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 Books about Sandy Hook/ Adam Lanza?

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Books about Sandy Hook/ Adam Lanza? Empty
PostSubject: Books about Sandy Hook/ Adam Lanza?   Books about Sandy Hook/ Adam Lanza? Icon_minitimeSat Mar 30, 2019 2:17 am

We all know there are about a dozen different books about Columbine, the shooters themselves, victims etc.
I've been looking into reading some of these books, including Sue Klebold's book, especially because many people seem to have mixed feelings about it.

While looking around, I was wondering if there might be any books about Sandy Hook?
Google told me yes, there are a few, aside from physical copies of the final report etc:

Newtown: An American Tragedy, by Matthew Lysiak

Sandy Hook Massacre: When Seconds Count - Police are minutes away, by Doug Giles
(I really like this title. I'm easily impressed as you can see.)

An Unseen Angel: A Mother's Story of Faith, Hope, and Healing After Sandy Hook, by Alissa Parker

People who have read these books, what do you think? Are they worth it?

There are definitely others out there that I have missed. Feel free to refer to those if you know one. I'm not really interested in books by 'Truthers' trying to prove it's a hoax, and the one fictional book closely based on the events of SH. Unless one of them is really good, as in 11/10. Then feel free to recommend it.

Thank you in advance, and sorry for the inconvenience.
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Books about Sandy Hook/ Adam Lanza? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Books about Sandy Hook/ Adam Lanza?   Books about Sandy Hook/ Adam Lanza? Icon_minitimeSun Mar 31, 2019 10:41 am

I read Newtown: An American Tragedy a few months ago and I thought it was pretty good. I felt that lengthwise it was not too long but not too short which was good as I'm not a fan of books that are too long to a fault. Iirc it more focused on Adam's life leading up to the event and the long term aftermath of it. It definitely was not as blatantly incorrect or sensationalized as Columbine by Dave Cullen was so that's good (I've found a lot of times books on mass shootings tend to be pretty eh in terms of conveying important and correct info so it's good this one wasn't). There were a few details that were incorrect although I don't remember them atm but I think part of the reason why might've been due to the time the book was released since it was published nearly exactly 1 year after the shooting so all the info wasn't available at the time to the author. My only issue with the book was that it didn't go into as much depth regarding the actual attack as I was hoping for. It did describe it as thoroughly as possible given the info available when the book was written but I wish it was more like a beefed up version of the Deadliest Minute (which I highly recommend you check out if you haven't although it isn't a book) so I was a bit disappointed in that aspect. Although on the flip side I think it did a good job of balancing how the attack went down from an objective standpoint and how the attack effected people emotionally (some parts of the book were pretty heartbreaking). Overall, I'd say it's pretty good and would recommend it if Newtown is one of your favorite cases (which I'm assuming it is based on your profile) although if your only looking for a very detailed look at just the attack itself you might just want to skip it or skim it. Definitely better than a lot of the books out there about mass shootings, which I usually feel are at a disadvantage compared to info on the internet since books take forever to get made and published.
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PostSubject: Re: Books about Sandy Hook/ Adam Lanza?   Books about Sandy Hook/ Adam Lanza? Icon_minitimeThu Apr 04, 2019 12:15 pm

I read a book in 10th grade called "The Newtown School Shooting"
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Books about Sandy Hook/ Adam Lanza? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Books about Sandy Hook/ Adam Lanza?   Books about Sandy Hook/ Adam Lanza? Icon_minitime

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Books about Sandy Hook/ Adam Lanza?
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