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 Small details about Eric

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Small details about Eric Empty
PostSubject: Small details about Eric   Small details about Eric Icon_minitimeWed Jul 12, 2017 5:52 pm

I'm not sure how much of this stuff is true or not but I found it on old Tripod or Angelfire webpages and haven't heard of some of this stuff before.


Quote :
Kim and Sara couldn't understand why their classmates didn't like Eric.
"No one ever gave him a chance", Kim said. "People always looked at me because I would go over and hug him in the morning."

Sara would tease him about a co-worker he briefly dated. He would call Sara "Ohzay BooBoo", a phrase he had gotten from the movie "Ace Ventura -Pet Detective".

When Eric got his senior pictures taken and whined about how stupid he looked, Kim and Sara cooed about how cute he was and helped him choose prints.

When Eric harped that girls wouldn't have anything to do with him, Kim and Sara invited him to hang out with them. Sometimes he went bowling, but many times he refused, telling them he thought he wouldn't fit in.

Eric did join Kim and Sara and their friends' homecoming night of their junior year. They had skipped the school dance for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown Denver. When they arrived to pick up Eric, they had to wait 10 minutes until his mother came home.
"He didn't want to leave without her knowing where he was", Kim said. "He didn't want her to worry."

After his junior year, Eric got a second job. He worked with Nate Dykeman at Tortilla Wraps. He wanted to save some money to buy a new computer. Eric's employer raved:
"He was a real nice kid", David Cave said. "He would come in every day with nice t-shirts, khaki shorts, sandals. He was kind of quiet, but everyone got along with him."
Eric provided two references when he applied. One was Susan Klebold, the other one was Columbine English teacher Jason Webb, one of his favorite teachers.
He loved Mr. Webb", classmate Jeni LaPlante said. "He even gave Mr. Webb a Christmas present."

Eric and his friends often used to play violent computer games together. Most of them outgrew that hobby, Eric never did. His nickname, Reb, was inspired by a character in one of his favorite computer games, Doom.


Quote :
In their senior year, Eric and Dylan went for some pretty cerebral subjects: psychology and creative writing. One theme dominated Eric's homework assignments: guns.

As part of Eric's government and economics class, students marketed a product and made a video of it.
His product was the Trench Coat Mafia Protection Service", classmate Matt Cornwell said. "Dylan was not in the class, but he was in the video. If you paid $5 they would beat someone up for you. If you paid them $10, they would shoot somebody for you."
"There were some pretty crazy products. Some people did Hit Man For Hire. Most of them were funny. This wasn't funny at all. After it was over, everybody was like, 'Whoa, that was weird'".

Once in creative writings class, students were asked to describe themselves as an inanimate object. Eric chose a shotgun and a shell. But Brooks Brown, a classmate and a friend of Eric's, doubts that Eric took the assignment seriously. Although some students in the class adored the teacher, Judy Kelly, they said Eric clearly felt superior to her.

Mrs. Kelly was concerned enough about Eric's papers to talk to his parents at a parent-teacher conference in March. Wayne Harris had justified his son's fascination with weapons by saying he had been in the military and Eric hoped to join the Marines.

But then there was the dream. To psychology teacher Tom Johnson, Eric's dream wasn't much weirder than a lot of others that landed on his desk. If was February. Eric and Dylan were in class together in fifth period, after lunch. They would show up early, sit side-by-side and talk openly with other kids in the small, friendly class. Dream analysis was optional. Students would type up a recent dream and hand it in. No names, no grades. But the class figured out which one was Eric's because it had so many references to "me and Dylan".
"It occurred in a mall and the boys were being put upon by someone, and they retaliated", Tom Johnson said.


Quote :
Judy can still recall the plaid flannel shirt she was wearing. Katherine's eyes were teared up when Judy described Eric's behavior. Later that day, Brooks talked to Katherine, too, telling her that Eric had been slipping out of the house at night, pulling pranks and setting off fireworks. Wayne Harris called the Browns.
"He said his son was afraid of me and that's why he was hanging on the door handle", Judy Brown said. "I said 'Your son's not afraid. Your son is terrifying. Your son is violent.'"
Wayne Harris drove Eric to the Browns to apologize. He waited in the car while Eric went inside.
"He went through this whole spiel, how it was all in fun", Judy Brown said. "I said, 'Eric Harris, you can pull the wool over your dad's eye, but you're not going to pull the wool over my eyes.'"
She told Eric if she ever saw him near her house again she would call the sheriff.
"I said, 'Stay away from my kids.' I just had a feeling about him at this point."


Quote :
Monday, April 19
Eric and Dylan ditched their second to last class of the day with two other classmates, Brooks Brown and Becca Heins. They decided to go to McDonald's for lunch, but first Eric and Dylan had to drop by Eric's house. They told Brooks and Becca that they would meet them at McDonald's.

Later that day, neighbors heard glass breaking and explosive sounds from Wayne and Kathy Harris' garage.

Eric asked Mark Manes to buy ammo for the semiautomatic pistol, although Eric was old enough to buy it himself. Mark went to Kmart and bought 100 rounds for $25. That night, Eric drove the few blocks to Mark's house to get the ammo. Thy talked in front of the Manes' house. Mark asked if he planned to go target shooting in the night. Eric told him no, he needed the ammo for the next day.

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Small details about Eric Empty
PostSubject: Re: Small details about Eric   Small details about Eric Icon_minitimeThu Jul 13, 2017 8:41 am

I think a majority of this is from witness testimony in the 11k. Does not mean it is true but I have seen it before on there

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Small details about Eric
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