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 What do you think May contribute to mass shootings

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What do you think May contribute to mass shootings Empty
PostSubject: What do you think May contribute to mass shootings   What do you think May contribute to mass shootings Icon_minitimeWed Feb 13, 2019 7:37 am

Quite recently Ive been speculating on weather or not public politicians have had an unhealthy approach to Peoples fears and hatred and weather or not this in turn has helped in being a contributing factor as to why some of these attacks are happening. Something that I tend to see as disturbing is how normalized a lot of bigotry has become over the recent years, for instance. I constantly find myself trying to speak up against prejudice and hatred, because people are so Quick to stereotype or pass out statements which isnt necessarily true. Youd kind off think about Trumps and other public politicians rhetoric. The divide between the politcal left and right, not only in America but also elsewhere, and than the rise of anti-muslim sentiment as a result of the numerous terrorist attacks. I mean, I kind of reached a point where I can no longer ignore the ideology that inspired Breivik to commit mass murder. You cant help but Wonder weather or not some People are so brainwashed that they Will go at lenght to kill People. Personally I dont think you can narrow it down to this, but doesnt dehumanization play a huge part in how you treat other People, generally speaking? Just look at Israel and Palestine and how group thinking Just seems to bring out the worst in human behaviour:

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I have seen firsthand how hatred can bring out the worst in People. Mostly online. Antisemittism and anti muslim sentiments have a tendency to rear its ugly head. I guess that for some- like Breivik- their hatred becomes all consuming. This is Just a theory. I dont claim to have all the answers to it, but I definately agree that this May have impacted the hatred coming from People like Breivik, or this guy that shot up the synagogue in Pittsburgh. The need for an external enemy; a scapegoat for everything that goes on. And public politicians adding fuel to the fire.
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What do you think May contribute to mass shootings
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