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 Jimboboiii (Payton Gendron - Buffalo Shooter) Discord transcript

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Jimboboiii (Payton Gendron - Buffalo Shooter) Discord transcript Empty
PostSubject: Jimboboiii (Payton Gendron - Buffalo Shooter) Discord transcript   Jimboboiii (Payton Gendron - Buffalo Shooter) Discord transcript Icon_minitimeWed May 18, 2022 11:14 pm

I've gone through the transcript and gleaned some of the more personal posts - not about racial propaganda, mechanics of the shooting or gear but those focused on his life and his thoughts/emotions about the shooting. I went through ~600 pages so it's still relatively long. I'm sure I've left things out but you get some sense of what he was thinking and experiencing.

Jimboboiii — 12/12/2021
I'm not proud to kill these lads, in fact I’m desperately looking for a sign or evidence proving that I shouldn’t. It is true that I dislike the presence of melanin-challenged individuals but it’s not like I actually hate them.

Jimboboiii — 01/10/2022
I dislike the “capitalists” more than anyone else, those who leech wealth and resources from their laborers and only live to continue adding to their pile. I would even say I hate them

Jimboboiii — 01/10/2022
Part of me just wants to kill myself instead of commiting to an attack, I’m still debating wheter to kms or live in prison for the rest of my life, that is if I get to that point.

Jimboboiii — 01/18/2022
I understand how brutal and inhumane this is. But unfortantely there is no other way, we simply cannot coexist in the same countries anymore.

Jimboboiii — 01/30/2022
Another bad experience was when I had to go to a hospitals ER because I said the word's "murder/suicide" to an online paper in economics class. I've talked about this before but it comes back to me a lot. I got out of it because I stuck with the story that I was getting out of class and I just stupidly wrote that down. That is the reason I believe I am still able to purchase guns. It was not a joke, I wrote that down because that's what I was planning to do. Perhaps it was a cry of help from me, I'm not actually sure, I wrote it down because it was the first thing that came to mind, and I didn't think of the consequences. That day in May 2021 changed a lot for me. I had to spend ~20 hours in that ER waiting for somebody to give me 15 minutes to talk to me. This proved to me that the US healthcare system is a joke, if the intention here is to help people heal, then they are doing a very shitty job doing it. I know it doesn't seem very significant but to me it was.

Jimboboiii — 01/30/2022
I just tried to make it to state lands, but I was stopped at the first few yards because my car couldn't make it up the hill. I have some options though, 1: I can park my car and carry all my gear to the shooting location ~1 mile away. 2: Find a new place to shoot. 3: Wait until the snow melts. This was originally a suicide discord, I wasn't really serious about the attack until a few weeks ago. I was going to post this discord to all people I know and on 4chan so they can watch. That's why I bought the Mossberg 500, but I decided perhaps its better to fight for this cause.
Jimboboiii — 02/11/2022
Went to friend Matt's house today, showed him my illegal XM-15 and he said he liked it, we talked and hung out for about 2 and a half hours. We're trying to go to statelands to shoot some more tommorow I have wondered if I'm mentally ill, and that's why I'm planning the attack like I am now. Why is it that nobody else except for a few decided to commit to an attack like this? They had the same reasons I had. I've had some experiences in the last few years that definitely were not normal, but I won't discuss that now. Even the past few days. The past 7 years have hurt so much, I think I'm ready to abandon it all

Jimboboiii — 02/12/2022
look at buffalo too wtf am I thinking [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] East ferry streety
No matter where I go, I will have to look at the amount of cars in the parking lot to see where has the most people
google worst hoods in buffalo
a church would be interesting for the large amount of people in one place, but idk I get a bad feeling about doing it in a church
Mt Olive babpist church
March 14 is the new march 15
Brenton Tarrant did his attack in a synagogue and he was quite successful
Dylann Roof did his attack in a church,
lots of family dollars wow Schools I also feel iffy about,
attacking in their place of worship feels different
Aldi, The Broadway Market, Save A Lot,
First place of attack is much harder to research than secondary
Walmart, Target and such

Jimboboiii — 02/18/2022
Am I mentally sick?
No I dont think so, but I would understand if you thought so

Jimboboiii — 02/18/2022
If I don’t kill them it is over
There is no other option

Jimboboiii — 02/19/2022
I'm not an incel because I don't meet the condition of desiring a romantic or sexual partner I am however a radical, extremist, racist, and after the attack a terrorist Celts, Gingers, Slavs, Meds, and Nords must unite themselves by race to revert The Great Replacement

Jimboboiii — 02/22/2022
Pro tip: Be there for your children. As a parent you shall not embarrass, humiliate, or ridicule your child. This will not help them grow and instead only hurt them. Make sure you spend time with your child as well, and get meaningful experiences. My parents know little about me, they don’t know about the hundreds of silver ounces I’ve had, or the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on ammo. They don’t know that I spent close to $1000 on random military shit. They don’t even know I own a shotgun or an AR-15, or illegal magazines. Promise me if you have a child you will be there and you will be close, be a friend to your child and make sure they know that you will always help them. Talk about their problems and ways to solve it and NEVER make them feel bad for coming to you

Jimboboiii — 02/24/2022
I live in a house full of people yelling and being loud and shaming eachother for everything

Jimboboiii — 02/24/2022
I'm 19 days away from the attack, I know I'm gonna have to wake up one day and know I will be killing people that day I expect it will feel like tomorrow, but this is what I have to do, there's no way I can heal and return to a normal life

Jimboboiii — 02/24/2022
I don't believe there is a way to deradicalize if you seek the truth. Becoming deradicalized requires one to accept the lies and give up.

Jimboboiii — 02/26/2022
At least they won’t have to experience too much pain. 1 or 2 shots to the head or heart should kill them instantly, they might not even realize they just got shot. Shots to the lungs would kill them in a minute or 2. Everything else is variable, even neck shots, I will try and get 2 headshots in to each body I can find. I don’t want to kill them like this but this is the only way. I can’t even turn back now I am trapped to this fate, I can’t back out, I have to do this.

