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 David Sanders

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PostSubject: David Sanders   David Sanders Icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 5:56 am

In contrast to what Patti Nielson did ( see Patti Nielson procedure topic ) , Dave Sanders heard the shoots coming from outside , we went upstairs towards the library and i think to warn the kids in the library to escape . But he got shot even before he reach the library . For me he was the only one in all this that tried to do the right thing .

I think there was another adult in the library when the shooting started , but he ran away before e and d entered the school .
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PostSubject: Re: David Sanders   David Sanders Icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 8:45 am

Rich Long was there in the library. He is the one you are thinking of. He warned Patti to get everyone out and shouted for them to leave then took off himself. He survived and was not hit at all.

I put most of my thoughts on this on the Patti thread but I agree that Dave Died a hero trying his best to save many kids. There are testimonies in the 11k of how Dave saved kids even while crawling on the floor bleeding.

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PostSubject: Re: David Sanders   David Sanders Icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 8:54 am

The contrast is not hard to see here. Some would say that Patti could have been as determined as Dave was even if it meant she risked her life. But I also understand that in tragedy not many are selfless. I know I know, I'm sure Patti herself played in circles the different things she could have done.

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PostSubject: Re: David Sanders   David Sanders Icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 12:50 pm

Pages 000324-000325:

[Noticing Dylan shooting outside] At that point, Peggy stated that Rich yells that this is, in fact, real and that everybody should get down. Peggy stated that she lost sight of Rich at that point, due to the fact chat the whole entire library erupted in panic.

IO asked Peggy what she specifically did and she said that her reaction was to do what they do during a fire alarm drill. IO asked her if she could recall the fire alarm at this point and she stated that she cannot recall the alarm going off at this point. Peggy reported that in her mind, she recalled that she was telling the kids to get out, same as they would for a fire drill. She showed IO on the diagram that the normal method of exit from the library would be to leave out the main hallway and then out the northwest door, or to exit the rear exit door of the library.

She also reported that she had previously observed the rear library door propped open, but she was unclear as to why it had been propped open.

Peggy stated that as she made her way through the panic in the library, yelling at kids to get cut, she stated "that's when I saw Dave." IO asked her who she was speaking about and she stated that she saw Dave Sanders running down the main hallway that adjoins the library, motioning with his hands to "get back." She reported to this IO, pursuant to questions, that she believed Dave was running in a northwest direction through the hallway, and waving his hands towards the library as if telling people to stay in the library. Peggy stated that it was at that point, she saw and smelled the smoke in the hallway, and began hearing gunshots and, what she described as explosions. IO asked her if she observed Dave Sanders to be injured at that time and she stated, not that she recalled.

Peggy stated that she went back into the library, as the hallway was full of smoke, and her first thought was that it was kids throwing smoke bombs. Peggy stated that once she was into the library, it was only seconds later that Brian Anderson ran into the library and collapsed in front of the main desk.

*Dave Sanders allegedly motioned for people to stay in the Library as well.
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PostSubject: Re: David Sanders   David Sanders Icon_minitime

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David Sanders
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