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 Why did Adam like Kimveer?

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Why did Adam like Kimveer? Empty
PostSubject: Why did Adam like Kimveer?   Why did Adam like Kimveer? Icon_minitimeSat May 01, 2021 3:02 pm

Sorry if this has been a topic before but I wonder why Adam liked Kimveer, is it because he could relate with Kimveer somehow? Or he wasn't talked about a lot?
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Why did Adam like Kimveer? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Why did Adam like Kimveer?   Why did Adam like Kimveer? Icon_minitimeSat May 01, 2021 4:00 pm

Some of what he had to say on youtube that I felt to be relevant.

Kimveer Gill- Documentary

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser08: Ah yes, there are a few things in this video, Kimveer was not “”attending the school”” for one thing. And yea I also do not agree that his choice of lifestyle “”gothic”” had anything to do with the spree. I believe that Kimveer was isolated in high school because of his racial difference. Not so much on purpose, but that is just how it goes sometimes, around this time Columbine shootings occurred and I am sure he took notice. Since then he was harboring a massacre fantasy. lost control of it..

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: He lost control because of a large variety of variables. His depression was worsening and he was drinking more alcohol to combat it. The help he tried to get for himself from doctors wasn’t helping him feel better and I think this was the final thing that showed him that nothing anyone ever does will ever make him feel better, hopeless and futureless, he put his long awaiting fantasy to life. To replicate Columbine. He even wanted to do his massacre on April 20 to match the date of Columbine

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to to YoutubeUser10 : Yes obviously it is a reason to kill people if that’s what he did. I think its time to start saying “”The way society treats each other will lead to people like Kimveer Gill.”” not “”We can do whatever we want and no one has a reason to kill me if I do whatever I want,”” Yea well history tells a different story where his condition IS enough to be a reason to kill people. Denying it won’t do you any good. People will do this again one day for the same reasons. Its real….

September 13th 2006 Dawson College shooting

YoutubeUser11 5 years ago ¬∑yah i was kinda in this shooting and i almost saved a girl but the bullet hit her and what did i do run away i shuld of stopd the bullet but i couldnt it broke me down in tears i ran kinda wants me to kill myself i shuld of stopd dat bullet and put it in me den she be here but i wouldnt but my life is worthless so i shuld of stopd it and tooken the guy down also i really hate myself for dis day and forever its in my mind as i speak of it i cry and i really should of took him down to the ground..”

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser11: I am sorry you were a part of this shooting, I have been studying all the school shooters for many many years. I can say that if you stopped to help the girl he would have most surely shot the both of you, statistically in school shootings anyone who is helping the wounded is shot by the shooter as well, and they make sure to do this. I am not sure why but it happens. You would most likely both be dead if you tried to do anything, the shooter is driven to kill everyone. take care

Shooting at Dawson College – killer’s mom call

fuckcomments 4 years ago: Rude of the victims family to snarl at the mother like she had anything to do with it. If they knew anything about rampages they would realize that things like this happen every year! Yes every year, some guy, with nothing, goes on a rampage, and kills all you little shits that take everything you have for granted. And never once has it been the parents fault. Eric and Dylan from columbine said and I roughly quote. “Don’t blame our parents, they are the best parents anyone could ask for.”

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Why did Adam like Kimveer? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Why did Adam like Kimveer?   Why did Adam like Kimveer? Icon_minitimeSat May 01, 2021 5:14 pm

Idk if he liked Kimveer or could relate to him or just randomly made up the queerforkimveer username and decided to use it because it sounded funny. Apart from things that are universal to all depressed/suicidal mass shooters, Adam and Kimveer had very little in common.

Adam also made fun of shooters who despite their edgy posturing ended up having a low or zero kill count. Kimveer was one of them. (source)

However, it does appear that Adam singled Kimveer out from the whole crowd of nondescript “goth”/“Columbiner” shooters (please note the scare quotes) for some odd reason. In addition to writing sort-of-sympathetic comments to youtube videos about him (thanks [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] for posting them here), Adam also made references to him several times on the SCMRPG forum and generally seemed to know quite a lot about him. Although the last part is hardly worth mentioning given that Adam researched mass shootings and mass shooters extensively.
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Why did Adam like Kimveer? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Why did Adam like Kimveer?   Why did Adam like Kimveer? Icon_minitime

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Why did Adam like Kimveer?
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