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A place to discuss the Columbine High School Massacre along with other school shootings and crimes.
Anyone interested in researching, learning, discussing and debating with us, please come join our community!
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Today at 2:19 am by log_1987

» Nineteen years of Columbine
Today at 1:51 am by ChaotixBoy

» Eric and Dylan thoughts on how people think of them
Today at 1:49 am by ChaotixBoy

» What are your unanswered questions, curiosities, dilemmas, frustrations etc
Today at 1:43 am by EthanEmerson

» The Red Lake Shootings
Today at 1:34 am by QuestionMark

» Knives
Today at 1:27 am by QuestionMark

» Mass shooters with the highest IQ
Today at 12:49 am by QuestionMark

» He would have been 37 today.
Yesterday at 11:39 pm by evelynssye

» Dylan only killed 3 people while Eric killed 9 - John Tomlin is debatable
Yesterday at 11:16 pm by Screamingophelia

» Ebay-1999 Columbine Yearbook for sale
Yesterday at 9:54 pm by Screamingophelia

» Are there any Columbine discussions still online from when it happened?
Yesterday at 9:50 pm by Screamingophelia

» Shanghai Police Stabbings 2008
Yesterday at 9:30 pm by Stoned Slacker

» Did Adam Lanza love his mother?
Yesterday at 5:40 pm by Tommy QTR

» I wonder how Paddock reacted to other mass shootings
Yesterday at 4:19 pm by Tommy QTR

» Do you think there will be a 2-person shooting ever again?
Yesterday at 4:12 pm by cc99

» Dylan not only spared this girl but her twin as well
Yesterday at 4:07 pm by Szabo

» Florida high school shooting leaves one person injured; suspect in custody
Yesterday at 1:48 pm by Tommy QTR

» Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz went into shock after being arrested.
Yesterday at 1:18 pm by Ziamber II

» Was Sandy Hook an extreme act of political protest made by Adam P. Lanza ?
Yesterday at 8:53 am by CALU

» Man In China Stabs Multiple People with 2 Huge Knives
Yesterday at 8:26 am by InsaneIntruder

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Who is to blame for Columbine?
 Dylan and Eric
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 Video games
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