was simply gender neutral which would explain his refusal to identify a gender for himself. In regards to your question about his interest in the military, one can be interested in military combat but reject the stereotypes that are popular in military culture at the same time. I think he did not reject sex which is what is assigned at birth but also rejected the concept of gender as a whole since it is a culturally created construct.

In regards to his obsession of maintaining a pale appearance and maintaining his skin he likely saw the whole aging process as a depressing and torturing prospect.
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Adam Lanza and Gender
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