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 The Monterey Park John Doe

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The Monterey Park John Doe Empty
PostSubject: The Monterey Park John Doe   The Monterey Park John Doe Icon_minitimeThu Apr 09, 2020 4:17 am

Monterey Park John Doe was a man shot to death in apparent self-defense in 1996.

The decedent was allegedly holding victims for ransom payment. One of the nine Chinese nationals being held for a $35,000 ransom in a Monterey Park home allegedly shot and killed one of his captors, wounded another and fled with two others. This was at 514 Casuda Canyon in Monterey Park, CA on June 4, 1996 at 0214 hours. The men, who ranged in age from 21 to 45, had been kept for up to three months in a single-family home that contains New Chinatown. The immigrants allegedly were smuggled into the country and held for ransom at a Casuda Canyon Road home.

Imgur photo collection of newspaper archives

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Doe Network page

Given the details, will the police bother to identify the criminal? I don't know, since there are self-defense murders of criminals, so perhaps officers in this case don't bother to identify the criminal just because he was a criminal, but I can be wrong.

What's your opinion?

(sorry if there's another post, I attempted to post a crime here but it apparently bugged)
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The Monterey Park John Doe
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