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 John Savage

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PostSubject: John Savage   John Savage Icon_minitimeThu May 29, 2014 7:21 pm

If E&D were shooting random , why Eric shouted to John "identify yourself" , he could kill him but he wanted see who was it ..
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PostSubject: Re: John Savage   John Savage Icon_minitimeFri May 30, 2014 1:31 am

I think because he recognized him as someone Dylan knew because John had said that he knew of Eric but just couldn't remember his name at the time.

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PostSubject: Re: John Savage   John Savage Icon_minitimeFri May 30, 2014 4:51 am

000009: She [Patricia Doyle] then heard a male voice very close to her asking, "What's your name?" The person responded, "John Savage." The male responded. "Oh, we know you, get out of here."

000334: Lindsay [Elmore] stated that prior to shooting the boy next to her, one of the suspects said "hey John Savage, what are you doing here, you had better get out were going to blow the library up". Lindsay stated that the boy got up and left.

000341: Elmore heard the gunman say something to the effect of "hey John Savage, what are you doing here?" He then told Savage to get out and that they were going to blow up the Library. Savage responded okay, with a stutter. Elmore knows Savage and knows him to stutter.

000355: He [Steven Greenwood] told me that he heard one of the suspects, he thinks it was Harris, tell someone to stand up and identify themself He stated his friend John Savage stood up and said, "I'm John Savage." He stated that the suspect did not shoot him.

000365: [Jessica Holliday stated] Eric asked a male what his name was. The male said that his name was John Savage. Eric said, "we like you, were going to let you live".

000374: Jessica Holliday stated she remembered hearing one of the suspects ask for someone to identify themselves, who was hiding underneath a cable. Jessica Holliday stated she heard the person respond, "John Savage." Jessica Holliday stated she then heard Dylan Klebold reply, "I like you. I'll let you live"

000388: Sara [Houy] heard a suspect ask a male. "Who's under there?" The male responded. "John." The suspect said, "John who?" The male replied, "John Savage." The suspect then said, "We like you. you can leave."

000404: He [Seth Houy] then could see the student named John Savage under the table that was over and back from his. Ke said that John was just sitting on his butt holding his legs and leaning his head against the bottom of the table top. One of the suspects said, "Who's under that table?" John said, "John Savage." One of the suspects said, "You've never done anything to us, we'11 let you live. Run."

000410: Houy believes prior to Harris and Klebold reloading that he heard one of them state, "Who's under that table?" The response back was, "John Savage." He heard Harris say, "I know you. I'll let you live", and then, "Get up, get up." He then could hear Savage's footsteps running out of the library.

000470-000471: Athena Lagos to continue with her explanation of the incident at the point Dylan Klebold asked the question, "Are you John Savage?" Athena Lagos stated she then heard John Savage respond, "yes." Athena Lagos told 10 it was possible John Savage made other statements, due to the fact she recalled some "stuttering" occurring. Athena Lagos told 10 she also knows John Savage and is familiar with the fact the forenamed does stutter. Athena Lagos continued with her explanation by stating after John Savage confirmed his identity, Dylan Klebold again spoke, stating, "you can go, get up, let him go." Athena Lagos stated it was at that point it almost sounded as though Dylan Klebold and the person she now assumed was Eric Harris, began to argue. When asked to elaborate, Athena Lagos stated, "It was almost like an argument," making reference to whether or not John Savage should be allowed to leave the library. Athena Lagos told 10 she could not remember any details related to the words spoken between Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, but seated at the time she remembered thinking the two were arguing over John Savage.

000481: [Joshua Lapp] He remembers next hearing one of the gunmen state something to the effect of, "Oh it's you, get up and get out if you wanna live." The gunman had asked the individual a question, and in his response he did not sound scared and seemed real calm, Lapp than saw John Savage stand up and run out of the library very fast.

000539: Perez remembers at one point, someone says there's a kid under there by himself The person asked, "Hey kid, what's your name?" The kid replied, "My name is John Savage." The person replied, "We like you, we are not going to kill you."

