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 Oklahoma Bombing Theories

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PostSubject: Oklahoma Bombing Theories   Oklahoma Bombing Theories Icon_minitimeWed Apr 05, 2023 7:05 am

Hello, I’ve been doing a tiny bit of research on ol’ McVeigh, and there’s if not a few interesting little known theories that are around him.  I had dug up some fan websites about him, and one of them that struck me the most was one that had a date by date, leading up to the events of the worst domestic terrorist attack in U.S history.  

If I recall correctly someone put a chronological timeline, and listed of eye witness accounts, one of them was one where “McVeigh goes to a strip club and tells a dancer that she’ll remember him for the rest of his life on April 19th” the exact date he blew up the federal building, was this true? How do you think she felt knowing she was faced to faced with a handsome yet emotionless veteran, and hearing his chilling last remarks?[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

I also have plenty more to talk about, but let’s keep the questions and answers going. I haven’t seen much talk about him.

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Oklahoma Bombing Theories
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