Jimboboiii — 02/26/2022
Killing myself is one option, but then I would be turning my back on my race, which is truly selfish

Jimboboiii — 02/27/2022
My cat Paige has hung out with me more than anyone else in the last few years, I hope when I'm gone my family can take care of her properly

Jimboboiii — 02/28/2022
I was in a Rust group named LDC for about 1 year and 2 months from May 2020-July 2021. The times I spent playing with Boric, Apple, Flash, Italian, Physco, Gavm, and so many others were probably the best times of my life. For once I didn’t feel like such an isolated loser. Maybe I can convince my mom that I will be doing my lab later, I havent been in physics lab for weeks now

Jimboboiii — 02/28/2022
I often question if this attack is the best option, and since I can't disprove it, it must be

Jimboboiii — 02/28/2022
I don't think I've said this but WALL-E is in the top 10 movie list for me. I might just be autistic but I prefer the non verbal communication seen in this movie. I also believe that the Earth will turn out to be trash-ridden and polluted if modern industrialization does not change to become MUCH more greener. As Ted Kaczynski once said, "The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race." I agree with many of the quotes found in Industrial Society and Its Future by the way. What I do not believe however is that technological advancement harms humanity and that progression of science is useless. I believe it is possible to become fully self sufficient and reduce or even prevent pollution, climate change ect, if modern industrialization is changed to fully green.

Jimboboiii — 03/01/2022
127 hours is such a beautiful movie

Jimboboiii — 03/02/2022
I’m actually quite dreading March 15, hopefully they’re not in pain for too long. The pain from the families will last as long as they live.

Jimboboiii — 03/02/2022
Shoutout to the cringy and autistic things I’ve done

Jimboboiii — 03/03/2022
I ordered a McChicken once at McDonalds and they gave me a promo survey thing on the receipt that gives you a free crispy chicken sandwich. And when you get the receipt for that it’s the same promo. So technically I can get all the crispy chicken sandwiches they have for free Sometimes my genius is a bit frightening

Jimboboiii — 03/04/2022
Im quite uncomfortable giving out so much of my personal thoughts and feelings, but perhaps it’ll be useful for someone

Jimboboiii — 03/04/2022
This attack is not based on hate, this is the most logical thing I’ve done in my life. I’m doing the right thing

Jimboboiii — 03/04/2022
I went to my high schools play just now. And I got to see my old buddy Logan, who was the main character. What’s most surprising is that when he saw me he instantly came to me and we hugged. He said that his coding class (which was where we met alot) talks about me everyday. Wow I haven’t felt that way in a long time, someone actually being excited to see me. Logan’s a great guy I miss him a lot, plus the rest of coding class they’re all great people.

Jimboboiii — 03/04/2022
I think I better make a goodbye list

Jimboboiii — 03/06/2022
I’m gonna miss being able to learn about armor

Jimboboiii — 03/06/2022
I went to my aunts birthday party today, that’s probably the last time I’m going to see that side of the family ever again

Jimboboiii — 03/06/2022
I enjoy my life quite a lot, I love being challenged and I love learning new information. My college helps a lot with this. I dislike that I will be giving all this up and I wish I could keep it. But I know the replacement of Whites will result in the end of this life for all people. I will have to show courage I don’t have to combat this replacement. It would be incredibly selfish if I decide that I would rather continue my life as normal, and ignore the cries of help from my race. I have to commit this attack, if I don’t who will? We have to fight The Great Replacement or it will end us all.

Jimboboiii — 03/06/2022
Its easy to always be entertained in this modern industrial age. Smartphones, TV, constant entertainment systems. Problems arise from this because true thoughts don’t become formed. Boredom and time is the only way I feel bad for the future kids who’s parents are always away from them on their phones or watching netflix or whatever. The traditional family unit is being dsstroyed by (((them))). They encourage modern day feminism and it is our job to stop it. Bad parents are the root of many problems with kids. And the Jews are behind it of course, it seems like they always are. The Jews hate all goys and want to destroy their civilizations and it is our job to stop and kill them all Diversity is a scam. It only seperates us more

Jimboboiii — 03/07/2022
I drove my brother to his job just now, I intentionally stopped and slowed down whenever I could so I could spend some more time with him. I feel quite bad that we aren't best friends like we used to, now we just don't really talk to each other and spend time gaming individually instead of spending time together. Is this a result of video game industry? Probably not. I think it's because I just don't reach out.

Jimboboiii — 03/07/2022
I'm actually really scared that I'm going to lose everything in a week. I keep telling myself this is right and I know it is, but I wish I didn't have to do this. I'm going to be killing people in 8 days and I had so much more I wanted to do. What I want right now is something to pass or someone to do something so I don't have to kill these people. But I know if I don't who will? Why am I so selfish this way? I want to live a normal life but that's impossible. How did my ancestors face certain death like they did? How can you just "accept" your death when your brain is wired to keeping you alive at all times? I think you have to be mentally insane or incredibly stupid to accept your death. Something they do in boot training probably helps, unfortunately I never did that. I don't want to kill these people but it's the right thing to do. I'm not stronger than any warrior, how did they do it?

Jimboboiii — 03/07/2022
Why do you think I grew up to be so independent and introverted?
Don’t be lazy for your children

(Evening after spending the day scouting Top’s in Buffalo)
Jimboboiii — 03/08/2022
Suicide seems very tempting right now

Jimboboiii — 03/09/2022
I did not sleep well despite I had went to sleep at 10, kept getting waked up throughout the night

Jimboboiii — 03/09/2022
Knowing that there's definitely one or two armed guards scares me quite a bit. My most unprotected vital area is my neck and face, and of course one well-placed shot will take me down. Most of my head, body, and sides are protected from their weapons so that gives me some confidence. Also I have a superior firearm with high cap mags and if they are using legal NY 10 round magazines than I should have quite the advantage. Plus if the cameras are positioned correctly according to my map than I should see them before they see me, so I should be able to incapacitate them before they even touch their pistol. It would be really disappointing if I get (head, eyes) before I even kill one black. I will die no matter what happens, and that is perfectly fine My ancestors did not die so that we would be replaced by them.

