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 Regarding Robert Crimo.

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Regarding Robert Crimo. Empty
PostSubject: Regarding Robert Crimo.   Regarding Robert Crimo. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 27, 2023 4:30 am

It's worth noting that the individual who leaked the video involving Robert Crimo has garnered the attention of the media. If this incident was indeed a "fake" or a "conspiracy theory," the fact that the sheriff is deferring the decision on the appropriate course of action to the judge might indicate the seriousness of the matter.

Furthermore, two names of federal agents working with the FBI in Chicago, IL, have been disclosed, yet the FBI has not publicly refuted these claims or issued any statements regarding the allegations.

In addition to this, more recordings have been released, although it remains uncertain whether they will pique anyone's interest. If you have links to articles or additional information, please feel free to share them for further discussion.

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I've temporarily archived the leaked content.

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Regarding Robert Crimo.
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