000554: [John Savage] Anyway, when they came to my table Eric stuck his head under the table and pointed his gun at me, so I scooted out of the way of the barrel, and then he pointed it at me again, and I scooted back out of the way Then he stood up and said, "'Who is under the table? Identify yourself" And 1 said, "It's me, John!" And Dylan said, "John Savage^" And I said, "Yes!" And Dylan walked over to my side of the table and said, "Hi" And I said, "Hi Dylan What are you doing''"
And he shrugged and said, "Oh, killing people " And I said, "Are you going to kill me?" And he looked at me for a second and then he said, "No, dude, just run Just get out of here"

000556: [John Savage] Eric was looking under the tables and came over to the table where Savage was hiding Enc point a gun at Savage and asked who was under the table Savage identified himself by saying "It's me John" Dvlan asked "John Savage?" and Savage replied. "Yeah" Dylan came over to the table and said. "Hi" Savage looked up and said "Hi. Dylan, what are you doing?" Dylan shrugged and said. "Killing people" Savage asked "Are you going to kill me'"' Dylan stated. "No. dude run Just get out of here"

000570-000571: John Savage reported he next observed Eric Harris walk between the bookshelves in a westerly direction, stopping just to the west of Table #11. John Savage indicated at that point Eric Harris was standing close enough that he could "reach out and touch him. John Savage reported Eric Harris next "squatted down and points that carbine right at me." John Savage stated instinctually he leaned forward trying to avoid having the weapon pointing directly at him John Savage stated as he leaned forward, Eric Harris repositioned the carbine rifle so it again was pointing in his direction. John Savage stated he subsequently leaned back, again to avoid having the weapon pointed directly at him. John Savage stated Eric Harris then stood up and seated, "Who is under this table, identify yourself." John Savage stated he responded, "It's John." After responding with his first name, John Savage related he then heard a voice he later identified as Dylan Klebold's coming from a southwesterly direction. John Savage explained he heard Dylan Klebold ask, "John Savage?" John Savage stated he responded, "Yeah." At that point John Savage recalled Eric Harris walking up to the north end of table #11 while Dylan Klebold approached table #11 from the west. John Savage stated after Dylan Klebold had walked up to the west side of table #11, he then looked up and "made eye contact with Dylan." John Savage stated after making contact with the forenamed, he said, "Hi Dylan, what are you doing?" John Savage related Dylan Klebold responded by shrugging his shoulders and replying, "Oh, just killing people." John Savage then asked Dylan Klebold, "Are you going to kill me?" According to John Savage, Dylan Klebold responded, "No dude, just get out of here, just run." John Savage stated Dylan Klebold may have told him to "run" more than once as if to indicate he should hurry.

000618: Aaron Welsh told ID his next recollection occurred at the point he heard one of the suspects state (possibly Eric Harris), "You under there, identify yourself." Aaron Welsh then heard another voice respond, "John Savage." Aaron Welsh stated he was then certain it was Dylan Klebold who replied, "Oh John." Aaron Welsh explained during that contact, Dylan Klebold told John Savage he could leave the library. Aaron Welsh stated he could not recall the details of the conversation, but did know John Savage was allowed to leave. Aaron Welsh stated at the point that conversation ended, he observed John Savage run past his table on the west side, moving north.

000630: [Crystal Woodman] She said that the suspects asked who was under the table across and down from them. She said the student answered that he was John Savage. One of the suspects then said, "Hey John, get out of here, we'd like to blow this library up."

000635: [Crystal Woodman] she heard one of the gunmen ask, "Who is that?" She heard a response, "John Savage." One of the gunmen then said, "You haven't done anything to us. Get out."

011144: Witnesses report Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold then passed through the east side bookshelves in the center section where another reloading process took place at table #13. During that time Enc Harris was seen walking north through the center section to the south computer table where he gained access to the blue backpack reportedly containing ammunition. Eric Harris then returned to an area near table #11. While at that location Eric Harris asked a student under table #11 to identify himself. The student identified himself as John Savage. Eric Harris then moved north of table #11 as Dylan Klebold made contact with John Savage. Dylan Klebold eventually told John Savage to leave the library, which he does.

011150-011151: Harris asks the student under table #11 to identify himself The student identified himself as John Savage. Harris moves north of table #11 as Klebold contacts Savage. Klebold eventually tells Savage to leave the library, which he does. Observed by Savage (LG25), Eubanks (LY14), Ball (LG23), Doyle (LY13), Huntington (LG21), Holiday (LG22), Greenwood (LG11). Lapp (LG31). Elmore (LG26), Parker (LG27), Woodman (LG28), Bollerud (LG32), Houy (LG30), Perez (LG17), Lagos (LG20) and Hall (LY6).

025660: Investigator Art Peterson interviewed Columbine High School student John Savage. Savage stated that during the shooting he was hiding under a table in the library. He recognized Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. both wearing black. Dylan Klebold pointed a black handgun under the table at Savage. Savage said, "What are you doing?" Dylan responded, "We're out killing people" Klebold told Savage to identify himself and Savage responded, "It's John." Savage then asked, "Are you going to kill me?" Klebold responded, "No. run. just get out of here."
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John Savage
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