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 Pekka's Thoughts

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PostSubject: Pekka's Thoughts   Pekka's Thoughts Icon_minitimeTue Dec 06, 2022 11:10 pm

Gender: Male
I joined as a member on March 4, 2007
I was last logged in on March 19, 2007
I prefer to go to the movies to watch:
Action movies

My favorite music is:

I dress most often:
Homely comfortable with what you can find in the closet

In my free time:
I go out in the heart of nature

If I won a million:
I would save it for the future

Sturmgeist says:
I am very cynical thinker and social issues, history
as well as a student interested in philosophy.
I am very concerned about the future of our country and I hope that the current rotten
our society will change radically in the coming years. On the other hand, I don't
directly advocate any particular idea, doctrine or ideology dogmatically,
but I try to think things rationally, independently, and
However, I am not an ordinary person, but a gentlemanly superhuman who
in existence has created its own - independent of the masses and slavery morality
liberated - their world of values ​​and is aware of their national identity,
things, objects and beings of the material world and concepts of the world of ideas
and is self-aware of his position in the world around him.

List of things I oppose / hate: equality, tolerance,
political correctness, democracy, religiosity, rap music,
green chips, pacifism, multiculturalism, leftist ideology,
forced Swedish, racism of skinheads, TV commercials, telephone advertising, mainstream media,
UN, pee culture, collectivism, anarchism, development aid ...
An argument for a punch ...

Written by Sturmgeist on March 19, 2007 at 7:56 PM

"On what grounds do you consider socialism anti-talent?"
It seeks to equalize citizens through "education" and that
no one should be better anywhere and not think differently. Of all
equal and hardworking Soviets!
"So you're obviously in favor of bourgeois power when you consider it a bad thing that
if the working class is ahead of the bourgeoisie? "
How so above? Without entrepreneurs and businesses, there would be no work, so
useless to complain. An association of categories and a responsible market economy, it has
a road that secures Finland's well-being and saves Finland from red caries.
The power belongs to those who really understand things, are qualified
and have received appropriate training.
"Aren't right-wing politicians supposedly crooked, then?
oppressive and oppressors of their own citizens? "
There may be them too, but I do not see liberal right-wingers as such.
When an individual is given the opportunity to rise in life, develop their skills,
to train and acquire a job that matches their abilities and interests (was it
then business manager, factory worker or teacher), pay and
individual freedoms so what oppression is it?

"Why do you hate tolerance, multiculturalism, pacifism and
green hippies? "

Green chips are not real greens but hypocritical scammers who
drive their cars, oppose nuclear power and cultivate in their flower beds
drugs ... The real attraction is like Arne Naess and Pentti Linkola
philosophers and deep ecologists.
Multiculturalism and tolerance go too far when
begin to compromise the target country 's own values, culture, traditions and
enact laws in favor of foreigners as well as take cheap labor from abroad
to replace the Finnish workforce.

"You must be these Satanic Nazis when, of course, you admire war, racism,
neo-Nazis, violence and Hitler. You're just typical
Nazi bay! "

Nazism had the mistake of striving (like socialism, but different
to integrate the individual into the mass.
I hate neo-Nazism and racism as well as skinheadism. These are
failed multiculturalism and uncontrolled immigration policies
Hitler was a creative artistically and rhetorical genius, despite his settlement
and their decisions were somewhat erroneous.

"You must also be a supporter of the forced army who would like to force
to the army of every Finnish man, even by force. In addition, you would like
be sure to ban civilian service because you certainly consider it harmful
in terms of patriotism and Nazism. "

Salary army and NATO membership, I don’t support a forced army (as in EVERYTHING
in socialist countries has always been). Patriotic can be without
even Nazism.

"You superstitious Nazi laurels ..."

They ... except that I'm not religious myself, I like Marx
the Red Religion also as unworthy fundamentalism. You must be bowing that
day 5 times towards the Red Square, you read Marx in communist meetings
capital and you perform rituals that worship Marx and his unworthy
their doctrines.
You yourself seem to see communism as some kind of ‘orthodox’ and ‘the only one
as the true ‘religion to which all should be converted.
“North Korea is merely a total dictatorial state with a government
violates human rights in a serious way and oppresses its own citizens.

"You dispute the facts ... P-Korea is a totalitarian dictatorship but
red and socialist like that. Yes, the obscenity you mentioned from there, too
still exits when socialism breaks down, through political evolution.

