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 Henry Came - filmed own suicide in 1991. Needing help finding more info

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Henry Came - filmed own suicide in 1991. Needing help finding more info Empty
PostSubject: Henry Came - filmed own suicide in 1991. Needing help finding more info   Henry Came - filmed own suicide in 1991. Needing help finding more info Icon_minitimeMon Sep 14, 2020 11:28 pm

I saw LPorter101 post about the live Facebook filmed suicide and it made me search other lesser known suicides. While searching on newspaper archives, I found one Henry Came, who filmed his own suicide inside his car by carbon monoxide poisoning. He was been a suspect in disappearance of some money. I will rewrite the news article, as it was reported (The news report came from a Brazilian newspaper)

"Jornal do Comercio, 3 May 1991

British man films own suicide and shook the world

A Royal Mint employee from United Kingdom, pressed by a investigation concerning the disappearance of two thousand sterlings (US$ 3.600), committed suicide and filmed his own death with a video camera that was given to him as a gift by his wife.

Henry Came, 52, resided in the little town of Llantrisant, Wales, and was reluctant of being interrogated by police about the disappearance of the money of the Royal Mint.

Died inside his car, inhaling exhaust gas. Everything was filmed with the camera that his wife, Pat, had given to him.

The police found around the car a suicide note to his wife, in which Came explained his motives and said her to see the videotape. The tape revealed that, before dying, he saidd that he felt a certain lethargy.

"We never have been with something like that and I'm horrified by having to see this poor man in agony", said the police officer of the investigation.

The police didn't reveal if there are clues that Came was involved with a crime connected of the money disappearance."

Source: Britânico filma o próprio suicidio e choca o mundo (Brazilian newspaper report)

First of all, R.I.P Henry Came. Second, I couldn't find any news report on his suicide besides this newspaper report. I tried to search "Henry Came" or "Pat Came" but all results showed up being "...Then Henry came and" or something like that, with also Pat Came having results like "...And Pat came and" but no news about the incident. Filmed suicides are always (not always though) well-documented in true crime, and such a incident like this, where a man is possibly mentally ill of being pressed by authorities by a crime he may was wrongly accused for commits and films his suicide, there would be at least two or three reports in Internet. Could it be that the newspaper report misspelt his name?

Could someone help me in this case?
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Henry Came - filmed own suicide in 1991. Needing help finding more info
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