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 Mass murderers who carried out more than one massacre

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Mass murderers who carried out more than one massacre Empty
PostSubject: Mass murderers who carried out more than one massacre   Mass murderers who carried out more than one massacre Icon_minitimeTue Jun 25, 2019 7:08 am

I'm not referring to spree killers who will go on a massacre then go to a different location and do the same thing again within a matter of minutes or hours. I'm talking about mass murderers who were able to escape successfully, only to carry out another massacre later on (whether that be months or years later).

There is only one such case I know of like this, William Unek. On January 1st, 1954, Unek killed 21 people with an axe in the Beligan Congo and then fled to British Tanganyika Territory where he assumed a new identity. Then on February 11th, 1957, over 3 years after his first massacre, Unek had an argument with his boss and then armed himself with a stolen Enfield-type rifle, 50 rounds of ammo, and an axe. Over the next 12 hours Unek went in and out of houses within the area of Malampaka and shot anyone and everyone who was inside. 36 people were killed; 26 people were shot, five men killed with the axe, one man stabbed with a knife, two women and a child burned to death in a house and one girl strangled to death. Even after his second massacre he managed to escape for nine days until showing up at a friends house looking for food, after which the friend alerted the authorities who told him to notify them should he return. Unwisely, Unek returned the next day and authorities arrived 2 hours later. Eventually the friend fled the house, leaving Unek alone, at which point a smoke bomb was thrown at the house and set it ablaze. Unek was later taken to the hospital and succumbed to his wounds. In the end he had killed a total of 57 people, and injured at least 30 others, during two seperate attacks 3 years apart.

This seems to be extremely rare, I've never heard of any of mass shooter/killer carrying out two separate attacks with such a long wait in between. Does anyone else know of a case like this?
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Mass murderers who carried out more than one massacre Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mass murderers who carried out more than one massacre   Mass murderers who carried out more than one massacre Icon_minitimeTue Jun 25, 2019 9:59 am

There's a thread about the same topic:

But I have some examples of serial mass murderers!
Anatoly Onoprienko killed a number of families in robberies during the 1980s and the 1990s.

Luiz Gonzaga Pereira dos Santos killed a family of seven in 1979. He was also credited with four other murders and other crimes in the city of Pernambuco and Paraíba, though i am not sure if the four deaths all happened at once, since his Wikipedia article doesn't say anything about those crimes.

Ramiro Matildes Siqueira who according to his Wikipedia article some entires families were murdered in his crimes. In all he was accused of 54 crimes. I don't know how much of his Wikipedia claims are true, but apparently some editor added some sources but removed later, due to being worried by copyright.

Turabaz killed 68 people. He was mentioned on a article about Harphul Singh, in 1930. The mention about him was very vague, as it just said "The government has offered a reward of land and cash for the capture of the killer (Harphul) whose reputation is surpassed only by that of Turabaz who killed 68 people before a police bullet ended his life." I assume that he was a serial mass murderer, and bandit.

Harphul Singh (mentioned above) who killed 11 people in Tohana, British Raj on July 23, 1930, did also killed three people in 1928, and murdered two more a month later.

In the early 20th century an Ifugao convict killed seven other inmates at a prison in the Mountain Province, Philippines. He was arrested, was later convicted of the murders, sentenced, imprisoned, where he remained inconspicuous, until he ran amok and "killed several other persons"

George Jefferson Hassell killed his wife and eight children in 1926. He had previously killed a family of four in 1917. Thogh the crime isn't mentioned on Wikipedia, you can see a news article about it here.

Manoel dos Santos killed 1 to 2 persons and wounded 9 to 11 others in São Luis, Maranhão, Brazil in June 1946. He declared that he had already killed nine people before he was lynched. He belonged to a family of assassins of João Pessoa.
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Mass murderers who carried out more than one massacre
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