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 Heather Smith (Female School Shooter)

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PostSubject: Heather Smith (Female School Shooter)   Heather Smith (Female School Shooter) Icon_minitimeThu Apr 02, 2020 6:49 pm

Hi! i'm new here and I wanted to share with you a case that i find really interesting but there's not a lot of information about the shooting and about the perpetrator, so, here a little bit of what I have found:

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Who has Heather Smith?

Of what i have found, Heather Smith was a 14 year old junior high school student who was straight A student, but she got het first bad grade when she ended a relationship with 15 year old Gordon Pickett, time went on and Heather find out she was 3 months pregnant by Gordon Pickett, Heather tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrists but failed, she had an idea, shoot her ex to death, she started telling her friends but obviously they were exegetical and did not believe her a word, (There's not a lot of information about Heather Smith or the shooting).

The day of the shooting:

November 26, 1985, Heather came back home from school, she was looking for her Father's rifle
a .22-caliber semi-automatic rifle, she took the rifle and she somehow convinced her neighbor to give her a ride back to school, Heather knew Gordon was in school because he stayed for his wrestling practice, she arrived school and she went to the school's gym where she knew Gordon was there. The moment she saw Gordon leaving the gym with his friend Chris Rocco, she aimed her rifle at the pair and started shooting at them, Heather shoot the boys multiple times, Gordon Pickett passed away on the sidewalk and Chris Rocco died hours later.

Heather was surrounded by a SWAT team, the SWAT team order her to put her gun on the ground, Heather said "No I won't" those were the last words of Heather Smith before shooting herself on the head.

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PostSubject: Re: Heather Smith (Female School Shooter)   Heather Smith (Female School Shooter) Icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2020 1:07 am

I think the shooting doesn't have a lot of attention to it because it's too "simple", in a sense. She killed a boy she had broken up with (plus his friend), that's a motive many people would be able to wrap their heads around. If she had blown away half a dozen more people this would've made headlines like Brenda Spencer's rampage. Still, it's an interesting find. Thank you for sharing.

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Heather Smith (Female School Shooter)
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