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A place to discuss the Columbine High School Massacre along with other school shootings and crimes.
Anyone interested in researching, learning, discussing and debating with us, please come join our community!
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Latest topics
» Dylan's journal.
Today at 10:56 am by Cemetery Jones

» Does anyone has Croatian news coverage about Columbine?
Today at 10:54 am by DooMRebel

» How exactly did Eric "let Brooks go"?
Today at 10:54 am by silentprocess

» The self-righteous arrogance of Sue Klebold
Today at 10:50 am by silentprocess

» Friendship
Today at 10:22 am by ShadowedGoddess

» Dylan's earring.
Today at 8:44 am by Lizpuff

» Robyn's Car?
Today at 8:41 am by Lizpuff

» 2004 Evidence Exhibit
Today at 6:40 am by ShadowedGoddess

» New mass shooting in the US
Today at 3:17 am by awsomehq

» Where was Columbine Zero hour filmed at?
Today at 3:14 am by cultofdreams

» Columbine Related Dreams
Today at 1:52 am by Screamingophelia

» Dylan Klebold.
Today at 1:47 am by Screamingophelia

» Columbine High School.
Yesterday at 10:41 pm by Kiwik

» Columbine Memorial.
Yesterday at 10:35 pm by Kiwik

» Newly Released Material on UCC Shooting
Yesterday at 6:59 pm by STK

» I hate 'Truthers'
Yesterday at 5:25 pm by suburbanmessiah

» Regalsin's tribute to Robert Hawkins
Yesterday at 5:18 pm by STK

» FUNNIEST Columbine stuff/minutiae?
Yesterday at 5:05 pm by 1Mare1

» EH/DK Parents
Yesterday at 4:17 pm by Littlelo

» School Shooting in Russia today, 4 injured
Yesterday at 3:48 pm by mordupen

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