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 2019 FSB Headquarters shooting

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PostSubject: 2019 FSB Headquarters shooting   2019 FSB Headquarters shooting Icon_minitimeFri Jan 27, 2023 8:29 pm

On December 19, 2019 39yo Yevgeny Manyurov opened fire outside the building of FSB Headquarters in Moscow, Russia. He shot and killed 2 people, including a police officer, and wounded 4 others. After the standoff, he was neutralised by police.

The shooter started his attack at 17 PM (UTC+3) outside of the FSB Headquarters. He started shooting at police officers and security guards then tried to get inside the building, but was stopped by another security guard. The shooter then began shooting at random strangers, fatally wounding one of them and non-fatally wounding another one. A shootout then ensued between the perpetrator and police officers. The suspect was shot and killed shortly thereafter, but police and anti-terrorist units continued firing for almost an hour.

The perpetrator's motives remains unknown. There was speculation that he supported ISIS or Russian opposition parties. He lived with his mother near Moscow and was known to be a firearm enthusiast. He often practiced shooting at local shooting ranges and was perceived by others as self-isolated loner, with no close friends. Authorities found a far-right literature in his home along with documents with far-right content expressing admiration for Atomwaffen Division, far-right terrorist attacks and school shooters, saved on his computer.

Early reports stated there were several perpetrators of the shooting, but later only one shooter was confirmed by authorities.

The incident was named an act of terrorism by authorities, but the shooter was not affiliated with any terrorist organizations.

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2019 FSB Headquarters shooting
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