Jimboboiii — 03/09/2022
It's unbelievable how everything led to this moment, I never believed in fate or destiny until this attack came up. I can't get out of it, I'm missing so many of my college classes and I have to pay a speeding ticket and my car's about to break down. It's actually insane. This is what I'm supposed to do everything tells me it is. I can't get out of it there is no return to a normal life. This is my escape

Jimboboiii — 03/09/2022
I can't believe I'm actually going through with this, never in my life would I think I would be a killer I keep going back and forth from "This is actually insane" to "This is the only logical thing to do"

Jimboboiii — 03/09/2022
It happened again, at about 10:23 I was laying on my bed when suddenly my breathing became difficult, my heart pumped quickly, and my tinnitus shot up and I couldn’t hear anything else. I eventually got out by trying to breathe regularly. It lasted about 1 minute I think. The amount of stress I’m putting on myself is very unhealthy. I hope I don’t experience this during the attack

Jimboboiii — 03/10/2022
Billions of people died before I did, what is one more? Fighting is the only way, blood will be spilt and losts will happen, if I die make sure to spread my message, I'd appreciate it

Jimboboiii — 03/10/2022
I can never get a good sleep in, my familys so loud that I can’t leave the door open at night. My cat meows at the door in the middle of the night to wake me up when she can’t go in my room, so I can’t leave the door closed. I am forced to wake up early because school and I can’t stay home so I can give out the story of still going to school. I can’t leave the window open because cars drive by and awake me and I can’t have it closed at the same time as the door is closed because I’ll suffocate. There is no good alternative I was able to sleep with my door open, window closed, and fan on for a while but I can’t do that anymore

Jimboboiii — 03/11/2022
My old friend Joe contacted me and asked if wanted to help build a primitive house with him and a buddy over the summer. Like in Primitive Technology’s videos. I said yes but obviously I’m not going to be able to do that. Of course I know the true meaning behind it,

Jimboboiii — 03/11/2022
I understand and embrace the full consequences of my actions

Jimboboiii — 03/11/2022
I’m at the dentists office right now and it makes me quite sad this is the last time I will see my brother

Jimboboiii — 03/12/2022
Im about to delete all my personal info on this discord I’d really prefer if everyone didn’t know about my personal life

Jimboboiii — 03/12/2022
The truth is important so I'm keeping some things in I guess

Jimboboiii — 03/13/2022
I have never been more suicidal than I am today. When shooting today I was about to shoot myself in the head. I don’t want to deal with any other problems any more I just want to escape it all. My problem is I’m being so selfish

Jimboboiii — 03/14/2022
If my AR didn’t break down I think I could do the attack tommorow, but no. I’ll heavily lube it and see if that fixes it

Jimboboiii — 03/14/2022
The only bad attack is no attack

Jimboboiii — 03/14/2022
"Are you a hypocrite for watching porn even though you say it harms us?" Yes, yes I am a hypocrite. There is no justification.

Jimboboiii — 03/16/2022
I can’t tell you how much I don’t want to do this attack
My only other choice is suicide I can’t go back

Jimboboiii — 03/16/2022
Buying the armor and guns was easy, going out to exercise or shoot was a bit harder, but actually commiting my life to an unsure future is extremely difficult.

Jimboboiii — 03/16/2022
I don't think I will ever be ready for my loss of consciousness

Jimboboiii — 03/16/2022
It scares me alot thinking about shooting these black people

Jimboboiii — 03/17/2022
Anything I do it leads me to the same fate, I can’t escape. In fact this attack existed before I was even born.

Jimboboiii — 03/20/2022
The people that are permanent vendors at that flea market are all terrible people. There's some that are decent but I wish they would be taught better or learn that scamming people is not how you succeed in life.
Maybe humanity is a mistake, look at how our greed destroys our people, our culture, our life, our Earth.
I have this strange feeling of actual hate right now. I normally don't hate anyone, not even Jews or blacks. Am I really expecting a revolution against the current mindset? Is it even possible to escape form this nihilistic, hedonistic, individualist mindset that we have today?
All people are evil, some more than others.
I think I'm surrounding myself with bad people too much
I don't hate blacks but I hate niggers. I don't hate Jews but I hate kikes. I don't hate Hispanics but I hate spics. I don't hate Muslims but I hate towelheads. I don't hate people, but I hate evil people.

Jimboboiii — 03/20/2022
I dream about a life where I forget everything I've ever done and just boog in the woods

Jimboboiii — 03/21/2022
I am expecting death, maybe I won't shoot anyone before the security guard domes me, maybe in the midst of the attack someone pulls out a pistol and domes me, maybe when I'm exiting the building I am gunned down by multiple police officers, maybe I don't even make it to Buffalo or I get caught by a guard. Whatever happens happens, but one thing's for sure: inaction is the most detrimental to the sustainment of the White race.

Jimboboiii — 03/21/2022
Part of me wishes I just kept my head down and ignored everything and accept the mainstream lies, I would be so much happier that way. But then I wouldn’t know the truth. What’s more important to you? Blissful ignorance or an uncomfortable truth?

Jimboboiii — 03/22/2022
Imagine how scary it would be for a mass shooter when he knows that the people he will be trying to kill are all armed

Jimboboiii — 03/23/2022
guys I don't think I can do this, I know this is the right thing but how am I supposed to actually walk up and shoot and kill people?
I can't go back to school I'm missing so many classes, literally the only way out is suicide
What's my personal happiness worth anyways?
I wish I didn't have to kill these people
This is the only way
This is the way
There's no success without large sacrifice
WE will die out and humanity will fail if WE don't take back our lands
This is for all that have fallen already, and for the children of the future

Jimboboiii — 03/25/2022
When I came home at ~10:30 I was eating pizza bites when I hard my cat Paige scream from the garage. I quickly enter and the gray cat was attacking her. I then spent the next hour and a half chasing the cat around the garage and stabbing it with my knife (the camo one). It bled from the mouth at about 11:00 and at about 11:45 I was able to grab the cats tail and wind up and smack the cats head on the concrete ground. I did that a few times and when it went limp I grabber a hatchet and swung at its neck ~20 times until it came off. I called my mom and she gave me a box and I dug a shallow grave in the backyard
(Photo of decapitated cat)
Just took a shower and now I’m here I barely even dug the grave it is so shallow Well my cat Paige is safe now from that evil feral cat, may you find bliss from consciousness less
(Photo of Payton with blood droplets on his face)
Honestly right now I don’t feel anything about killing that cat. I thought I would be in pain but I literally just feel blank
At least you’re safe now
(Photo of Paige)

Jimboboiii — 03/26/2022
I'm compromised guys! I got mail in saying I was speeding in groveland and now my dad knows I was hours away doing something I shouldn't have. I wish I finished my manifesto and finished everything so I start the attack today. I need to destroy all evidence of my physical notes Shits about to get real

Jimboboiii — 03/26/2022
I'm sticking to the story that I wanted to hike in Letchwoth State park, and that I skipped school that day to go there but no others. And that I didn't tell them that I got ticketed because I didn't want them to yell at me.

