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 Mass murders that actually were fabrications

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PostSubject: Mass murders that actually were fabrications   Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:02 pm

First of all a big thanks to the Amok Wiki for let me knowing about those cases listed here. Also i find those cases interesting, since i don't know why would someone create a false mass murder story.

Unknown Hulan 1986 (may have actually happened): Supposedly killed 52 policemen in a police domitory on the sleep in Hulan, China. It is not known if this actually happened or is just a poem. Search 呼兰大侠 for more information

Joseph Quinn 1890: Supposedly killed his wife and five children in Livingston, Montana, United States. The story was actually fabricated by a tramp named Arlington who told it sheriff Templeton of Livingston.

Zhang 1987: Supposedly killed 17 people in Longji, China. Not much information on this.

Unknown Brazilian 1936: supposedly killed 16 Japaneses on December 18 after a Japanese colonist cut off his son hands. According to a communication between the newspaper O Jornal and the regional police station of Rio Preto, the respective authority declared that the incident lacked veracity.

Henry Olstrom 1888: Supposedly killed eight members of his family in Preston, Minnesota, United States. The story was later debunked.

Ludwig Gaß 1880: Supposedly killed seven members of his family in Magdeburg, German Reich on January 12, 1880. Story was in all probability a fabrication.

Unkown Luxembourgian 1901: Supposedly killed seven children and wounded several others before being shot to death in March 1901. only a few American and Canadian newspapers reported about the crime, and no trace of it could be found in European, including Luxembourgian newspapers, suggesting it was a hoax.

Do you know more?

Sources: Amok Wiki
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Mass murders that actually were fabrications
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