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A place to discuss the Columbine High School Massacre along with other school shootings and crimes.
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 Kerch Copycats

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PostSubject: Kerch Copycats   Kerch Copycats Icon_minitimeThu Jun 15, 2023 2:52 pm

Suzano Massacre (8 Killed, 11 Injured + Both Prepetrator's Suicides)
Daniil Pulkin (1 Injured)
Kazan School Shooting (9 Killed, 23 Injured)
Perm University Shooting (6 Killed, 48 Injured + Attacker wounded by Police)
Artem Kazantsev (19 Killed, 23 Injured + Prepetrator's Suicide)
Municipal College Eurides Sant'Anna Attack (1 Killed + Attacker Injured by Civilian)
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PostSubject: Re: Kerch Copycats   Kerch Copycats Icon_minitimeFri Jun 16, 2023 2:39 am

Daniil Monakhov (2020 Nizhny Novgorod shooting) had previously talked about and was inspired by Vlad.

Discord is @kazantseva88 
if anyone wants to add me there just send me a request and ill accept
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Kerch Copycats
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