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Topics tagged under dekharbs on Columbine High School Massacre Discussion Forum Folder13Topic: Forum member who committed murder/suicide.

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Search in: Important Information, Help, Questions, and Comments   Topics tagged under dekharbs on Columbine High School Massacre Discussion Forum Icon_minipostSubject: Forum member who committed murder/suicide.    Topics tagged under dekharbs on Columbine High School Massacre Discussion Forum Icon_minitimeFri Jun 09, 2017 9:40 am
[mention]fetalstress[/mention] wrote:
How do you guys now he was a member of this forum?  

I first posted about him being a member here. I listened to his suicide tapes that he started recording in December 2016, around the same time he became a member on here. In his tapes he says he was a member here and gave his username. Interestingly, they still have not deleted most of his accounts or any of the files he uploaded to Mediafire documenting everything, so he will now have a cult following, which is exactly what he wanted. If you check his Twitter (all the EGS accounts are just him talking to and retweeting himself) he was posting the hashtag {#}DEKHARBS{/#}, which stands for Dylan Eric Klebold Harris Andrew Rachel Blaze Shadows. Andrew Blaze and Rachel Shadows were his multiple personalities that he lived through as animations.

In his tapes he attributes everything from the guns he chose and starting a journal to his obsession with Columbine and even hoped he would meet Eric Harris after he killed himself. If you listen to his tapes you will find the connections to some of the things he posted here. His post about Eric and Dylan's gun training seemed to be a valid concern of his own training. He trained for at least 3 months because he wasn't too confident in handling the guns and said they hurt his hands the first time he fired them. He was disappointed in Columbine footage not being released and talked about how his own surveillance footage would most likely not be released unless it was just him walking around with the guns. Some very disturbing thoughts and more disturbing at how articulated he was while documenting everything for months.
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