Jimboboiii — 03/28/2022
I had another very bad night of sleep, I should have not watched videos of greek mythology until 11 I think I woke up at maybe 3 and I couldn’t get back to sleep, today’s going to suck

Jimboboiii — 03/28/2022
My thinking is so incoherant right now its like I’m speaking a laungage I don’t understand

Jimboboiii — 03/28/2022
Bad blacks ruin it for the decent ones

Jimboboiii — 03/28/2022
I’ve made lots of mistakes with the AR I bought, I wish I bought a sprinco recoil spring and 8x magazine springs, I wish I didn’t spend $70 on a shit tier Anderson Arms lower parts kit instead of just going online and getting an actual decent one for much less, I wish I didn’t buy a POST BAN AR, I wish I bought a 16” instead of a 20”, I wish I didn’t spend so much money on stupid ammo just to mag dump it, I wish I got any decent nitrided or better treated BCG and barrel so I didn’t have to use so much lube, I wish I could mount an EOtech EXPS 3 or something similar so I’m not restricted to irons and point shooting, I wish I could attach a decent collapsible stock. If you’re making an AR15 please don’t be an autist like me
I could’ve probably done so much better but NY is so cucked in every way, you have got to believe me when I say that I tried my best at the time
I hate NY so much
I tried guys I really did I’m sorry I’m so lazy and wrong all the time I want to do the best but it just never works I’m sorry for being such a retard and autist all the time
And now I’m gonna face the consequences of staying up too late I’m sorry everyone
I could have kept on dieting and exercising and staying from my phone and computer, I could’ve actually got a job and made some more money to fund this. I’m sorry everyone I have lots of problems that I am just too lazy to solve
I wish that I just accepted the lie that everything is fine and lived a happyish life instead of dying early
I could’ve done so much better I’m sorry for being such a failure
A few days before the attack I was at statelands and my gun wasn’t working and I had this HUGE urge to just end it all and kill myself. I just don’t want to deal with all the struggles any more, but I decided I might as well live one more day and walked back down to my car
I wish there was an option where I don’t have to do this
I don’t think I’ve said this but suicide is all I can think about for the last few days every moment I’m conscious I want to kill myself I don’t want to deal with this anymore

Jimboboiii — 03/29/2022
So I just had a meeting with my parents about everything that happened this week, I lied nearly the entire time. I said I was doing fine in school and going to every class when I haven't been in a class for weeks now. It's gonna make me quite upset when they realize the truth about what I've actually been doing the last few months. =
Sorry for lying, sorry I had to commit this attack against these innocent people, sorry you won't see me besides jail or dead. I understand and acknowledge the full consequences of my actions, and in fact I embrace them. The only thing that is certain is my death, and I fully embrace it.

Jimboboiii — 03/29/2022
The people I will be killing probably aren't criminals, nor are they evil people. But by living in this country they are replacers. And for that reason alone they must be removed in any way from our lands

Jimboboiii — 03/29/2022
I think you’d actually have to be a bit crazy to commit an attack like this. You’d be completely betraying you’re bodies need for self preservation. I keep telling mysef that one of these days I’m going to kill people over and over again, and when it happens I guess i’ll be less surprised I also keep telling myself that I’m not actually important and that everything involving me is so minscile. Billions of people died before me, what’s one more?

Jimboboiii — 03/30/2022
Millions of people died in more tragic ways than I will

Jimboboiii — 03/30/2022
I was at matts today at about 6:30 and we played this cards against humanity knock off game. I knew when he pulled it out and asked me to play it was gonna suck. 1: I know nothing of popular culture, there was a bunch of cards that I had to ask what they mean. 2: I’m really bad at talking out loud so I always stutter and lazily say words, which embarrasses me quite a bit. And 3: the cards I pick are never funny to the other people
I wish there was a way that I could avoid all attention from this attack, but if I want to influence others into soing the same that’s not possible

Jimboboiii — 03/30/2022
Whenever I think that I’d prefer suicide instead I tell myself its over anyways, might as well at least try to fight for your people

Jimboboiii — 03/31/2022
I was going to to kill myself sometime in december I think, I remember I went up to Matt’s house one day and I thought “he doesn’t know this is the last time he’a going to see me alive.”
I think theres multiple reason why people don’t commit to attacks like I do
1: They don’t know about white genocide or the great replacement
2: If they do know they are scared of action because they will lose everything in their life and be named a monster
3: They don’t know how to commit to an attack
Once all three of these are answered, they become the most dangerous radical. They become unafraid of their death and learn that life is more than just theirs. They are among the most dangerous people on this planet once they reach this stage

Jimboboiii — 03/31/2022
Bradley’s a cool guy I wish we could be friends

Jimboboiii — 03/31/2022
Yeah I’m equivalent to the average 4chan degenerate. What else do you expect from a person who barely interacts with regular people?

Jimboboiii — 03/31/2022
FBI agents I know you know so STFU

Jimboboiii — 04/01/2022
I feel completely disconnected from my past. I don’t believe I am the same person that I was on Christmas 2021. It’s like I was reborn and was forced fed memories that I’m supposed to believe are connected to me but in reality it’s not

Jimboboiii — 04/04/2022
I’m actually so autistic its not even funny
My manifesto is a complete joke

Jimboboiii — 04/04/2022
I'm just saying, I probably wouldn't be as nationalistic if it weren't for Blood and Iron on roblox

Jimboboiii — 04/04/2022
I understand that my way of thinking may seem irrational and schizophrenic to some people "And why that's a good thing"
Jimboboiii — 04/04/2022
You know I’ve been going through these days barely feeling anything. This attack is just something I’m going to do and I really don’t feel any emotions connected to it. Everything just seems fake

Jimboboiii — 04/04/2022
You know if I didn’t care for my race I would already be gone from suicide.

Jimboboiii — 04/04/2022
I was fucked from the very beginning. I never even had a chance. This is my destiny and this is how I will die
I have no other choice but to commit this attack. There is no way to back out, no help out there.
I would try to seek God in these next few days to give me some comfort

Jimboboiii — 04/05/2022
I’m quite dissappointed that I made it this far to be honest. I never wanted to live this long I said I was going to go to statelands today that might be true, I’m going to work on my manifesto a bit in the morning

Jimboboiii — 04/05/2022
I thought that I chose this fate but in reality I never had a chance for anything else. Ever since I was born I have been getting closer and closer without even realizing it. So called freedom of choice doesn’t actually exist.

