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 Sandy Hook Classroom 8?

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Sandy Hook Classroom 8? Empty
PostSubject: Sandy Hook Classroom 8?   Sandy Hook Classroom 8? Icon_minitimeSat Aug 12, 2023 3:47 am

Has there been any information made public regarding how many bullets were fired into each person individually in the classroom 8 bathroom? Also, any details on how many rounds Adam fired vs the bullets left on the scene? Badly phrased, sorry; what I mean is the number that didn’t exit their bodies, assuming at least a few of the bullets stayed buried in the tissue since he used soft point ammunition. The investigation report doesn’t give specifics obviously, and I believe Noah Pozner's autopsy report was only released because his father wanted to combat the "Sandy Hoax" people. Is this information available elsewhere, in another document I’ve missed?

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Sandy Hook Classroom 8?
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