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 Youngest person on death row in Florida

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Youngest person on death row in Florida Empty
PostSubject: Youngest person on death row in Florida   Youngest person on death row in Florida Icon_minitimeSun Mar 12, 2023 5:30 pm

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In 2011 Michael Shane Bargo lured 15 year old Seth Jackson to a shared house owned by some couple (the husband of which also tampered with evidence, he got a 10 year term), using his ex to lure him in. Once he arrived, he had to fight off 5 people before he was repeatedly shot, managed to escape but was brought back in and they stuffed inside a bath tub with Bargo hitting him, shooting him some more and cursed him as he lay dying. They tried breaking his kneecaps to fit him inside a sleeping bag, hogtied him and incinerated him over an open flame in the backyard. His charred remains collected in 5 gallon paint buckets and thrown down a local rock quarry. It apparently all started after Seth got into arguments with his ex to which many people were critical of Seth because it was an open argument for all to see. Eventually, Mike fought Seth but Seth beat his ass, leading up to his decision to kill him out of spite. Mike was 18 at the time of the murder.

Basically, this 18 year old man murdered a 15 year old boy. I hope they forget to wet the sponge on this one. But for now he sits in a 6 by 9 cell room until his execution. Hope he's having fun now.
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Youngest person on death row in Florida
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