Jimboboiii — 04/06/2022
I keep going back and forth between being fine with dying and the attack to freaking out and being very stressed its actually insane

Jimboboiii — 04/07/2022
Tommorow I will be attempting to kill people… To be honest I am very stressed about that, there’s a good chance that I will die tommorow as well

Jimboboiii — 04/08/2022
I don’t know if I said this earlier but I have had a sore throat and stuffed nose these past 4 days I think, I didn’t think it was that concerning but as I woke up today it felt absolutely horrible. My throat hurts every time I swallow, my voice sounds differently (called out to Paige as I woke up and realized that), and is a bit harder to breathe. I think I have to delay the attack by another week cause I can’t do it like this. I’m literally not bullshitting you I really wanted to do it today or tomorrow. I’ll have to find a way to stay alive until then. I think the covid vac is kicking in to make sure I stay in place or a fed hit me with a poisened dart.

Jimboboiii — 04/08/2022
I don't even want to be alive anymore tbh I just want to get this over with and die I'm actually really disappointed that I'm staying alive this long
Jimboboiii — 04/09/2022
If only you knew how bad things really are The whole world as you know it will fail, and we are only rapidly accerating. If you’re smart, you’d get off this hell while you have the option to. I hope you find God, because his comfort will be needed to sustain you
I still feel very sick I know a federal agent hit me with a poison dart so I would have to delay the attack. I wish I never ate soy, I wish I never brushed with flouride toothpaste, I wish I never drank bottled water. They are full of toxins that hurt you and the super elite know that. It’s basically impossible to avoid these days but you must do the best you can or they will have total control over you

Jimboboiii — 04/11/2022
The reason why I’m feeling suicidal now is that I don’t want to feel all the pain that will come from this. But that’s incredibly selfish just to die without fighting when your people are dying I hope that all the people I kill will live in forever peace, and that they will never feel pain again I hope you enjoy the beauty of Heaven

Jimboboiii — 04/12/2022
I had 4 options I think:
1: I could've stuck with engineering science and gotten a regular job and had a regular life, in which my people would most likely die out and we become complete slaves to the elite
2: I could've dropped out of college and lived my life like Aron Ralston, which I would definitely prefer, but I would be turning my back on my race
3: I could've killed myself and all of this wouldn't be a concern to me
4: I could devote my life to my race in hope that the we learn the problems of the world and successfully counter it, therefore preventing our genocide
I wish it wasn't like this, but this is the true red pill. Our people are dying and will continue to do so, unless we band together to defeat the replacers and defeat the super-elite that rule the world today. I don't even know if it's all hopeless, that we are too far gone. The only certain thing here is that inaction WILL lead to our demise, and that ANY attempt to counter that is a good attempt.

Jimboboiii — 04/14/2022
I wish a lot of things were different.

Jimboboiii — 04/14/2022 Guys I may have to go in sick, I literally can't wait longer That would suck hard but I gotta do it head ache, coughing, aching muscles, tiredness I dear hope to god I get better

Jimboboiii — 04/14/2022
Everyday its nothing but torture, the only way I will be satisfied is if I die I absolutely hate the super elite for trying to destroy our civilization, I wish them all to hell. Their greed for money is ruining us Bread and circus My jaw hurts so much , my teeth hurt, my muscles ache, my head hurts I don’t want to feel this pain anymore please just end it

Jimboboiii — 04/14/2022
Fever too forgot to say that

Jimboboiii — 04/14/2022
I’ve been in and out of consciousness all of today and am in so much pain. My legs hurts like crazy for fucks sake I’m gonna eat lots of protein and see if that helps This is such bullshit

Jimboboiii — 04/15/2022
I literally can't wait anymore my parents know something's wrong and they came to me just now for not going to school Tomorrow I go no matter what happens, I literally can't wait any longer. If I'm still sick than I'll just have to push through with it

Jimboboiii — 04/15/2022
I never even wanted to live this long anyways

Jimboboiii — 04/15/2022
I wish I did the attack earlier I felt better then

Jimboboiii — 04/15/2022
Congratulation FBI/CIA, you successfully prevented domestic terrorism with your biological weapons
I just slept for the past 7 hours and I literally can’t get out of bed
Looks like I’m just gonna have to kms
I’m sorry guys I really did try my best but it didn’t work out.
I’m sorry please forgive me

Jimboboiii — 04/15/2022
Wow gained all that weight back too thats embarrassing
Everything in this discord is not of fake and gay nature Everything’s true or what I thought at the time

Jimboboiii — 04/16/2022
(Picture of positive COVID test)
Fuck this I hate China so much bros its not even funny
And I hate our stupid response as well
Congrats feds you successfully stopped terrorism with your biological weapons.
I bet you contaminated my mcdonalds mc chicken with this virus didn’t you?

Jimboboiii — 04/16/2022
I wish I was dead right now
I NEVER wanted to live this long
Everytime the day comes some shit happens and I can't do it
This sucks so much you have no idea
I have a court date I have to attend or they will suspend my drivers license and/or get a warrant for my arrest
And I still feel like absolute shit covid is no joke even after 2 of (((their))) vaccines
I do at least feel a bit better...
Any attempt is a good attempt

Jimboboiii — 04/25/2022
I think I would do more voice recordings of all this garbage if I had a better voice
Idk I have a really ugly voice you wouldn't want to hear it

Jimboboiii — 04/25/2022
Thinking about killing people scares me so much

Jimboboiii — 04/26/2022
I'm going to be dead soon and that is how it's supposed to be

Jimboboiii — 04/27/2022 I went home but realized my mom was homr so I just left, I’m at my college just meming around Oh by the way I haven’t recovered completely from covid, still have been coughing and I still have a runny nose.
I hate how big my lips are and how I have a wide nose I look like a literal nigger
I’m not a real Aryan unfortuantely
>tfw not blond blue eyed with Nordic features
It hurts so much bros its unreal
Get out of fiat and into actual valuable items, like guns, ammo, survival equipment, and precious metals

Jimboboiii — 04/27/2022
Thats what I would do at least, but then again I’m a bit of an autist
Maybe it’s best not to listen to whatever garbage comes out of my mind

Jimboboiii — 04/27/2022
meh Im not that much of a supporter of Elliot
If I cared I would read more into his manifesto but I don't
Stop blaming women when you should really be blaming jews
I was on my computer just now and my dad came in and asked if I was in class, which literally almost gave me a heart attack cause I thought that he knew somehow
I said no and he was referring to right now
Phew, I can't wait until this stress is over

Jimboboiii — 04/27/2022
I deleted my salt springs pictures cause I think I look bad in them
I didn’t even realize that I had booger crusts on my nose :/

Jimboboiii — 04/27/2022
I’ll admit my mental health has seriously degraded these past few years, especially in the last few months.

