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 Dylan "Checking On The Bombs"

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Dylan "Checking On The Bombs" Empty
PostSubject: Dylan "Checking On The Bombs"   Dylan "Checking On The Bombs" Icon_minitimeSat Nov 13, 2021 3:54 pm

Hello everybody. Just a thought I had recently about Dylan walking briefly into the cafeteria.

The main conclusion seems to be that he was checking on the bombs.

I think he loaded his Tec-9 with that 50 Clip he boasted about on the Basement Tapes. That would be the time to load that gun with that magazine considering the amount of people he was going to face walking in there.

My thought is that he wanted to to start blasting all 50 rounds into the cafeteria crowd.

Those 50 Clips are well known for being totally fuckin useless and the chance of it jamming would be high.

The 50 clip was also found discarded on the grass outside. So he most definitely clipped that into his gun. He wouldn't just throw his 50 clip away on the ground for no reason.

I think he loaded it, walked in and pulled the trigger only to be faced with the gun jamming.

It might also explain why he shot Lance point blank in the face with his shotgun on the way back up the hill, super pissed off about the situation.

What a whippersnapper show!

My Grandma once said..... If I fart & sneeze at exactly the same time, I will do a BACK FLIP! Is this true? I only tried it once but shit myself. R.I.P Grandma x

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Dylan "Checking On The Bombs"
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