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 Luis Carlos Cordeiro da Silva

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PostSubject: Luis Carlos Cordeiro da Silva   Luis Carlos Cordeiro da Silva Icon_minitimeSat Jun 26, 2021 9:57 pm

Found this by accident yesterday and attempted to post it here, but my internet was unruly and couldn't have posted it here, so I will attempt to post this now.

An 30-year-old Brazilian man who commanded an death squad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and was accused of 100 murders.

Da Silva initially confessed to six murders committed between 1990 and 1991 to the police chief Otávio Seiler. He killed those people either by shooting or stabbing. He said he was a vigilante and claimed his victims were drug traffickers, robbers or juveniles. "They were all criminals", he said. He denied, however, the massacre of a family of five people in Comendador Soares in the Duque de Caxias district, where only a 7-year-old boy survived. Only in Comendador Soares he had 30 accusations of murder. He was suspected of killing more than 100 people, including a police detective in Anchieta.

The majority of the accusations against da Silva were made by a former member of his group, known only as "Ratinho", said to be the perpetrator of 84 murders. He was already imprisoned. Ratinho said to the police that da Silva was the leader of the grup and had several firearms in his house. In the previous months, however, he moved to Duque de Caxias, where he had the nickname "Jesus" and began to work with aliases and, to change his appearance, painted his hair blond.

Otávio Seiler revealed that the DRF began to investigate da Silva in the previous week, when one of the relatives of the victims, saying da Silva was working in the construction site in Engenho Novo, using an alias. A group of policemen began a search lasting six days, when da Silva was found working in a construction site as a tail builder. According the division director: as he was arrested, Zoio de Gato confessed to the deaths, saying he only killed thieves, rapists and homossexuals, but on 27 October 1991 he denied the deaths. As he had four prisons decreed for him at the 56º DP, da Silva was taken to the police station.
Known as "Zoio de Gato", he was arrested in October 1991 in Comendador Soares. He had a prison decreed for two years. According to Otávio Seiler, Zoio de Gato used a ritual before killing: he would dress himself in white, ordered the victim to make a choice on how they would die: shooting or stabbing. A previous tile builder, he abandoned the occupation to "attend the community cry for help, who were tormented by society's trash". "What I did was clean the area," he declared.
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PostSubject: Re: Luis Carlos Cordeiro da Silva   Luis Carlos Cordeiro da Silva Icon_minitimeSat Jun 26, 2021 11:27 pm

Wow that’s shocking to even imagine. I’ve heard of those death squads in South America and usually they have a political ideology/motivation.Does that exist here?
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Luis Carlos Cordeiro da Silva
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