Jimboboiii — Yesterday at 8:00 AM
I’m actually surprised I was able to write my thoughts out in le manifesto, I can’t even do that in rl

Jimboboiii — Yesterday at 8:10 AM
Considering how bad I am at English I think I did pretty well

Jimboboiii — Yesterday at 11:38 AM I am NOT good at communicating my thoughts, so please bare all the stupid things I’ve said here and in the manifesto
I’m embarrassed that I stole so much of Tarrant’s general thoughts actually
You will know what is my original work and what is not

Jimboboiii — Yesterday at 2:36 PM
I’ve just been sitting around watching youtube and shit for the last few days
I think this is the closest I’ll ever be to being ready
I literally can’t wait another week to do this
I’m not sure if I’m expecting any real change in the world after I do the attack
It is certain my life will be changed
It all comes back to the saying that inaction is sure to end in defeat

Jimboboiii — Yesterday at 2:57 PM
I feel like a conpletely different person compared to who I was a year ago, it’s like I was reborn and didn’t even realize it
This is how things are meant to be, and I’ve been getting closer to it my entire life without knowing it
Theres so many influences and factors and events that happened in such an order
The chance of it happening like it did is actually impossible
The fact is I never had even a chance of living a normal life
I’m gonna take a nap then work on my to do list, probably shave too

Jimboboiii — Today at 8:45 AM
That’s one of the things I love in this world
I absolutely love exploring and being close to nature, if I could I would devote my life to it
For a long time I said that I never had anyone to look up to in my life, well I finally found one and his name is Aron Ralston
Oh and Brenton Tarrant too,
Maybe I’ll have to have my hair slicked back
I really wish I could continue my life as I wanted,
I wish I could be an engineer and save lives
But then I would be ignoring the cries of help from my people, we are being genocided
I blame the elite the most, their greed for money has caused this, the industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race
They are the ones who imported these non whites here, all they care about is lining their pockets and hoarding wealth.
They will destroy our planet because of their greed
The non white immigrants are problems too, they often leach off of welfare and just by their prescense they replace whites
We cannot coexist, to preserve our cultures and people we must be seperate It is absolutely brutal that I will be attempting to take their life away, their families and friends will be absolutely devasted.
But it is essential to helping prevent White genocide.
Maybe I will be the person that sends us just over the edge, and we will combat the elite and face our real problems
Most likely not however, but if I can help in any way I will take it
To A C C E L E R A T E is the goal
In a decent society NEET’s are unacceptable, luckily this isn’t a decent society It’s a good idea to leach off your enemies
All within reason of course
I’ve been coping a lot these past few months, I would often take naps and play video games and shit when I should’ve been working on this.
Sorry lads The fact is I’m not a perfect person and sometimes I don’t even attempt to be.
My problem was that I had too much free time, if I was too preoccupied with school or something else I would have to time to actually plan this out
If I didn’t have the time to spend researching white genocide I would not be doing this right now

School shooters like nikolas cruz are not based and not redpilled honestly fuck them
Why did Nik do it?
For popularity?
I think I have a good reason for commiting mine
I would understand if you thought I was completely delusional and insane
But you just don’t have the same information and application that I have
Don’t let yourselves be disarmed
Adam Lanza wanted to save children from growing up in this shit world
You better have a good reason for not combating white genocide, or else

Jimboboiii — Today at 2:23 PM
I reccomend blowing up CNN headquarters
Why is Joe Biden such a pedophile wtf?
Don’t tell federal agents this but this is actually a false flag
In fact, I don’t even exist, I stopped being alive in 2004

Jimboboiii — Today at 7:17 PM

Ugh the first few minutes are going to be boring, and I will have a lesser sense of time because I can't listen to the music
I hope I don't get a panic attack, I tend to do that under very stressful conditions
It happened a few times in my life, most notably when I went to buffalo March 8th
"knees weak, arms are heavy, there's spaghetti falling out of his pockets already"

Jimboboiii — 04/29/2022
I actually feel like vomiting right now this is what I will be doing, I forced myself into this I forced myself into this and now I have no escape, well besides suicide of course I've mentioned the problem with that before
GOD I wish there was some other way, why am I sent to do this? I'm not strong or brave or courageous
Why me God? Why have you set my path like this?
Or is this just a result of my free will?

Jimboboiii — 04/30/2022
I’m LITERALLY not bullshitting you btw I don’t want to keep delaying and delaying

Jimboboiii — 04/30/2022
I should be sleeping rn I’m just browsing online :/

Jimboboiii — 04/30/2022
Idk why I can’t get to sleep
I’m really trying but its not working
Thats funny, this is the most tired I’ve ever been and cant get to sleep

Jimboboiii — 04/30/2022
I didn’t even get to sleep today, maybe it is best to wait for friday
I doubt I’ll be able to keep hiding that I dropped out of college from my parents, may have to live in my car once they kick me out for a day

Jimboboiii — 05/02/2022
I can't stop watching 127 hours bros whats wrong with me
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
If free will is real than I definitely chose this path, I thought I was forced onto it but no.
I had many influences that got me here but the fact is I chose this, I could've kept with college and had a normalish life, or at least pretend.
But if it's not
To be honest I can't answer that, that's just one of life's question that ain't never gon be nanswered
that question has plagued thinkers for thousands of years now
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
liberation from his path of certain death

Jimboboiii — 05/04/2022
Ok I’m a bit stressed that a google worker is going to see my manifesto
fuck WHY did I write it on google docs
I should have had some other solution
I’m so retarded its actually insane
I’m stressed
This isn’t healthy I wish I had a better environment
I have to hide the fact I dropped out of school from my parents, I have to pretend to go to school everyday. I have these bullshit stressors, ugh
Ok I just gotta add a bit more then I’m done And redo the linksp

Jimboboiii — 05/05/2022
Accidently pushed both buttons and almost called 911 in my sleep
I need to stop sleeping with my phone

Jimboboiii — 05/05/2022
I’m a literal addict to my phone I can’t stop consooming

Jimboboiii — 05/05/2022
Honestly this entire thing is a meme, I’m actually just doing a high quality shitpost

