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 Did they see anyone they knew?

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Did they see anyone they knew? Empty
PostSubject: Did they see anyone they knew?   Did they see anyone they knew? Icon_minitimeTue Sep 23, 2014 12:31 am

Here’s my list of people Eric and Dylan might have recognized.  Can anyone add names to it?

Tim Kastle

Kastle played fantasy baseball with Dylan and interacted with Eric and Dylan on a daily basis.  Kastle claims Dylan stuck his head into the ceiling as Kastle was climbing through a duct or vent toward the west wall.  Dylan was supposedly located near the kitchen bathroom.

11K wrote:
As KASTLE reached the area of the west wall, he looked back to the area over the bathroom in the kitchen area. As he did, he observed a subject in that area, whose head was just above the ceiling area. KASTLE said that the subject was pointing what he believed was a shotgun at him. KASTLE stated that it was dark, and he could not see the subject well. KASTLE stated that he believed that the subject was Dylan KLEBOLD. He said he based this on the fact that the subject had not shot him, as KASTLE advised he is a friend of KLEBOLD's. KASTLE stated that the hair he described did not fit KLEBOLD, and nothing about what he observed of the subject led him to his conclusion that the subject could be KLEBOLD (3418).

Given that Kastle could not see very well, we can’t conclude that Dylan saw Kastle and recognized him, or that it was even Dylan looking at him.

Makai Hall

Hall had been partners with Dylan in French class the year before.  His short victim statement is buried in a hospital interview on 8887.  He has no standalone statement in the 11k that I can find.  Hall identifies Dylan as the person who shot him, but told CBS that it was from “a distance” and told JCSO that Dylan had fired indiscriminately under the table.  Hall believes that Dylan did not recognize him.

11K wrote:
[Hall] didn't believe that Dylan would have shot him [h]ad he known it was him, but since he was sitting with the jocks, he assumed that he was probably lumped into that group by Dylan.

Valeen Schnurr

Schnurr says that she “knew [Harris] from school” (133) but does not say if she knew him personally.  She has trouble identifying Dylan Klebold even though she saw him walk slowly by the library.  She is only able to ID him after she sees his picture in the media.  She says the shooters never used anyone’s name.  While they engaged her in dialogue after she fell from under the table, it is not clear if the shooters got a good look at her face, because according to her diagram Table 4 was between them and she was on the ground, and she only glanced at them briefly, facing north during most of the exchange.  She does not visually ID Harris as the one questioning her despite knowing him.  All of this leads me to conclude that they did not recognize her, though Harris might have.

Jeanna Park

“Park recalled seeing Dylan Klebold run by the library window carrying a big gun prior to the shooting in the library starting” (115). “Park stated she is familiar with Dylan Klebold's voice because she has taken a class with him before” (115).  So she obviously knew him.  However, there is no indication that they actually saw her face or recognized her, because she was under the table the whole time.

John Savage

John Savage had classes with Eric and Dylan, was friendly with Eric, and was on stage crew with Dylan.  He immediately recognizes them as soon as they walk into the library.  As far as I can tell he is the only one who does.  It is not clear to me if Eric recognizes John.  Eric points a gun at him and John slides away from it, and Eric says “Identiy yourself,” which implies that Eric recognized him but didn’t know his name.  Dylan definitely recognizes him because he recognizes the sound of his voice and calls him John Savage.

Interestingly John Savage claims that Eric Harris looked under all the tables in the library, more or less (570).  This plus the fact that he spoke to John might suggest that Eric was looking for people he might recognize.  The fact that he only spoke to John might suggest that he didn’t know anyone else.  

Evan Todd

Evan Todd says that he recognized Eric upon seeing him in the hall through a library window (168).  He says he saw him every day at school.  Eric makes eye contact with Todd and shoots at him.  Todd also says he knew Dylan by name.  Dylan asks Todd “Are you a jock?,” which suggests that he did not know him.

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Did they see anyone they knew? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Did they see anyone they knew?   Did they see anyone they knew? Icon_minitimeTue Sep 23, 2014 2:46 am

I remember reading somewhere that Isaiah Shoels would have had a some kind of an altercation with H/K pre-shooting, can anyone confirm?
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Did they see anyone they knew? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Did they see anyone they knew?   Did they see anyone they knew? Icon_minitimeTue Sep 23, 2014 6:30 am

Valeen knows Dylan from a class last semester and they talked a lot with each other. It is not her statement, but a statement from another student who was also in the class (i don´t remember the name, but i can look after it) So I wonder why Valeen didn´t say anything about it. Maybe the other student is wrong?
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Did they see anyone they knew? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Did they see anyone they knew?   Did they see anyone they knew? Icon_minitime

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Did they see anyone they knew?
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