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 On White Hats

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PostSubject: On White Hats   On White Hats Icon_minitimeWed Apr 19, 2023 9:55 pm


One infamous part of the massacre is the mention of white hats. It's supposed to be a reference to jocks. I'm not so sure.

It's certainly not impossible for it to mean the jocks, I really don't wish to discount that as an option, but it seems to me other options should also be on the table.

The other things they said in the library so challenged the usual narrative, I wanted to try and look at the white hats from another angle. It seems we rarely do so.

Blah blah intro what got me thinkin'

Due to it being only a shooting at the scene and to the news and media the first few days of, the attack was portrayed as targeting bullying jocks, christians, and blacks.

Then the bombs were discovered, destroying the whole narrative, but the times given were incorrect,  see [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], and this narrative was revived and crystalized.

However, it was apparent it was a story to explain the white guys, the white girls, and Isaiah. It was a way to say everyone.

The other things said as often as white hats in the library were:

1) that the library needs to get up, and that they are frustrated that they arent, that they expected them to get up, despite shooting everyone outside.


2) That a bomb was going to go off while they were inside.
1) Shows that they had to be interrupted (by Patti) to start the massacre, to be shooting without bombs, and that the bomb was supposed to make the fire alarm go off, which was supposed to send the library to its death by their gunfire. Not the cafeteria. Indeed bombed corpses don't run, and nothing forces them into the parking lot. The fire alarm and the bomb force the library to the hill. Why they didn't wear ear protection. Why they didn't go in through the emergency exit, because they expected them to flee out it. And so on.

2) Shows it's wrong to say "both bombs failed at 11:17". Then they wouldn't be talking about the library is gonna explode when it was a little after 11:30.

So this made me also consider that the white hats might not be what it seemed to be.

On White Hats

Indeed, with the notable exception of Evan Todd, the testimony, for example Bree's, seems unclear whether they said both "white hats" and "jocks" or whether they said "white hats" and "jocks" was an inference on the part of the students. Also consider Craig Scott talking with Isaiah's dad: "They said get uh any uh f'ing jock...get anybody with a white hat see a lot of jocks wore white hats." Makes it seem like an inference rather than a quote that they said jocks. "They *said" white hats but they *meant* jocks" seems the idea, or at least consistent with the testimony.

Evan's is admittedly different. He has "we don't like jocks" specifically. But, the story he tells now isn't the one in the 11k. "I've been good to you and everybody in the school and you know it", or some such part, wasn't in the original, as I recall. I am sure it was very stressful, and they were young, and had I been there I would have been lying face down on the floor playing dead and hardly the best witness. So this isn't a slight on any of them of course, but all "Big if true" if either of these are mistakes.

Could just mean "everybody else"

It seems the students in general wore white hats. More than just jocks.  More like "sports fans". I've remarked before how it's curious to see people in Georgia Tech hats and so forth at Columbine which is nowhere near Atlanta. But like a college or whatever none of the people from the area bat an eye at the expat fandom.  Indeed some remark the perps said any shirt with a sports emblem on it. One wonders as above about inference making or if it was said verbatim.

And the perps wore black hats. Dylan's cap of course, and Eric's KMFDM hat. It seems Eric didn't wear his hat that day. Still, white hats would be a way to just say everybody else but Eric and Dylan.

Bryan Anderson says Eric was wearing his KMFDM hat. It's not in the evidence, or on the surveillance, or in Brooks memory (he says the opposite, hatless). Patti says Eric had a beret on. Well, Chris Morris wore the beret. So probably the "Trench coat mafia" wires crossed. Also, Dylan was behind Eric and perhaps his hat combined with Eric in their mind. Then again they seem to note Dylan separately, so maybe Eric had the balaklava on but rolled up as a beanie. Who knows?  But the point is Chris Morris also wore a black hat, and he was given the "if you live you can have my stuff", which seems to suggest if they killed him it would be by the indiscriminate bombs, not by a targeted shooting. It's yet another way "all the white hats" can just mean "everybody except us".

Further, Dylan's cap was an Avalanche/Boston Red Sox combo. They wore the hats backwards in those days because of Ken Griffey Jr. Eric played soccer. They don't seem all that "anti-sport" as much as them being bullied by jocks into a massacre has become cliche.

Could be part of the DOOM LARP

They both remarked about seeing people as zombies and other monsters from DOOM, and Eric talked about his obsession with DOOM in fifty other ways. And their arsenal and much more comes from DOOM or other "first person shooter" video games (at the time, called "DOOM clones")

The DOOM zombies have green hair, and seem to have been zombified by the "nukage" or green slime.

The green hair can serve as a target to snipe their heads in the game.

A white hat seems to serve a similar purpose.  Eric had a laser sight on his gun. Arguably they knew it was gonna be an attack with some foggy smoke in the way.

And of course nukage as in nuclear as in radioactive, like in radioactive clothing. There's no nukage in real life. Arguably it would help to imagine your victims as zombified by their clothes if it helps to imagine them as DOOM zombies. There's some reason the investigation kept radioactive clothing beyond the bad acting, and the same for the perps doing it and dressing up similarly as the massacre and so on. And in a way that it passes as an innocuous school project to hide in plain sight as they seemed to enjoy doing. Hitmen for hire and "Foreshadowing and dramatic irony" and all. It seems a cut-scene for the attack.

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On White Hats
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