Jimboboiii — 05/05/2022
It’s not that I actually dislike other people, it’s just that they make me feel so uncomfortable
I’ve probably spent actual years of my life just being online. And to be honest I regret it. I didn’t go to friend’s houses often or go to any parties or whatever. Every day after school I would just go home and play games and watch youtube, mostly by my self. I had some activities like boy scouts, and I was in my schools swim and soccer team once.
Out of my years playing video games, I only remember a few moments. Everything else is just blank
Oh and I was a volunteer firefighter before covid hit
Covid changed alot of things for me, for some reason I was deathly afraid of getting sick and having permanent disabilites afterwards
You can thank reddit for that
But even my earlier moments spent playing with friends I don’t remember that well
I used to go to a babysitter named Deb, it seemed like I went there every single day. I made some friends like nick and ryan, they are alot different then me now
In fact I haven’t even seen them for years now, they used to be my best friends
At Deb’s I remember playing retro games with Nick, we played super mario bros 1 and 3, and Mike Tyson’s boxing game the most
The mornings were always the most difficult, I think I rememer watching a lot of disney
I seemed to always be hungry there, we would have basic foods like ravoli and such, I would always remember that poster on the a young boy and girl praying
Sometimes my cousins were there, which made it more fun
Speaking of my cousins, I spent the most time with Wes, and Alexis.
Sometimes they would come over and we play on the trampoline all day
But after I turned 11 I think, they stopped coming over and I didn’t see them much afterwards
From first grade to eighth grade, my best friend was Joe, we hanged out a lot in school and had sleepovers at eachother’s houses. He seemed to be moving all the time though. Eventually we stopped talking to each other, I think it’s because I ranted about communism all day long
I’ve always liked Joe, still do. I don’t know anything about what he does nowadays but I’m sure he’s still decent
You’ve heard me talk about Matt, Matt has been my friend ever since third grade. We talk some nowadays and I would consider him my only friend. Sadly we don’t talk like we used to anymore I’ve made some friends at boy scouts as well, mostly Tommy, and littlr Parker
Big Parker was an absolute asshole
Stopped talking to Tommy and lil Parker after I left, I was in venture scouts for some time as well.
Boy scouts started my love for the outdoors, never can I be happier then when I’m deep innawoods
I’ve been in multiple online groups for games, I’ve been in one group in Warface when I was like in 7th grade. Those guys still used teamspeak. I eventually left cause I got too bored of the game
And I don’t even remember any of their names
Plus some rust groups, I probably have a few thousand hours on that game
The problem with video games is that it leaves you with a false sensation of progress.
In reality you haven’t changed anything in the real world
Plus it can be addictive when that is your only escape
Before I found steam I played mostly roblox, andkon, and minecraft. Afterwards I played TF2, warface, Rust, and SCP secret laboratory
I shot some fun gun’s with my cousins. My direct family never had any interests. Wenting
hunting with my uncle a few times

I’ve never had real good connection with my classmates. Some ones I had some connection to were Barbara, James, and maybe Karim
You Be The Chemist was a fun challenge, in one of the years I scored 5th in the state. Those guys were actually so smart
Watched lots of science videos growing up like MinuteEarth, ASAPScience, Vsauce
i hecking love science bros
I was never athletic, I was actually quite fat for all my life.
I’ve had some bad experiences with black people at school, one time this nigress said I called her a nigger in 6th grade and I had to stay in in school suspension the entire day, basically crying the entire time. And the thing was she was held back 2 times
At that time she was learning to be a victim, that she can say things to get other people hurt or in trouble
I think I see her at the McDonalds I go to a lot, working as a drive thru clerk lol
Other time another nigress kept clapping her hands over my ears, which gave me intense pain and tinnitus. And she thought it was funny. People saw too btw, and nothing happened. These experiences didn’t make me racist against blacks though, maube uncomfortable around the majority of them, since I only relate them to trouble.
I only really turned racist when 4chan started giving me facts that they were intellectually and emotionally inferior.
This behavior is simply due to the lack of development in their brains compared to a white person
Then I saw the crime statistics, and the rape of our women, and how the average black takes 700000 dollars from government support, and how they were able to have unlimited kids without any consequences, since they are dependent on such support
Then I saw how the jews brought them over as slaves, how jews funded leftism and how they teach us to be ashamed of our heritage
It seemed like there was no hope for us. We are doomed by low birth rates, a hedonistic, nihilistic, individual culture, and a growing population that wants us dead. The people that allowed them to grow to the point they are at today, dead.
I was going to kill myself, I didn’t want to see our decay and our death. I didn’t want to be the victim of their random acts of violence.
But then I saw Brenton Tarrant kill 44 muslims at an Al Noor mosque. And I realized that hope is not over, that our replacement can be overturned
Then I found Patrick Crucius, Dylann Roof, John Earnest, these were white men fighting for me.
They had the same views as I did
The most influential part of Tarrant’s manifesto was “Why doesn’t someone do something?”
“Why doesn’t someone do something?”
“Why doesn’t someone do something?” .

“Why don’t I do something?” It was then I realized that I could fight our replacement myself, finally I felt awakened. No longer will I just accept this
I will take the fight to the invaders myself
I will stand up to defend my race from the decay
From the replacers, from the jews that take from us, from the elite that exploit us
I will dedicate my life to this cause, whether I’m successful or not, it will be for a good reason
That’s how I was radicalized, I learned the truth
I don’t know if I will make any real change, the only thing that is certain is that inaction is sure to end in defeat. Even if there was any chance this would I would take it
I live to serve and protect my community, my people, my race, my culture
That’s how I will die

Jimboboiii — 05/08/2022
Preventing white genocide is top on the list of things I want
Followed by preservation of our Earth
Eco-facism is how these goals can be met, therefore I support eco-facism

Jimboboiii — 05/09/2022
Just remembered of this old roblox game by DATINE I used to play that every single day when I got home from school, it was some zombie survival type game
That was the good ol days for me
Escape the hospital game and underground wars was a big one too
I'm gonna go for a walk brb
You know I haven’t thought much about my past and previous things I’ve done, I’ve always been preoccupied with video games or youtube or movies or school
To be honest I made lots of mistakes and I wish things turned out differently
But some things just naturally happened because I had no control over them
After I left boy scouts I had been trying to erase my memory of everything that happened cause I had some bad experiences
I forgot all of the times that I had good experiences, like the friends I made and being outdoors I flew an airplane and shot various guns and had fun campouts and listened to the sounds of bugs at night and birds early in the morning
Had fun times acting as a group and a leader
I do regret playing so many games and watching so many movies and just entertaining myself like that, so many of years feel just blank
I hate that my voice is so bad I’ve always felt like I’m not able to communicate properly cause I have such an ugly voice
Thats the bad thing about being an autist I guess

