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 The David Grunwald Case

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The David Grunwald Case Empty
PostSubject: The David Grunwald Case   The David Grunwald Case Icon_minitimeWed Aug 24, 2022 11:17 am

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On November 13, 2016, David Grunwald, who was sixteen at the time, was murdered by a group of boys that were around the same age as him or older. According to research, there was no clear motive as to why this murder happened, though according to Erick Almandinger during his interrogation, he allegedly admitted to murdering David after he had smoked all of his weed. After David's remains have been found in early December of 2016, Erick and three other teenagers by the names of Dominic Johnson, Bradley Renfro, and Austin Barrett were facing murder and kidnapping charges. Bradley, Dominic, and Erick were also facing a tampering with evidence charge as well according to a video that has been posted by That Chapter on YouTube.
Austin would become the first person to be sentenced, only leaving him to serve 45 years in total after receiving a sentence of 65 years with 20 suspended in November of 2020. Dominic would become the second person to be sentenced, only having him be sentenced to 99 years in May of 2021. As of a couple of weeks ago on August 9, Erick, who was the third person to be sentenced, was also sentenced to 99 years. The last person to have been sentenced was Bradley, who was sentenced to 90 years with 30 suspended, as well as 15 years combined last week on August 17. This leaves him to only serve 75 years in total.

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The David Grunwald Case
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