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 the psychology of rage

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PostSubject: the psychology of rage    the psychology of rage  Icon_minitimeFri Apr 14, 2017 6:24 am

Over a year before I ever joined or heard of this forum, I experienced a resurgence of interest in Columbine.  It happened shortly after the WDBJ shooting in Virginia. At that time, I hadn't really thought about it that much since 2004-2006.

I was struck by how the perpetrator mentioned Eric and Dylan in the bitter notes he left behind and felt communion with them, despite being a gay black man in his 40's (and being aware that they used racial slurs before killing a black victim, presumably)...

That made me think that most men (and women), regardless of upbringing, background, race, ect. who think along the lines of murder and suicide must have either very similar traumas, neuroses or pathologies. And while I don't know all of the intimate circumstances and traumas the boys suffered (if any), this page really got my brain buzzing with questions about E/D's early lives.

BPD: Abandonment & Rage

Death & the Seduction of Despair

I don't think of its contents as a strict diagnosis of either Eric or Dylan. More like, it allows you to explore the psychology of identity, the needs of children and human beings at their core. Most importantly, the psychological/emotional consequences of certain deprivations.

There are SO MANY interesting articles on this website, but I wanted to share an excerpt from "Depression and Suicide" wherein the author uses psychological insights to examine a chapter in The Hobbit. I really felt for the boys after reading this portion:

The answer is revealing: of the thirteen dwarves, it was the fat one who fell into the water. And why is this revealing? Well, as Tolkien made clear in previous episodes, the fat dwarf was often ridiculed for being fat and was the one who always came last. In fact, he was the last one to cross the stream, and, while just about to climb up the opposite shore, he was surprised by a bolting deer, lost his balance, and fell into the water.

Psychologically, though, the important point isn’t just that the dwarf was fat; the important point is that he resented being ridiculed, and resented always being last, but, like most persons, never said anything about it; he just felt invisible and kept his emotional wounds quiet and hidden under his breath.

And there, in that silent resentment, we can locate the reason why he fell into the water. By falling into the water and falling asleep, he forced the others to carry him. Remember, he was heavy, and it took four other dwarves to carry him on a sling between two poles. It was a real burden. And thus we can see the ultimate psychological point [3] of this episode in the story: the one who carries resentment forces others to carry him. Even though he did not intend any of this to happen, he still managed to fulfill his unconscious desire to get revenge for his mistreatment. The others, tired and hungry, had to carry him while he slept and dreamed of delightful feasts in the woods.

What do you guys think? I'd love to discuss!
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the psychology of rage
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