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 Perfect Victims

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PostSubject: Perfect Victims   Perfect Victims Icon_minitimeSun Dec 11, 2022 8:32 pm

I think the victims of the Columbine Massacre (and most other mass shootings, let's be honest) have gone through the uniquely dehumanizing process of being a "Perfect Victim", where so many positive attributes are ascribed to someone who's passed that they stop seeming like real people anymore. This, while nowhere near the top of my gripes concerning the handling of the shooting, is something that I truly loathe about the case. However, when it's an earnest look into the life of a Columbine victim (I don't remember it's name, but the book Isaiah Schoels' father wrote falls into this catagory), I completely understand and support that sort of coverage. What's even worse is the fact that the parents of Cassie Bernall and Rachel Scott blatantly cashed in on the deaths of their children by weaving tales of Harris and Klebold talking and acting like movie characters and using Valeen Schnurr's encounter with Dylan Klebold for sympathy points and to add weight to their supposed martyrdom. Martyrdom is when someone dies for their faith; Harris and Klebold did not kill Rachel Scott and Cassie Bernall for their faith. They killed them because they were hurt, angry, and didn't care who died, so long as someone paid in blood for their mistreatment, and this was the reasoning they applied to every one of their victims. But back to the "Perfect Victimization" of mass shooting victims.

I went a bit off-track with this lol. Has anyone else noticed this "Perfect Victimhood" applied to mass shooting victims?

I should add that this applies HARD to what they've done to Joaquin Oliver. Poor guy got replicated in CGI to turn zoomers into 2A-hating flying monkeys.

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PostSubject: Re: Perfect Victims   Perfect Victims Icon_minitimeSun Dec 11, 2022 8:40 pm

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Yes I have noticed that as well. Especially with the CGI Joaquin Oliver, I don't see how a parent could use their loved one like that as a political prop. It's pathetic.

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Perfect Victims
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