There’s bats flying around in the sky rn
I can’t tell if they’re squeaking or its just the sounds of their wings

I user to be a big fan of fortnite, forgot about that
I remember at the Binghamton Mets or whatever its called I exchanged fortnite dances with some other kid lol
Minecraft hunger games was a big one too, played that alot with my brother
I do regret how I didn’t spend much time recently being with my brothers or cousins
I developed tinnitus after I shot guns without hearing protection with my uncle and cousins, I regret it nearly every day. My tinnitus does bother me considerably
Jaw has been hurting for a while, I’ve been trying to do jaw exercises and massages. But when I do they hurt so much more
I don’t want to die but in a sense I kind of feel relieved that I won’t feel this pain anymore That is if I die, I promise I won’t kill myself
I think the reason why I’ve been so bad at social situations is because of lack of confidence and autism.
I’ve never been diagnosed with autism but it wouldn’t surprise me if I was considering my previous actions and current thoughts
To be honest I’m not an interesting person
A guy at my high school killed himself when I was a junior. I even sat across from him in Calc class. I wonder what he was thinking right before he did it.
I think about him a lot, we were never friends I don’t even think I ever talked to the guy
His name was Dan
I almost drowned when I was like 6, I was at my cousin’s pond and I went deeper than I should have, my uncle bob ended up jumping in the water and saving me, ruined his phone in his pocket though. I swallowed a lot of water and a lot was sent in my lungs. Luckily I was able to cough a lot of it up
I don’t remember that much about it, I remember just thrashing my arms and panicing I didn’t know how to swim either, and didn’t have a life jacket or anything
There has been some girls at my high school that I thought were attractive but I have never actual been attracted to any of them. Like I never actually wanted to kiss or have sex with anyone
And I watched porn of people having sex before of course
Sorry if that’s more than you wanted to hear lol
I think that’s just issues with my brain wiring
My ancestors went through so much more pain than I did, I really have no reason to complain as much as I am now
They were alot tougher and stronger than I am though
To be honest I think I said everything I wanted to say
Besides some additions to my manifesto and a rework on my copy pastas, I think I’m as close as I’m every going to get
I just don’t have the time to wait any longer
I had some fun in my life, it was an interesting experience to say the least, now I’m ready to abandon everything I have left
For my people, for my culture, for my race
Let’s do it
OH, and protip: you always get more for yourself by helping other people
I wasn’t even suppose to last thing long, I was supposed to do this 2 months ago. But now I finally feel actually ready
I’ve learned a lot amount myself and the world by doing this, I hope you also experience the same things I did
Just remember I might not know you or anything about you, but I will be rooting for you. Even if I’m dead
You are the future now, be smart and be strong
And never let the jews win, as long as we have free speech and free access to history we will never die. God bless you and I hope to see you in valhalla

Jimboboiii — 05/09/2022
I’m looking at my old photos from my moms facebook… God I wish someone told me I was getting fat or so shave my unibrow
“What no father figure does to a mf”

Boy scout leader was probably the peak of my life everything went bad after
I’m mildly schizophrenic or schizotypal if you couldn’t tell already

Jimboboiii — Yesterday at 7:23 AM
“Why write so many mean words on your gun if this isn’t based on hate?”
It’s just for the emotional damage and higher chance of making people salty lol
Reminder I’m only shitposting IRL
I do not hate blacks, this is purely based on preservation of our race and progress
The names on my gun are a constant reminder blacks are intellectually and emotionally stunted compared to whites and results in higher crimes and rapes.
The majority of them are simply too stupid to live in our western world
And how the jews will allow for whites to be persecuted, since it fits their anti white agenda

Jimboboiii — Yesterday at 10:27 PM
I’m going to die anyways, might as well do it for a good cause

Jimboboiii — Yesterday at 10:57 PM
I wonder how the other partisans felt when they committed their attacks
I’ll find out soon enough

Jimboboiii — Today at 10:03 AM
I am so massively autistic it isn’t even funny
This is just a huge joke and I’m just shitposting for the lols

Jimboboiii — Today at 10:13 AM
I am absolutely retarded and make stupid decisions all the time

Jimboboiii — Today at 8:10 PM
Ok done with what I need to do, not perfect not even close
But I simply have no more time
180 pages long
like how when you see it you'll turn 180 degrees and walk away

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PostSubject: Re: Jimboboiii (Payton Gendron - Buffalo Shooter) Discord transcript   Jimboboiii (Payton Gendron - Buffalo Shooter) Discord transcript Icon_minitimeTue Jul 19, 2022 10:00 am

He seemed so ambivalent about going through with it. Parts of diary sound like a cry for help. Again how soon did he post publicly before the attack?

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PostSubject: Re: Jimboboiii (Payton Gendron - Buffalo Shooter) Discord transcript   Jimboboiii (Payton Gendron - Buffalo Shooter) Discord transcript Icon_minitimeThu Mar 14, 2024 4:50 pm

sscc wrote:
I've gone through the transcript and gleaned some of the more personal posts - not about racial propaganda, mechanics of the shooting or gear but those focused on his life and his thoughts/emotions about the shooting. I went through ~600 pages so it's still relatively long. I'm sure I've left things out but you get some sense of what he was thinking and experiencing.

Can u please contact me PN?

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How he got the money?
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CoreyVanVonWeg wrote:
How he got the money?

By buying and selling things, he had a knack for coins, among other things, which he resold at a good price.

Paygen89 wrote:
sscc wrote:
I've gone through the transcript and gleaned some of the more personal posts - not about racial propaganda, mechanics of the shooting or gear but those focused on his life and his thoughts/emotions about the shooting. I went through ~600 pages so it's still relatively long. I'm sure I've left things out but you get some sense of what he was thinking and experiencing.

Can u please contact me PN?

Does anyone have his entire diary where he also mentions his visits to the supermarket?
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Jimboboiii (Payton Gendron - Buffalo Shooter) Discord transcript Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jimboboiii (Payton Gendron - Buffalo Shooter) Discord transcript   Jimboboiii (Payton Gendron - Buffalo Shooter) Discord transcript Icon_minitime

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Jimboboiii (Payton Gendron - Buffalo Shooter) Discord transcript
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