Written by Sturmgeist on March 19, 2007 at 7:56 PM

I have come to a diagnosis: you're obviously a fanatic and piilostalinisti
a warrior believer and a childish troll / in Provo Suomi24, which
denies facts in the name of his religion and cannot argue properly but
falls mainly into errors such as "argumentum ad hominem".
For the Punic Stalinist ...

Written by Sturmgeist on March 13, 2007 at 10:38 PM


"Here was found another class enemy who seems to be these
weisse Wolfen's noble brothers. "
I am not a class enemy but I am in favor of class cooperation, corporativism.
It is more favorable to our homeland than decaying socialism.

“This Nazi Sturmgeist also has these superstitious fanatics who
support Nazism and the oppression of other people. "

I am not a Nazi, and I am not in favor of National Socialism. I am also opposed to racism.
In fact, I'm quite politically independent and questioning as well as
I criticize and think independently. Unlike you who are red
as a fundamentalist, you would be willing to deny all difference and
your dogmatic idea of ​​individuality (as well as democracy and individual freedoms)
in the name of.

"In addition, freedom of the press should also be tightened so much that they do not have
there would be no opportunity to express their racist views
even through the leaves. "

Says Mr. Stalinist laurel. North Korea about it, faster!

Communism is cancer

Written by Sturmgeist on March 11, 2007 at 10:45


Communists, socialists and other Vasors and punks live on their own
in their fairy-tale utopia and have red glasses with their eyes living pathetic
individuals who believe that people are all equal,
equal and opposed to all talent as well as successful
Their goal is to eliminate everything that is not suitable
"Soviet people." Even in the Soviet Union, tens of millions
"enemies of the people" (workers, peasants, soldiers, entrepreneurs,
intellectuals ...) were exterminated in concentration camps and executions in order to be
reached a communist utopia society.
They want to take an honest working population and successful entrepreneurs hard
work-earned property and destroy our country's economic development only
for his own envy. Mokomat punks, trying to keep the people poor,
for no one would support the Communists if things were going well.
Redheads are power-hungry, crooked, and may look
from people, but are not people.
Communism is a bit like a horizon: when you try to reach it, it
moves away as you approach. All states striving for communism
have remained in the socialist phase, with the people beginning to rebel and
as society decays.
All the punks of the world, beat your brainless heads together and set up your own
your jubilee community though to North Korea, but get the hell out of this
from the ground!
Communism is a cancer that is harmful to our homeland and to the whole world
discard from the earth.
About socialism and more ...

Written by Sturmgeist on March 18, 2007 at 11:50 AM


“Why do you see socialism as a decaying and some kind of threat
to the homeland? "

It is extremely anti-talented, financially poor and demanding
dictatorship to stay upright for even a week. Also, there is no way
advantageous to incite class hatred among our homeland and raise the working class
to power and become business leaders, and to co-own production equipment ...
absurd and unnatural.
Communism, on the other hand, works only in theory. It's extreme
an impractical idea. Communists seek to keep the working population poor,
after all, no one would support the Communists if things were going well. Communists
are power-hungry, crooked, and may look human, but they are not
no people. Because of their envy, they are ready to ruin success and good
economic development and prosperity.

"In that profile, you said you hated tolerance, among other things,
multiculturalism, pacifism and green hippies. "


"What exactly do you mean by these so-called green chips?"

Mostly modern green movement and party as well as red screw greens
cloud pimps and total refusers.

"I think that kind of talk seems pretty racist."

So you don’t know what racism means.

"Do you think there is anything in support of the idea of ​​peace and tolerance
bad? "

The best idea of ​​peace is to build a strong army and defense readiness
Tolerance is bad for your own people and your nation
at the expense of beginning to change conditions for minorities around the world
affordable and give up perintest as well as our own culture. And when
for the most part, violent criminals run free from tax evaders
sitting in jail ...
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Posts : 676
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Pekka's Thoughts Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pekka's Thoughts   Pekka's Thoughts Icon_minitimeTue Dec 06, 2022 11:46 pm

Pekka cannot be placed within the common political spectrum. In a comprehensive way, modern society according to Pekka, is the result of a decay in the human essence, due to a series of factors, among them Multiculturalism. Pekka is contrary to any type of social construction or anti-thesis of the same, this is demonstrated with the rejection of capitalism, fascism and communism, but also with anarchists, hippies and others.  Therefore, to say that Pekka is comparable to some kind of school shooter or political leader is a misnomer. Pekka is the full manifestation of the Anti-Modernism spirit, which is manifested by the denial of common social concepts.

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Pekka's Thoughts
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